Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Be careful what you wish for...Lizarraga defeats Foster

In a surprisingly predictable yet nauseating turn of events, Jose Lizarraga defeated Mayor Ed Foster by about the same number of votes that swung last spring's election in the incumbents favor.


Percent Votes


42.20%     230 votes


4.22%      23 votes


53.03%      289 votes

Write-in (NP)

0.55% 3

If Jose were a smarter man, he would decline the nomination, and slip quietly out of the spot light rather than subject himself to further scrutiny. But clearly, he not. And there's a lot of supporters for Foster, Jones, and the Quartzsite 10 who will be watching his every move.


  1. Jose loses at the polls but wins the "Early Vote".


    In a visit to senior care, "Just sign here Ethyl. It's just routine. Anything else I can get you?"

  2. Being elected Mayor of Quartzsite is not the end of Jose Lizarraga’s problems. His performance at the Meet the Candidates Night was less than stellar or informative as to what he would do to help solve the problems of Quartzsite. Mr. Lizarraga has always been IMHO a yes man, one that would give his okay just to get through the day as long as you left him alone. Another word that comes to mind is “No Backbone.”

    Mayor Elect Ed Foster has made it clear that he would fight to keep the Town of Quartzsite incorporated. However, it looks now like the newly elected Jose Lizarraga will not only join the ranks of the Mayor of Bell, California but as well be the last elected Mayor of Quartzsite when it is shut down due to bankruptcy, scandal, criminal indictments, and personally having to place everything that he owns on the line to defend himself and his actions of past Councilman and now as the new Mayor.

    The only way to save the life style and history of Quartzsite it to return it to the days when it thrived and was the Winter Meeting Place to be! This can only be reached now by having to admit that the time has come to Un-Incorporate the Town of Quartzsite!

    Mayor Elect Ed Foster will win his civil and criminal court cases. Jennifer Jade Jones will win her civil and criminal court cases. Michael Roth will win his civil and criminal court cases. The Quartzsite-10 will win their civil cases against the Town of Quartzsite along with the other cases that will be filed in both the Arizona and Federal Courts. The Town of Quartzsite doesn’t have the money to pay all the judgments not even with their insurance coverage with the League of Cities and Towns.

  3. The Quartzsite Town Council is like the Gang that Couldn't Shoot Straight!