Saturday, December 24, 2011

Justice is served - Roth's conviction is overturned!

The Desert Freedom Press reports that Mike Roth's 2010 conviction for "disorderly conduct" has been overturned by the Appeals Court. Congratulations Mikey! Now that's a holiday gift that's truly priceless.


  1. YES, put this in your pipe and smoke it Sammy the Bully Vederman.

    ALL is forgiven, NOT forgotten!

  2. First, Merry Christmas Michael, what a great Christmas gift to get!

    Lets not forget who pushed so hard for Michael’s trials and from my read of the Arizona Appellate Courts rulings Michael should not have suffered going to trial in the first place! I am not so sure that Sam’s Office along with the County of La Paz will not be named as co-defendants in Roth’s Civil Court Actions in the U.S. Federal Courts along with Chief Jeff Gilbert, Sergeant Garcia, and the Town of Quartzsite!

    Read more from Doug’s Qtown.US:

  3. Campaign slogan for 2014: "Tom Horne: Wrong side of Quartzsite. Wrong for Arizona"