Monday, January 16, 2012

Why advertise, when family will do?

At the last meeting, the Town Councilmembers present ("Mayor" Lizarraga was a no show) voted to replace deceased Councilman Bob Kelley, with his controversial wife Carol. Or did they? "Machine Gun" Joe Winslow voted against the appointment, perhaps to disprove the rumor that the fix was in. But that meant that only Anderson, Jewitt and Cowell voted for Kelly, not a quorum of the council, only of those present.

Recent open records requests reveal that Jewitt filed to run in the regular election, and not the "special" election for his own seat, leaving many wondering if he is legally resigned and can even vote, or if a quorum was actually present...and who will replace mayor wannabe Jerry Lukkason? Stay tuned folks, it's bound to get more bizarre before it's over!


  1. "Rules? Wee don't need no steenkin' Rules."

    (In contrast, God says, "Sin is lawlessness." He condemned early man saying, "In those days . . . everyone did as he saw fit.")

  2. Just where is the oversight from the Office of the Arizona Attorney General, ordered by Tom Horne? We already know how the Town Council, Town Attorney, and Town Manager feel about Mr. Horne’s rulings when they went into Executive Session in direct violation of Mr. Horne’s orders!

    What happened to the rules that required a Council Member to resign their seat to run for another office? We saw Lizarraga and Lukkasson give up their seats on the Town Council. Does Councilman Jewitt have special privileges everyone else doesn’t or did Town Manager Alex Taft need the appearance of a legal quorum to open up the “Blank Check Book” to spend as she pleases without any accountability again?

    Maybe we need to look beyond Quartzsite and replace IMHO, a totally useless neutered (Lets face facts here, he has NO balls!) and uncaring Attorney General Tom Horne with one that is willing to keep his or her oath and enforce the laws and stop playing politics!