Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Desert Messenger photographer files false charges againt candidate!

A "bearcat" or binturong is basically a big angry weasel.
Besides being the photographer for the local tabloid "Desert Messenger" who, or for that matter what Starr Bearcat is...well that's still anybody's guess.
Who or what he/she was before changing his/her name to Starr Bearcat is a mystery. What is Bearcat's real name? Did Bearcat really serve on a navy ship? Why did  Bearcat refuse to clear up the gender question under oath last fall in the La Paz County Justice Court, even after Judge Newman repeatedly referred to "that man as Ms. Bearcat"? Was Bearcat a felon? Was Bearcat a child molester? Was Bearcat a sexual predator? Was Bearcat a drug dealer, armed robber, arsonist or maybe even the person who sent the Quartzsite mayor a death threat? If you know any information about Mr./Ms. Bearcat, please contact the FBI in Phoenix or post it here as a comment. And by the way, who was Shananna "Rain" Goldenbear before she had to change her name and leave Oregon for a fresh start. Do they have a history of trouble before landing in Quartzsite? Inquiring minds want to know!

What is known is Bearcat's close relationship with Police Chief Jeff Gilbert. Bearcat has written several statements supporting investigations conducted by Gilbert and the QPD. Bearcat appears to have access to information that should be privileged, or available only to someone with access to restricted databases, like the chief.

The following letter was reportedly sent to several sources, including La Paz County Prosecutor Sam Vederman and QPD imperious leader Jeff Gilbert:

Statement RE: Case # 11-00164

Dear Mr. Vederman,

On February 16th, 2011, Sgt. Xavier Frausto initiated an investigation against me because of a sworn statement made by Starr Bearcat, photographer for The Desert Messenger. This is the second violation of A.R.S. 13-2907.01 (two false statements) made by Starr Bearcat to the QPD against me in the last six months. Please refer to the criminal complaint filed against Starr Bearcat and Shanana “Rain” Goldenbear with La Paz County Sheriff Lucas, case #101000713 on October 28th, 2010.

Bearcat’s statement references a prior conversation and accuses me of claiming to not pay taxes because it was unconstitutional. Not only is this hearsay, but also I have never discussed my personal financial disposition with Starr Bearcat. However, now that I am lawfully running for office, I am open to public scrutiny and I will therefore openly admit that I live below the poverty level, but in America, even the poor can run for public office.

Bearcat claims that I “refuse to abide by the Town’s laws and ordinances” because I am “operating three businesses without licenses”. This is also false and completely unsubstantiated. I hold a valid town vendor permit for “pet grooming and pet sitting” DBA “A Fur Salon”. No other license has been proven to be required and I have never been fined for operating any business in Quartzsite without a license, ever. This is either my tenth or eleventh season as a seasonal service business vendor in Quartzsite.

Further, Bearcat states that I have been given an eviction notice “for violating the zoning laws”. Also, completely untrue. I have never been convicted of violating any Quartzsite, La Paz County, Arizona, or Federal law.

I leased the back lot of J & S Covers for the 2010-2011 season from property owner Jim Aaron in June of 2010 when I groomed his ShihTzu “Rio”, shortly before my previous vendor permit at “Greasewood” expired on June 30th, 2010. “Greasewood” is a mobile home park doing business as a swap meet. It is on record in the La Paz County Justice Court, Quartzsite Division, that I leased part of that property, after I became a resident of Quartzsite. As near as can be documented, my residency commenced on 10-6-09, although it may actually have been the end of September ‘09. At that time, I did not realize the subsequent length of my stay would eventually require me to declare Arizona residency.

Although I had been residing in Quartzsite for about six months out of the year, over the past six or seven years, I was not even aware that I had actually become a resident of Quartzsite, until the late spring of 2010. When Quartzsite Police Chief Jeff Gilbert and Town Manager Alex Taft initiated an investigation into the residency of then candidates Chaunce Hamilton and Russell Sias I had the opportunity to view documents related to that investigation, provided to Mr. Sias by your office. I then did an internet search and found information which stated something to the effect that I needed to have an identification from the MVD if I had been in Arizona for 7 months during any calendar year. Because my stay in AZ was no longer “temporary” or “transitory” and because as of June I intended to be “domiciled” in Quartzsite for more than 7 months of the 2010 calendar year, I acquired an Arizona ID at my first available opportunity, on June 1st, 2010.

