Friday, July 8, 2011

Media clamors for interviews, Police Chief receives hate mail?

Alex Jones, Ernest Hancock, Mark Skoda, Tom Gambill - the radio talk show hosts have been interviewing Mayor Ed Foster and Jennifer Jones over the June 28th "call to the public" incident.

CBS Ch 5 news, the Arizona Republic, the Arizona Independent - everyone wants to know what the heck is wrong with Quartzsite officials. We wish we had an answer for that!

Links are apparently being added to every couple of hours.

In an attempt to declare martial law or something, Mayor Ed Foster reports that state officials were contacted by Police Chief Jeff Gilbert because he has reported receiving death threats. Stay tuned...


  1. View the interview of Jade Jones on Info Wars with Alex Jones, LINKS:

    Part 1of2

    Part 2of2

  2. I haven't threatened Jeff Gilbert with death, but for the record, if he was laying on the ground on fire, I wouldn't put him out with a pitch fork! I would pay Ed to pee on him though!

  3. It's about time the news got involved. This crap going on with the QPD is way out of hand. Jeff needs to be put on admin leave along with Frausto,Paterson and Garcia. What on earth is wrong with the town leaders not to have done this already? AZCOPS even sees the laws they are breaking. Everyone knows the Mayor is in charge of town meetings, not the Chief of Police as Jeff seems to think. He is violating civil rights left and right in Quartzsite and someone needs to put a stop to it. The Attorney General needs to get off his butt and do something here. Jeff decides which offices he wants placed inside the meetings and they have even gone as far as telling people the room is full and won't let certain people in such as police officers filing charges against him, or their family and friends that support them. Better get this mess cleaned up before snow bird season hits or snow birds may not bother staying here the way the police department is being run. I hope this runs on every tv channel across the country. Proud of your self Jeff?

  4. Well Jeff are you going to meet with the media and tell your side of what your doing there? Come on Jeff no balls? How about people being fired from their town jobs just because of their relationships with the officers that have filed charges against you? Who's pocket you into Jeff?

  5. Greetings patriots of Quartzsite! We are happy to report that several of Mayor Foster's supporters have begun a campaign of emailing the document produced by the Vice President of AZCOPS outlining the allegations against your chief as presented to your town council to the FBI offices in Phoenix. We suspect the Federal Bureau of Investigation frowns upon the abuse of its NCIC database.

    We also understand that folks have been in touch with Mr. Horne, your Attorney General and asking interesting questions about such topics as Arizona Open Meeting Laws.

    We have only been at this for 48 hours dear friends. Quartzsite may be a small town, but it's an American town. The United States Constitution and the laws of the great state of Arizona do apply there.

    Hope everyone has recovered from the recent storm. Be well and God bless Quartzsite!

  6. old man with a stickJuly 9, 2011 at 10:21 AM

    I call for justice.

  7. Regardles of where you stand on this it is incredible that the citizens are tolerating this behavior from their council and cops. What a bunch of ignorant douche bags.

  8. Not everyone is tolerating it Anonymous!

  9. Are all the "Men" in Quartzsite of hunting, or fighting a war or something? Why weren't there any Men there at that meeting? why don't you "Men" of QZ do something? why didn't you do something while this was happening before your very eyes, within arms reach? Is there something in the water there, in QZ, preventing your "Men" from acting like men? There were a room full of poeple, and twon rogue cops. Why wasn't this prevented? You could have all stood up and moved toward them to prevent their violent arrest of someone excersing their rights. YOU DISGUST ME. YOU ARE SHEEP.

  10. You couldn't be more right!!! Here's to you most recent anonymous...

  11. What rocks did you people crawl out from?? Not one of you are property owners, you can stir up this mess your "GOD" Ed Foster thinks he is by writing, calling and lie telling to any poor soul that will listen to him. He acts on his own as if he owns this town and there are no other people on the council. He lives in a travel trailer as the majority of you people do so when you loose this mess you started you can move on to terrioize another town. He had to ask for a public defender because he claims to be poor, after all the bragging he has done about all these high class jobs he has held, and to that he would have to be over 100 years old to have done all he claims to have done. And Jade that picture truley shows you have a big mouth, to bad you don't put it to good use, it might earn you some money rather then saying your gonna file all these bogus law suits. And Mike Roth needs some manners and his mouth washed out with soap, his language is that of a high school drop out. Where is your support and help and volunteer time to help the people of Quartzsite rather then harrass and threaten people no up bringing in your families. You all are a disgrace to this community. Please pack your wagons and leave.

