Monday, July 18, 2011

The gift that keeps on giving...

"In interviews, Lizarraga and Lukkasson said 
they do not care if some council meetings are 
deemed unlawful or if public-records laws are 
broken." - AZ Republic

When elected and appointed officials break 
the law with such impunity, soon or later 
there are going to be repercussions. 

It has been suggested that instead of sending the council and police chief letters and emails, perhaps 
we should send them "Soap on a Rope", as they will need it where they are going. If you really want to send a message, custom "Soap on a Rope" is available (See link below - you've been warned!) Any questions 
Chief Gilbert?

Purple Penis of Fate Soap-On-A-Rope
While you may ask your friends why someone would want a soap-on-a-rope shaped like a... "member", we know we caught you looking!
This well-hung product (let's just call him Dick) is made by hand (no comments please!) right here in the good old U.S.A.
He's made of 100% pure glycerine soap with a deep purple glitter hue and pleasant summer scent that's guaranteed to get you in a lather. This guy is completely 3D with no rough edges and at four and a half inches long, claims to be larger than the competition (don't they all?)!


  1. Curious how you got away with it for so longJuly 18, 2011 at 10:21 AM

    Can you say conspiracy to deprive an American citizen of her constitutional rights? Goodbye Gilbert!You know what they do to cops in prison!Enjoy your stay!

  2. Clean Up Town Hall "Soap On A Rope"

    There may be a better way that we can all express our feelings over what is happening at the Quartzsite Town Hall. Now if we all just send to Town Manager Alex Taft as a form of "Free Speech," "Soap On A Rope" in a box (remember the tea bags to Washington D.C.?) with the name on each bar for the person we would like to receive our non-violent, non-threatening expression of displeasure will clearly say, “Clean Up Town Hall.” If not, then each one will have a life time of “Soap On A Rope” so they will be safe from a real threat while taking their showers in a Arizona State or Federal Prison!

    Town Manager
    Alex Taft
    PO Box 2812
    Quartzsite, AZ 85346

    Council Members:
    Barbara Cowell
    Joe Winslow
    Jerry Lukkasson
    Pat Anderson
    Bob Kelly

    Town Manager: Alex Taft
    Asst Manager: Al Johnson
    Chief of Police: Jeff Gilbert
    QPD Sgt: Fabiola Garcia
    QPD Sgt: Xavier Frausto
    QPD Officer: Rick Patterson

    Maybe we can get a volume discount!

  3. We The People have the right AND THE DUTY to arrest those officials breaking the law and replace them with ones that don't. We don't have to wait until an election we don't have to wait for the Gubernor that obviously does not care. I know there's 10 Police Officer's that stand by the Constitution. So that's 10 Officer's willing to do the right thing 4 that aren't, 3600 people 5 council members 1 town manager, I think we can lawfully take our town back. I'm ready, how about you?


    Just to give you a piece of the article.

    Below is the town of Quartzsite's Code Enforcement Policy. I am just going to say it. Your town is screwing you every day by having the most lenient regulations. Instead of suing the town and town employees try changing the town’s rules, add more restrictions to the council and town employees. They are able to run this town into the ground and harass, intimidate and push any one around they like because there is not enough regulations to stop them. It's called beating the system when you are the system. If I lived in Quartzsite I would be rounding up all the locals that have any experience with politics, law enforcement, and a judicial or law background and start writing provisions until you are able to protect the people from the elected and appointed.


    People of Quartzsite. Fight back by writing new provisions to control your chief of police, city council, town manager, etc. Quit letting them run all over. Require the City Council to have an ethics committee. Address the duties of the Police Chief and make sure his duties do not consist of enforcing code violations before code violations are even presented to the property owner or tenant. This town is not going to get better until the townspeople play the political and legal game that town officials think they are getting away with. Anyone can write a proposition, ordinance, etc. Get them through the council, get support from the majority, then film the whole thing and we will be back to make a scene, as professionals of course. Use an ethics committee to define what is appropriate, regulate the officials, and define what their penalties are for violations. This town is vague and only defines what penalties there are for the people not the officials as well.

    By creating an ethics committee you are creating a checks and balances for your city officials and defining the penalties for such violations. The citizens of Quartzsite can also implement through the council or ethics committee a progress report presented during city council meetings that are open to the public. The progress report should be based on a performance evaluation submitted by the citizens prior to each quarterly review from the ethics committee.