Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Vederman concurrs with AG on Open Meeting violations

Sure he agrees, after all, who's going to disagree with the Attorney General. But what did Sam do about it back then? He admonished the town council. And the council kept right on breaking the law because there was no repercussions. Just like they're going to do again because Tom Horne is clearly not tough on corruption. With Brewer likely facing recall, AG Horne could make an example of Quartzsite and take the Governor's Mansion, but no. Clearly, he's almost as big an old softie as spineless Sam Vederman.


  1. But Ed Foster likes Sam Vederman now! C'mon, stop being so hard on the spineless. You're just mean!!!

  2. I'm glad you too see that Tom Horne is useless. What's worse, he has refused to disqualify himself from representing the Arizona Supreme Court justices in the gun grab federal civil rights lawsuit, where Michael Roth lost his gun rights for calling Councilman Winslow a "turd." But the Legislature never gave the courts the authroity to do this. So Horne is defending the judicial branch to the exclusion of the legislative or Executive. A clear violation of law, a conflict of interest and ethics. See for the motion to disqualify.

  3. Not only is Tom Horne not tough on corruption, he may be part of the problem. For he is defending the Justices of the Arizona Supreme Court in a federal civil rights lawsuit challenging Michael Roth's famous gun seizure. (It's the Justices who wrote an internal rule, not supported by A.R.S. § 12-1809 that deprived Mr. Roth of his 2nd Amendment rights.) Mr. Horne has a primary duty to uphold the Constitution and the residents of Arizona. Not the Justices. Mr. Horne could be a hero if he did the right thing. But don't hold your breath.

  4. New: Tom Horne is on the wrong side of Quartzsite. Not only is he fighting against Michael's Law now, he fought against Michael Roth last year.

    But the Court of Appeals just overturned Michael's bogus convictions. ( ) Horne would have been smart to drop the charges from the start. Now that Quartzsite is in the spotlight, let's see if Mr. Horne will change his colors.

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