Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Quartzsite's rats leave the sinking council meeting

Just when you think you've seen it all, the Quartzsite Town Council still pulls off a surprise. Everyone managed to get through Pat Anderson's phony spiel about the peaceful passing of Rosalee Oldham Wheeler "in her sleep" (I guess nobody told her about the blood on the pillow or the requested autopsy), they survived Rain's endless diatribe about Centennial activities nobody cares about. They even made it through the carefully orchestrated attempt by Lukkason, Anderson and Winslow to get a dig in at Mayor Foster by adding their snide remarks that he should have recused himself from the executive session over the air strip battle to the official minutes of the last regular meeting. It almost seemed as if the meeting could be conducted by grown ups. But it only took about two minutes for the whole thing to disintegrate into  preschool without nap time.

At "call to the public", current Candidate for Town Council Jennifer Jones informed our illustrious leaders that Police Chief Jeff Gilbert had violated Arizona Revised Statute 41-772 and Article 2, section 202 of the town employees policies and procedures manual by comparing candidate Jones and Michael Roth (the Republican Party Chairman for La Paz County) to Tucson  gunman Jared Lee Loughner during "reports and anouncements" at the previous meeting. "Politicking" on public time is a no no!

A class 1 misdemeanor, A. R. S. 41-772 states:
  "an employee shall not engage in any activity permitted by this section while on duty, while in uniform or at public expense. "
"An employee who violates any of the provisions of this section shall be subject to suspension of not less than thirty days or dismissal."

When Jones asked that Chief Gilbert be placed on administrative leave until the March 8th recall election to assist him in his apparent aspirations as wannabe pundit alongside Skip Gallup, the members of the town council came unglued. "Point of order!" "That's a personal attack!" Then Councilman Bob Kelley stormed out of the room with Councilman Jerry Lukkason close behind. Finally, Councilman Winslow has a tantrum and went to join the other rats in the back room. Because Vice Mayor Barbara Cowell was absent, this meant no quorum was present , forcing an abrupt end to the meeting which left citizens stunned and the Police Chief noticeably deprived of the opportunity to pontificate endlessly while his boot lickers gaze adoringly. For once, it seems as if a citizen almost had the last word.


  1. The passing of Mrs. Wheeler saddens me. She was highly respected and a great source of information and education about the history of Quartzsite along with the people that have made Quartzsite what it is today. I have enjoyed by time with here and listening to her stories.

    What worries me even more is what has now turned up missing in her home of any value? It should be interesting to find out just why she had blood on her pillow? Why would any Public Official be giving any such report before the Medical Examiner’s findings? Could this end up as another Quartzsite cover-up?

    We know that at some place in time, some where in Arizona each member of the Quartzsite Town Council along with Town Manager Alex Taft and Chief Jeff Gilbert will face a State and/or Federal Grand Jury. It will be interesting to find out through the “Discovery” processes what they have been hiding from the public. Now if we can get a pool going over which person turns States Evidence first to save their ass as they rat out the others maybe we could raise enough money to pay back the HURF funds…

    I would pick Chief Jeff Gilbert, 5 minutes after he receives his subpoena! After all, he has the most to lose and I’m sure that if he were ever sent to prison that Bubba and all his buddies would personally know what kind of hemorrhoids he suffers from!

    It is a well-known fact in the prison system that the inmates don’t like child rapist! Every inmate has a daughter, sister, niece, or little cousin that they love that they can’t protect from a rapist so they make it a point to punish child rapist in their own way. What do you think they would do to a Ex-Chief of Police that covered up and delayed an investigation into one of his own officer’s accused of child rape?

  2. sick and tired of the fightingJanuary 27, 2011 at 2:05 PM

    Sounds like its time to pull the plug on the quartzsite zoo and unincorporate now.You can get the necessary forms from the town clerk.This town has become an embarassment to Arizona and the whole country.

