Wednesday, February 2, 2011

La Paz County funds frozen for non payment of judgement!

Although all three La Paz County Supervisors were elected on their pledge to negotiate a settlement with Jim Willet and Yakima Company, and despite Dan Fields being hired as County Administrator for the same purpose, stalled negotiations and appeals of a jury settlement have resulted in a writ of attachment against approx. $10.9 million in public funds supervised by the County.

Former Quartzsite Town Manager/Town Attorney, now County Administrator feigned shock and surprise at this standard legal tactic, calling Willet "foolhardy" and "unethical" (looked in the mirror lately Danny boy?). Fields had previously laughed off Willet's attempts at negotiation claiming "you cant get blood out of a turnip".

The Appeals Court issued a mandate to the La Paz Superior Court on January 21st 2011
 With no settlement in sight and the Supervisors approving to hire yet another law firm at the Jan. meeting, the writ means that the attached funds cannot be used by the State, Special Districts, Public Works or any of the other entities to whom it is being held for, essentially putting all of the county services and employees at the mercy of the Supervisors greed, arrogance and stupidity. Naturally, they are trying to shift the blame for this financial crisis to Willet, who saw his life's work go down the toilet and just wants what he's owed. 

An emergency meeting concerning the Freeze on County Funds has been called for Thursday 2/3/11 at 1:30pm. The location of the hearing is the La Paz County Superior Court Room.


  1. Higher Taxes, Less Service!February 3, 2011 at 6:45 AM

    Will wonders never cease? How much has Dan Fields cost the taxpayers of La Paz County? How soon will we see a drain on services needed along with a mass exodus of La Paz County employees? After all, how long could you keep up the payments on your car and home if your paycheck is cut off? How would one get an “Unemployment Check” when your job loss is the direct result of bad advice from an administrator that is also an attorney?

    The big question on everybody’s mind is, how long before property taxes go up to pay for this blunder from the administrator’s desk? Just remember come recall and election time, they have made the decisions that we the tax payers that live in La Paz County will be forced to pay for!

  2. You get the government you deserve

  3. Is it true? La Paz County declares a state of emergency?

  4. N.S.F.
    12 Feb
    Fallout from the recent freeze on La Paz County’s bank funds has hit home. My $43 check (for mileage) issued by the county for having served on jury duty - has bounced. I have a “suitable for framing” copy of the check, from my bank, and a $6 service fee. Anybody else? Douglas Gilford

  5. Arrest people on I 10 and jail them. Randsom, that's the Quartzsite way ! Oh yeah Hwy 95 too. Arrest them all !!!

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