  12. To the Anonymous who posted at 10:13 PM on July 9, I did agree with you...before the June 28th Incident. I can't stand Jones' tactics or her tabloid of a paper. But no matter what my personal opinion is, what happened to her at the meeting was wrong and illegal. Her rights were violated. Just because people don't own property, or are outspoken and annoying to you; it doesn't give any government the right to violate HER rights. And this incident is not a matter of opinion, or straddling the legal line. It is an OBVIOUS violation of rights to anyone who has even minor legal knowledge. She's going to win whatever lawsuits she files in regards to that incident.

    It amazes me that Gilbert, Taft, and the Town Council actually did that. They basically legitimized her and her cause (which is why THIS is now viral and being picked up by so many websites, when their other incidents did not.) They have obviously gotten big time power trips and feel they can do whatever they want to people they don't like.

    I was originally happy when all the recalls failed. But NOW, I hope Foster wins and am looking forward to seeing the standing council and chief fired.

  13. Anonymous,
    The terrorists in this town are Jeff Gilbert and all of your friends on Town Council. You just can't be changing rules and laws to satisfy your every whim. Losers lose and winners win, that's why you can't play fair. You have to hide behind Jeffy's skirt and badge while he does your lawbreaking for you. And if you think you are a better person because you have a house and pay real estate taxes, you're about to find out how much of a better person you really are once the lawsuits hit, and the taxes from your friend/hero Dan Field are finalized. You will pay for your arrogance and ignorance, in more ways than one.

    We are a nation of the rule of law, not the rule of men! All of the illegal things you guys have done wrong is going to turn around and bite you in the butt bigtime.

    Now go read a book or something. Maybe your brain cell will figure out how to duplicate. On second thought, don't. With two brain cells you'd be dangerous. (But then you can get nominated for a seat on Town Council)

    I think YOU will be the one leaving in a wagon. Except yours will be a paddywagon!

  14. “Double Standards” are alive and doing well in Quartzsite, Arizona. Somehow I can’t feel sorry for Chief of Police Jeff Gilbert when he starts crying out that his life is in danger because of “Hate E-mails” or “Death Threats.” While nothing would make me happier than to see Chief Gilbert being stripped of his badge, police ID, he gun belt (like Chuck Connors in the TV show Branded), I want, then Inmate Gilbert to live the rest of his life in a small prison cell reflecting over what he had done to others to place him there!

    To date, when the Mayor Ed Foster received “Death Threats” in the U.S. Mail, Chief Gilbert did nothing! After all, why should he, the man in charge that he hated was always unarmed and he (Gilbert) only had to do (Lets not forget that Chief Gilbert always carries a gun) was hit the transmit key of his radio and over 200 cops from California and across the State of Arizona would risk their very lives to back him up!

    It depends upon who you are in Quartzsite that determines what kind of treatment and Law Enforcement you received. A very good example that comes to mine is the night that the former Acting Mayor Wes Huntley using both clinched hands, struck the Quartzsite Constable in the chest so hard that he was forced backwards while Chief Gilbert along with one of his QPD officers stood open mouth WATCHING! No Chief Gilbert didn’t arrest Mr. Huntley. Please keep in mind that Chief Gilbert was Mr. Huntley’s Campaign Manager.

    Quite a difference don’t you think? A “Peace Officer” doing his duty is allowed to be the victim of an felonious assault by a personal friend (of Chief Jeff Gilbert), but when you calmly try to speak at the podium during “Call to the Public” your Civil Rights of “Free Speech” guaranteed by the First Amendment is denied, you’re the subject of a false arrest and injured as you’re removed before you can speak the truth and expose his person friends!

    If you would like to have a better idea what is happening in Quartzsite, please take the time to visit the link below and listed in the interview with Mayor Ed Foster and Freedom Phoenix on Friday June 8th. You may be enlightened and see what is behind Chief Jeff Gilbert.

