Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Carwash fundraiser for Quartzite 10 - Sat. August 6th at Shell

Since there's no actual carwash in the entire town (because town "leaders" have consistently stonewalled the idea), you won't have to drive to Blythe for a wash this week. Get your car washed on Saturday, at the Shell Gas Station starting at 7 am. Proceeds will go directly to the legal defense of Quartzsite Police Officers Association members, who are currently under threat for being "whistle blowers" against controversial Police Chief Jeff Gilbert.

The "Cruise In" will take place at the same location at 7pm. Bring your hot rod, classic car, motorcycle, tractor, whatever you can drive, push, pull, or tow - whether it's an ongoing project or a finished work of art! Fifty cent ice cream, hot dogs and fountain drinks during the event, along with door prizes. Come join in the fun!

If you don't need a car wash, and still want to help these hero officers, you can go to any Wells Fargo Bank and make a donation in any amount to the  "Quartzsite Citizens Donation Fund", set up by the Greater Phoenix Tea Party.


  1. Where's my donation fund? After all, at least half of these officers cost me 1000's (more like tens of thousands) of dollars doing whatever their Boss told them to do! AND they were getting paid good money while I was fighting for FREE!!! Where's the love for the Patriots?


  3. Well gee Mike. Apparently your "friends" or family didn't feel compelled to establish a fund in your name. Maybe you should be asking them where your fund is.

    Also, are you gainfully employed? The jobs of these officers, and perhaps entire careers as Police Officers are at stake. If any of the charges leveled by Jeff Gilbert and City Hall on them "stick", that and their terminations will follow them for life, they will lose their POST certifications, and they will never be able to work as a Police Officer again. That has the potential to cost them hundreds of thousands of dollars, even millions, over the entire course of a lost career.

    Unless, and until, you have worked for a paramilitary law enforcement organization, you have no idea how hard it would be to disobey the orders of your superior without facing repercussions. It took incredible bravery for these individuals to do it...and they are still in great peril.

  4. Anonypuss,
    It was a rhetorical question. I'm not a part of the handout society, so I really wasn't serious about people chipping in.

    So you think the cops are at risk of losing their job? I don't! If they lose their job they are going to sue and they will probably win, and win big!

    And big whoopie dooo if they do lose their job! They raised their right hand and swore an Oath to the Constitution, and then followed illegal orders, for at least 5 years that I know of! Not only does a police officer have a right to disobey illegal order, they have a duty to do this.

    Now that a few patriots have made a lot of noise and caught some of their illegal activities on videotape, they've jumped on the Fire Jeff Gilbert bandwagon now, after I and several people were arrested illegally. We've paid with our time and money and frustration, time in court, time trying to get the so called leaders recalled, you name it we tried it and whatever Jeffy wanted Jeffy got, until just recently.

    I DO support the officers that have stood up to Jeff Gilbert, but I've been asking several of these cops to stop following illegal orders for years! I was never mean to these cops when they were doing this, because I knew it was coming from Jeff, BUT I did always let the officers know that what they were doing was illegal.

    If they do get fired, it shouldn't be for whistleblowing but because they violated their Oath of office.

    Truth is, I hope the people on QPD who get fired is Jeff Gilbert and Xavier Frausto, then indicted, tried and imprisoned. They ought to know what it feels like to have their freedom stolen from them.

    And WTF about paramilitary police force? Do you think that's that the kind of police department we have? If so, disband the police department immediately and let the County police Quartzsite. We'll save a small fortune in the process!!!