Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Another circus side show of a town council meeting

With Mike Jewit as the latest freak to join the carnival.

You might remember Mike as the guy who owns the property overlooking where they found Laura Vittori's body. Is it a coincidence that he's such good friends with QPD Sgt. Xavier Frauso and his wife the town magistrate? Or was he just the obvious choice because he was the most ignorant, opinionated and least likely to read or comprehend what he votes on?


  1. Isn't Half-Moon one of those peace and love hippies? And doesn't she ride around town pulling a little wagon with bumper stickers on it that says "No Bullying"?

    And did Jeff Gilbert just witness ANOTHER assault on one of his political opposition and IGNORED HIS DUTY?

    This whole incident just blows my meaning of the cosmos!

  2. yeah this woman is very ill. that being profound mental illness, and we are referring to the one with the guitar correct? Why didn't the cop do something about the mentally ill woman assluting the camera guy? there's a new word I just spelled accidentally. assluting. go figure. it should have been assaulting.

  3. I see you must have met her! She's the one that compared our police chief to the Christ in his final days...He won't arrest any of his quickly dwindling supporters.

  4. Where's the moneyAugust 17, 2011 at 1:17 PM

    maybe new councilman Mike Jewitt will ask Quartzsite Finance Director HEIDI TURNER about the mystery payroll checks

  5. I think her full phony name is Hypatia Half MoonShe is a friend of non-citizen JoAnn Winer from the Desert Mess.Does that explain anything?

  6. BTW -How does a Non-Citizen like Joanne Winer get a business license to operate a thrift store behind Silly Als?