Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Show me the investigation Ms Taft!

What happened to the private investigator used to cover up criminal complaints against Police Chief Jeff Gilbert...oops, I mean find out why officer morale is so low? Where is the promised report? Weeks have gone by since ten members of the Quartzsite Police Officers Association were interrogated without an attorney present - so where is this report that was supposed to clear the chief and pacify the angry masses? Could it be the report shows the chief was a very, very bad boy?

According to the Parker Pioneer in a story dated 6-16-11, "Taft said an investigation of Gilbert was being conducted, but declined to state who was performing it. She said she did not want the investigation to be compromised by the political climate. She said the investigation should be completed within a week."

Please let us see it Alex. The people want THE TRUTH!


  1. My Name Is NOT Michael RothJuly 12, 2011 at 10:54 PM

    More money spent on nothing! Oh, look over here, another red herring.... Thanks Alextaftdanfieldjeffdilbert!!!!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS QUARTZSITE. Now you're up against Can you say uncle?

  3. I wonder who on the council is the Boss Hogg pulling Roscoe P. Coltrane's strings to take over the town?

  4. Post all your comments on this blog and get your words out to the nation.
    The real situation (Quartzsite, AZ) from an outside perspective, July 13, 2011

  5. I feel that Town Manager Alex Taft along with Bill Sims for the Insurance Pool for the League of Cities and Towns have more to worry about than the little $15,000 spent on a sham of an bogus investigation of Chief of Police Jeff Gilbert. Today in Municipal Court the charges brought against Michael Roth were ALL dismissed!

    Could more “False Arrest” civil litigation be circling in the skies over Quartzsite, Arizona? I just checked the video showing the “False Arrest” of Jennifer “Jade” Jones on the night of June 28th and it had a viewed count of 87,474 times along with 84 pages of comments. The facts show that the comments are not any ware close to flowering towards Chief Jeff Gilbert, or the Quartzsite Town Council Members!

    From around the world, people have been expressing their dismay over the actions of Chief Jeff Gilbert, Town Manager Alex Taft, Council Members Barbara Cowell, Bob Kelley, Jerry Lukkasson, Pat Anderson and Joe Winslow over the unlawful arrest of Jennifer Jones, the ripping away of her Civil Rights, along with Joe Winslow unlawful hijacking the June 28th Town Meeting!

    The “Light of Truth” is being shined upon the cockroaches in Town Hall and they are trying to blame the victims they are raping away of their Civil Rights! Call the Governor’s Office and the Arizona Attorney General’s Office and demand that a full criminal investigation be conducted into the actions of Chief of Police Jeff Gilbert, Town Manager Alex Taft, Asst. Town Manager Al Johnson, Council Members Barbara Cowell, Bob Kelley, Jerry Lukkasson, Pat Anderson and Joe Winslow!

    As for your support of Mayor Ed Foster, victims Jennifer Jones, and Michael Roth, show your support by sending Town Manager Alex Taft a box of “Soap on a Rope” with the name of the person you wish it to be given to, Jeff Gilbert, Alex Taft, Al Johnson, Barbara Cowell, Bob Kelley, Jerry Lukkasson, Pat Anderson and Joe Winslow. From your support and my reviews of the laws, I think they will need it for their safety in the prison showers!

  6. Instead of cowering in a corner like they do here, I wish churches everywhere were like this....

    And powerandpolitic above, your post and website listed above is one of the best responses I've seen to the problems we have here. Thanks for your input!

  7. I used to believe that this was a us against them kind of disruption. The town officials have set themselves above the law. I was at the meeting that Jade was assaulted and I must say out of all the times that she has commented this was the one time in which she did not act unethical or warrant the use of force. It is sad that now we as citizens are afraid to drive down the street and fear being harassed by Gilbert and his 4 officers that follow his commands of illegal bullying. Even employees at town hall have been put on disciplined action from Alex Taft. These are our families! If we don't agree with Gilbert,Taft or Johnson they may not attack you but if your family members work in town they will fire them for no reason. This is not right! Thank you for outing the corruption!

  8. Soap on a rope, eh? Very creative! Someone ought to come up with a business plan based on a flower delivery service but deliver soap on a rope instead. I'll be the first customer and order one for each of these corrupt SOB's.

  9. Town Manager Alex Taft needs to be investigated as well as the Chief of Police and several members of the Town Council. Taft is not an innocent in any of this.
    Why am I commenting as Anonymous? I own a business in Quartzsite and have already been threatened by a Town Council member. I have also had an experience with the wife of Chief of Police Gilbert whom believes that she should be given special services because of her husbands position.