Saturday, September 3, 2011

Lizarraga to be sworn in illegally!

Not satisfied with the long list of open meetings violations, open records violations and other assorted illegal and unethical acts, the Quartzsite Town Council appears quite eager to committ one more.

Although Town Code Section 2-3-1 states that elected officials are sworn in at the next "regular" council meeting following the election, an agenda was posted Friday, at 5 pm for a special meeting to do the deed.
There is no specific provision for swearing in an elected official at a special meetig. Of course, by 5 pm it was too late to make any inquiries, and this is a holiday weekend, with government offices closed on Monday. Surely, NOT a coincidence!

As of 5 pm Friday, the canvas of the vote had not been completed. One wonders what the hurry is all about? What does Ms. Graft have in mind that can't wait a week until the "regular" meeting?


  1. The Rule of Law will prevail.

  2. Unfortunately in Quartzsite, he who makes the laws, rules! (for now)

    Gilbert, Taft, Johnson, Winslow, Barbara Cowell, now Lizzzzzaraga, enjoy it while you can. ALL GLORY IS FLEETING!!!!

  3. Is there any action on dealing with these yahoos? WHEN is this massive corruption going to get exposed? WHO is getting all those checks? WHY is there even a single taxpayer in Quartzsite wanting to keep this thing hushed up? Who wants to be paying unknown persons for untold reasons going on year after year? I would think 99% of all people in that town ought to be freaking out, and DEMANDING an explanation on those secret checks (besides of course the people in on it). Seems only a small few actually care, how odd. News seems to be slowing down on this blog. Are the bad guys doing to win just by dragging this out until the media focus moves on? p.s. If you want to come live in a nice state, come to Maine!