    Freedom Phoenix

  15. Dear Mrs. Anonymous,

    It doesn’t take much to see that the above post from “Anonymous” may be from Chief Jeff Gilbert’s own wife. Filled with vicious hate, miss information, and out right lies while trying in a vain attempt to throw off the dogs of truth and justice. Getting close are they?

    Can you explain what is the driving force behind your viral hatred for the residents and winter visitors of Quartzsite? Do they not have a right to expect equal protection and Due Process under the law and not to just your select few that think you are better than the rest of us? In a nutshell are you not condemning the very people that live in Quartzsite that exist on their low pay pensions, Social Security, and retirement checks because of the low cost of living in Quartzsite?

    As for Mrs. Jones open mouth, I don’t see anything funny in seeing a person cry out in pain as her arm is being injured because of an “Un-lawful Arrest” and violation of her First Amendment Rights! As for Mrs. Jones putting her mouth to good use, have you listen and viewed the many videos, radio and TV interviews she has been a part of? Tens of Thousands of American Citizens around the nations are siding with Mrs. Jones and Mayor Ed Foster over you view points?

    A bar of soap you say? Maybe Chief Jeff Gilbert should take one to his own wife’s mouth after her comments at the General Store when she demanded to be allowed to jump line just because she was “The Chief of Police’s wife” and was told, “NO”! When this all comes to a head and the Criminal and Civil Courts have ruled, it will be your kind that will be found as the true disgrace to Quartzsite.

    Too bad for you that so many people have been using their recorders, videos, and taking pictures to prove your statements wrong. It must be really upsetting to see the massive response in favor or Mrs. Jones and Mayor Ed Foster while damning your views. If you are the wife of Chief of Police Jeff Gilbert or close friend you may wish to buy him a good supply of “Soap on a Rope”!

  16. My bet is that Mrs. anonymous may be Violet Kiss as she is a major source of elitist vitriol, and her spelling/grammar are better than the Huntleys.

  17. I am a winter visitor to Quartzsite. I missed not having a movie house to attend. Apparently that has been overcome by having weekly shows of City Council Theater.

  18. Heads up good citizens. We are hearing that town council has thrown an unannounced get together to declare a "state of emergency". First time in our experience that a town declares martial law because American citizens are asking for an investigation into the truth. We are burning up every phone line we have to get a light on what is happening in your part of this Nation. We are deeply concerned for all of you. Stay strong and hang in there! Our thoughts and prayers reside in Quartzsite today.

  19. How's this for ridiculous. You saw the lethargic citizens at the meeting, now the Keystone chief is falsely claiming those same citizens are rioting...I have not witnessed one...
    Found this in the
    ‘State Of Emergency’ In Quartzsite

    Quartzsite Police Chief Jeff Gilbert has asked the town council to declare a “state of emergency” due to all of the publicity the town has received over the arrest of a reporter at an open meeting in June.
    The town council voted 5-0 in favor of the action; Mayor Ed Foster did not attend the emergency meeting Sunday afternoon. Gilbert reportedly said the action was needed because Jennifer Jones was “inciting riots” after videos of her arrest at the meeting sprung up across the Internet.
    It was not immediately clear what outside assistance, if any, Gilbert seeks to enforce the state of emergency.
    Check back for further updates.

    L.P.H. Zani

  20. When your police chief is a former officer for the tribes (who have their own constitution, laws, etc...) where exactly did the town of Quartzsite think he was going to get any real experience dealing with the laws that the rest of America must abide by? Along with his apparent ignorance, inflated ego and band of idiots that are clearly running things according to their own agenda, this man is taking the advice of La Paz County Sheriff Don Lowery! I hope that this all has a trickle down effect and the state of Arizona steps in and somehow gets a handle on these power hungry terrorists. I do not feel badly for the chief, he made his bed... I do not want to see anyone harmed, but there is some satisfaction in watching these people squirm. Maybe now they will have some empathy for the community and officers that they are using as tools and pawns in a very twisted game. PLEASE DO EVERYONE A FAVOR AND STEP DOWN CHIEF GILBERT! Think of the community that you are tearing apart. And shame on the council for not doing the job that they were elected to do.

  21. Come on anonymous who are you trying to fool Chief Gilbert is not taking advice from Sheriff Lowery so why are you trying to bring him into this mess. Chief Gilbert created this mess on his own with the help of the current town council. Lowery is just trying to do the best that he can with the current board of supervisors that are in office. He has met resistance from this board every step of the way and they have blocked his attempts to provide public safety to the citizens of this county.