  3. Sick and tired, Quartzsite Zoo is right. I caught the entire sickening episode above on video. You should see it. Councilmembers were walking out within 2 minutes of Jennifer Harris speaking, and saying she exceeded her time limit. Jeff Gilbert is on tape commenting about his hometown, Boone County Kentucky. Then some not so nice lady gave me the finger right in front of Jeff Gilbert. Must've been one of his friends because she didn't get arrested. Actually the meetings are better than the zoo.
    Maybe someone here can tell us a little more about El Jeffy

  4. sick and tired of the fighting,

    You make an excellent point. When this goes on year after year. Quartzsite government needs to go!!!

  5. I think it is about time that some concerned citizens of Quartzsite start asking questions at the federal level. I am sure that they would be interested in how 2.7 million dollars of HURF Funds was spent on cooking the books at Town Hall so Town Manager Alex Taft would look like a miracle worker.

    Is there any fact that Building Code Officer Al Johnson that was observed removing Quartzsite Town Records from the back door of Town Hall (at night after working hours) was aiding in the removal and destruction of evidence that showed the Who, What, When, Where, and Why of the HURF Funds expenditures? I have been told that that he failed and most of those records and legal documents were recovered even though Chief Jeff Gilbert tried to recover them.

    Bigger yet, I am sure that the accounting section of the Internal Revenue Service would be happy to conduct a full audit of the Town’s Books along with the investigation of every member past and present of the Town Council, Town Managers, (back for 7 years) and all employees to ferrite out the truth! I am sure that someone will cal the IRS and report what is happening here in Quartzsite. After all, the miss appropriations of Federal Funds and they trying to pass them off in your Town Tax Fillings each year will perk their interest BIG TIME!

  6. The way I'm hearing about that statutory rape thing lately is that Chief Gilbert refused to turn it over to an outside agency knowingly cleared the officer himself when the hard evidence was first presented, allowing the trail to go cold so to speak. Then, after allowing his officer to keep dating the teen, he finally fired him after it couldn't be covered up any longer. I think the former officer in question should come forward and tell his side of the story now that he has nothing left of his career to lose. I'll bet it wouldn't reflect well on El Jefe...until that happens, it's just another Quartzsite exercise in futility.

  7. ARfighter,

    Sad to say this guy knows better than to tell his side of the story. To do so without any protection or deal with the State and U.S. Attorney Generals’ Office would cause him to be charged with Statutory Rape of a minor along with violations of the Mann Act (The White-Slave Traffic Act of 1910 (ch. 395, 36 Stat. 825; codified as amended at 18 U.S.C. § 2421–2424), better known as the Mann Act after Congressman James Robert Mann, is a United States law which in its original form prohibited white slavery and the interstate transport of females for “immoral purposes”. Its primary stated intent was to address prostitution, immorality, and human trafficking. While its ambiguous immorality language allowed selective prosecutions for many years, it was later amended by Congress to apply only to transport for the purpose of prostitution or illegal sexual acts.)

    Now on the other hand, Chief Jeff Gilbert would face possible charges of Obstruction of Justice, Obstruction of a Criminal Investigation, Civil Rights violations just to name a few. I still say, “Just what did Officer Starr have over Chief Jeff Gilberts head to keep Gilbert from conduction a timely criminal investigation into a Quartzsite Police Officer accused of Child Rape”?

  8. Is this just a view of what is in store for Chief Jeff Gilbert?

    WINDERMERE, Fla. -- The police chief of metro Orlando's richest suburb was arrested Wednesday morning on allegations of using his authority to end an investigation into a friend who is accused of sexual battery on a child younger than the age of 12.
    (Read More)


  9. DW,
    I've always said, I hope I'm wrong about Quartzsite Chief of Police Jeff Gilbert, because he's the biggest pile of excrement I've ever had the displeasure of meeting. (Hi Jeff!)

  10. Somebody needs to make an example of that crooked Town Council and their Pocketed Police "Chief". Preferably by a Firing Squad like those Greed-Bloated Traitors To Democracy DESERVE! Somewhere in the bowels of Hell Hitler and Goebbels are smiling, they are very proud of these so-called people.