Monday, January 2, 2012

Coucilman Bob Kelley kicks the bucket

Saturday, 77 year old Bob Kelley died, leaving another open seat on the council up for appointment. Kelley refused to quit smoking, against doctor's orders and it is speculated that his demise was related to ongoing health problems for which he was recently hospitalized.


  1. Good riddance you dirt bag bigot. Hopefully his thieving wife joins him soon! Quartzsite will be better without those two, and their corrupt friends too.

  2. It should not surprise anyone how low this publication can sink. Another fearmonger and self promoter, Joseph McCarthy, was one asked "Senator, have you no decency"? Apparently, you share this trait.

  3. I did not think you would publish my post from yesterday likening your "story" to Senator McCarthy. You only feed on negative. Not sure why I waste my time reading anything you have to post.

  4. The moderators of this blog will never sink to the level set by the current and recently former town council - of that, you may rest assured!

  5. In response to Anonymous post here and from Parker Live On Line, again my post if you missed it.



    I lost a former partner in blue and a cousin in the line of duty. Police Chief Jeff Gilbert had done nothing IMHO but drags their sacrifices in life past the moment of their deaths through the mud and pissed on their graves every time he pins that badge on his chest or belt!

    I’ll share my sentiment with you and be damn the respect! Councilman Kelly’s family should be given the respect due a lost loved family member no matter what he has done to Quartzsite to place it into deep bankruptcy and throw every town employee into the unemployment line. Have you given any though to just where they are going to get another job after Kelly and the other members of the Town Council under the directions of Town Manager Alex Taft and Asst-Manager Al Johnson have almost single handedly wiped out the winter business and venders?

    How dare you use the name and actions of Senator Joseph McCarthy to describe Jade Jones and Michael Roth! Senator McCarthy never was the victim of any unlawful home invasion and searched without a Court Ordered Warrant! Nor was he stalked, subject to assault & battery, false arrest, false imprisonment, unlawful confiscation of legally owned weapons, violations of his Civil Rights like Jones and Roth. Senator McCarthy was out on a witch-hunt to seek out imagined demons that he felt were a threat to the United States of America.

    In Jones and Roth case, Police Chief Jeff Gilbert, Town Manager Alex Taft, Asst-Manager Al Johnson, and the Town Council members have been found in violations of the LAW! A perfect example was the Arizona Appellate Courts Ruling on Arizona v. Roth. Lets not forget the statement of criminal behavior of Police Chief Jeff Gilbert by 10 members of his own police department.

    I don’t want to see anyone else escape Federal Prison time like Robert Kelly has done. I want to see each one of them after a fair trial with every law closely followed and every Civil Right insure, spend the rest of their lives in a 7×8 damp, musty, forgotten prison cell awaiting Bubba’s beckoning call while they revisit each and every thing they did to get their “Room with a view”!

    View for yourself and get a good read too!


    Get the facts and your nose out of Chief Gilbert's 6! Like them or hate them, they stood up to get the word out while you're only trying to cover up the stink of it all with a spoon. In this case I don't think even a D9 cat could help...

  6. Patriotic AmericanJanuary 4, 2012 at 8:05 PM

    Anonypuss doesn't know the difference between McCarthyism (who was largely proven right years after he died) and Tyranny! Since when is tyranny ok anonypuss? You like big little man Jeff doing whatever he wants to his political enemies? Just wait until YOU are on his shitlist. It'll eventually happen to you, mark our words. And it might not be Jeff or the town council but some other tyrant with a title. Good luck you ignoramus. You are going to need LOTS of it.

  7. It would have been nice if you printed the truth on this page. you have no clue how and when my Husband died. You have no clue what truley goes on any where you just make uo the stories to fit your self. you add half truths to every thing you say and do.
    And to the person called Happy Bob was not a bigot or a dirt bag and he is the only Council person not recalled, he won his re-election after his appointment time was up he has fought for things to be fair and equal, and to restat an item [osted and reposted he did not lie. So a little respect for a man that served his country and this town. Also Happy I am not a theif and i don't plan on leaving anytime soon. So moderator of this site remove this post the same as two others you removed tonight.

  8. Didn't Bob Kelly's daughter marry a black man, and wasn't he forbidden in the Kelly house? Sounds like a bigot to me, moron!

    And you are a thief, just ask all of those people who quit Salvation Army because you were such thief. I guess being a liar goes hand in hand with stealing.

    If he served this country, he's an embarrasment to the fine people in uniform everywhere.

  9. I feel that it is time for the person/persons controlling this blog to force people to join/register and removed the “Anonymous” option. I have a problem with someone coming into this blog using an “Anonymous” login, such as professed Carol Kelly to respond to comments made about her husband’s death. Wouldn’t she log in using her real name?

    Carol Kelly has too many skeletons in her closet to be made a Quartzsite Council Member. I don’t think anyone in his or her right mind would vote for her if she ran in any election. IMHO, the Arizona Appellate Courts comments about her should settle any voters mind on that subject! This is just one more marble placed upon the table to force Attorney General Tom Horne to removed the whole Town Council and order the un-incorporation of the Town of Quartzsite…

    How long will it be before Carol Kelly joins the ranks and membership of Quartzsite Council Members like Winslow and Lukkasson in filing “False” police reports allowing Chief Jeff Gilbert to run out and place more towns’ people in jail because they responded to verbal assaults from Kelly? So far using your 1st Amendment rights can cost you $10,000 while standing in the street could cost you $2,000! In the end the tax payers of Quartzsite and La Paz County will be paying million in Court Ordered Judgments because of unlawful actions taken by the Town of Quartzsite. Dig deep because in the end, it is the people that will pay the check!