Saturday, January 7, 2012

We don't need no stinking finance department!

Rumors are flying around town this week that the town mismanager has placed Heidi Turner, Jullie Pfieffer, and other members of the town finance dept on administrative leave, to be followed by termination on Monday. Since there are no names on payroll checks and no listing of how many are issued anymore, the people can't really know who is working there and who has replaced whom. One thing is certain, anyone who knows what's really been going on is being systemarticallybremoved from positions of access to the evidence. I predict more wrongful termination lawsuits headed our way...


  1. Anybody being terminated who has a good idea of what has been going on will now start to sing.

  2. What's done in the dark will be brought to the light....

  3. It was reported (documented too) that after the Quartzsite Town Clerk was fired employees at Town Hall were working paper shredders almost beyond their capacity! To top it all off a town employee’s wife was hired to replace her.

    Another town employee’s wife was hired to replace the police clerk. It should be interesting what police records and evidence disappeared with that move and now the removal of more town employees with hard working backgrounds.

    The question is, just whom is going to replace them (wife, sweetheart, and/or lovers)? I hear that a family member has been selected to replace the Code Enforcement vacancy. If you need a job to feed your family don’t look for one at Town Hall unless you have a blood connection!

    As “Letters of Demand” are filed along with the Civil Court papers become available, I’ll post them for you to read and keep up to date! I don’t think that the Town of Quartzsite can afford such settlements because of the actions IMHO of this group of Town Clowns!

  4. Don't forget that there is a 7 year statute of limitations for prosecution of any crime except murder.

    1. The spousal testimonial privilege (or spousal immunity) can be used to prevent any party in a criminal case from calling the defendant's spouse to testify against the defendant about any topic. In federal court as a matter of common law, this privilege attaches to the witness spouse, not to the defendant; that is, the defendant's spouse can refuse to testify against the defendant, but the defendant may not prevent his or her spouse from testifying against the defendant.