    The Board of Supervisors and County Manager Dan Field have worked in conjunction with the recall committee in an unprecedented attempt to get Sheriff Lowery out of office since he was elected Sheriff yet Holly Irwin with the help of Dan Field has managed create an unbudgeted Chief Park Ranger position to the tune of about $50000.00 per year which comes to about $75000.00 with employee related expenses.

    I believe Michael Roth attempted to voice his opinion on this gross waste of county tax dollars during a call to the public however he was quickly shut down by Supervisor John Drum when he abruptly adjourned the meeting without allowing Mr. Roth to finsh speaking when he clearly had the floor. I am surprisd that the constituents in Mrs. Irwins district have allowed this to happen without questioning the creation of this posiion for her husband at a time when the county is in a financial crisis. When will the true patriots of Quartzsite question the creation of this position for her husband. When will they question that Supervisor Irwin claimed California Residency while while she was running for La Paz County Board of Supervisor in 2008. How can someone claim California Residency to avoid paying out of State tuition for her two daughters while they attended Palo Verde High School yet claim to be an Arizona Resident when she ran for board of supervisors during the past election? Isn't claiming false residency in California to avoid paying out of state tuition committing fraud?

    Why haven't the patriots of Quartzsite ever questioned the fact that Holly Irwin along with her husband Larry have used county vehicles and gas to transport their children approximately 140 miles round trip every day to attend Parker High School for the past 2 1/2 years? Why hasn't anyone questioned the fact that the Irwin's have used their county vehicles to attend softball practice for their daughters thus waisting more tax dollars.

  22. It is funny how they say dan field is the architect of the whole mess in quartzsite, the corrupt board of supervisors with holly irwins help got field his job, and that sheriff lowery is in on it. Yet, the board and field are against lowery and have pushed 3 recall attempts against him. Why would field and the BoS work against lowery on every turn when they are all "allies" in dan fields quartzsite mess?

  23. I've questioned it and when I did I've gotten kicked out of meetings, even arrested at a couple of them. When I got lucky enough to exercise my God given right to speak and nothing bad immediately happens, then Jeff Gilbert would tail me like some sick pervert, writing me tickets, harrassing, etc..

    Why doesn't anyone else stand up? Fear! They're afraid they will get "The Treatment" so they go back home and watch American Idol and Dancing With The Stars and laugh about the patriots that get arrested for standing up. Nobody does anything because they are afraid and mostly lazy!

    What's really disturbing to me is this is pure evil we have been fighting and then when I talk to ministers in this town, they say they are "neutral" and refuse to get involved. Or they are against me because they don't like they way I battle them.... while they do NOTHING! What's worse, doing nothing, or doing something even though you do it badly at times?

    The other "neutral sellouts" are those who are friends or family with employees of the town and County and don't want to "get involved" out of fear their friends or family paycheck will suffer. These same people pat you on the back and say things like "Keep 'em on the run", etc.. But when it comes time for a little help, they're gone like a thief in the night.

    It's a nice tight corner the citizens have painted themselves into! And they only have themselves to blame for it!

  24. I have been trying to connect the dots with the Quartzsite situation. Please elaborate of the connection between Dan Field's positions with Quartzsite, La Paz County and the Yakima Co. v. La Paz court decision. Is the current Quartzsite City Council and police chief in cahoots with County authorities to pull off the Public Private Partnership proposed by the former mayor of Quartzsite and endorsed by Dan Field?

    The Yakima Co owner, Jim Willetts indicated he'd be willing to settle for court costs and the title to the landfill.

    If this Yakima Co v. La Paz is not part of the current conflict in Quartzsite, please explain.


  25. Maxine,
    I don't think Dan Field endorsed the PPP proposed by Oldham, did he??? That would be interesting!

    And the people in Quartzsite are largely apathetic about their bankrupt County, unfortunately!!! I've tried to warn them about this since I campaigned for Supervisor and the people just don't care. They're going to pay for this apathy. They already are, they just have no clue how bad it's going to get, unless we change course, which I am not optimistic about. The current crop of politicians ruining this county are hell bent on using government to solve the very problems they created. It's insanity!!!

    Who is Maxine???