Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Clown council finally seats ring master!

That's right folks, only five months after the people elected him, Ed Foster is once again the Mayor of dysfunction town! Of course, they only voted to do it under threat of arrest. No wonder the town's insurance cancelled. Will they play nicer this second time around? Doubtful. But with Ed at the helm, and first mate Workman to second his motions, maybe some public discussion of issues will happen for a change!

1 comment:

  1. As we see nothing really changing, we begin to understand, No one wants it to change.
    As the Nation slows down to take a chance they begin to quickly find Quartzsite is owned by a group who uses anyone or anything for their entertainment or financial gain.
    One day those of Quartzsite including those who spend the winter as citizens for years and hurt those they can will stand before the King.
    MAKE YOUR "SELF" ARIGHT PSALM 50, read it and know it is a definition of the majority of Quartzsite citizens of any type or time of the year. Take bread from your own home to give to some one just to cause them to let their guard down so YOU can destroy them and look righteous doing it.
    REPENT OR Fall to the fire~