On the MVD application, there is a box you can check which states, “Are you a United States citizen who wished to register to vote or update your existing voter registration?” So I did.

On June 8th, 2010, I served the Town of Quartzsite with a legal Notice of Claim resulting from Police Chief Jeff Gilbert’s assault on my husband and subsequent harassment by his officers under Duty Sergeant Xavier Frausto. Upon the advice of my attorney, I did not make a public appearance in Quartzsite for several weeks, until the time for their legal opportunity to respond had expired.

Over the summer, outraged citizens recalled the council members I am currently pursuing a civil claim against. My friends asked if I would consider running for town council. I told them that I would, if I was eligible. I surrendered my old driver’s license to the MVD on 10-28-10 , and filed to run 1-6-11.

If the investigating officer, Sergeant Xavier Frausto had done his “due diligence”, he would have discovered the fact that I have never registered to vote in Oklahoma or filed a state tax return as a resident of Oklahoma, or even operated any business in the state of Oklahoma, ever. I have not “re-established residency in Oklahoma” as he asserts in his report. Rather, I relinquished all ties to a part time vacation address, where I used to be a summer caretaker.

I believe that all statements sworn to on my Arizona Nonpartisan Nomination Paper Affidavit of Qualification are factually true and were true when I swore to them. I am now, and have been for at least one year prior to the election, a resident of Quartzsite, Arizona. Based on the evidence, no reasonable person would have cause to believe otherwise.

Additionally, because these false allegations involve an election issue, the complaint by Starr Bearcat should have been immediately turned over to La Paz County for investigation. The Quartzsite Police Department was not the proper investigative authority and a serious conflict of interest exists due to ongoing civil and criminal matters between my husband and I, and the QPD that have not been yet been resolved.

If you intend to pursue this matter further, convene a grand jury and get a warrant this time.

Jennifer Jones

It appears that Vederman may have actually convened a grand jury today and QPD Sergeant Xavier Frausto may have testified, but nobody at the county will disclose whether or not candidate Jones case was heard. Speculation is that incumbents are desperate to discredit yet another qualified and popular challenger and these underhanded tactics only serve to prove that the current council can't possibly win if they play fair and just stick to the facts.


  1. Are we looking at the death throws of a degenerate corrupt political wing of local government? When you don’t have facts and evidence to support your side, throw up smoking mirrors, false statements with a few our right lies to keep your week minded supporters blind loyalty in tact.

    As the day for the public vote comes closer we will see more and more out cries laced with false information to our right lies from the Town Hall Recall Council Members so to keep their seats on the Town Council.

    What should the voter of Quartzsite be asking? Would any sound and reasonable man or woman be asking, “WHY would they say that”? Even more evident, WHY is the police department and Chief Jeff Gilbert even involved? Could it be as simple as the fact that it is the only way to keep most if not all the challenging candidates from being elected?

    It takes time to prove your criminal charges in a Court of Law. Even false charges take time to be heard and criminal charges dismissed. However, the fact remains that Chief Jeff Gilbert knows the income level of most if not all the challenging candidates and knows that there is little chance that he would have legal litigation taken against him for filling or allowing false charges to be filed against any or most of the people seeking to replace the deposed Town Council.

    The fact remains that Chief Jeff Gilbert knows that as soon as the Mayor has four votes he will lose his $83K/year job with the likelihood that he will be investigated and charged for his criminal activities!

    Chief Jeff Gilbert isn’t the only one facing criminal prosecutions! Town Manager Alex Taft along with each and every member of the Town Council that violated their oath of office along with violations of Arizona Stated and U.S. Federal laws will find themselves facing both Civil and Criminal Judges and Juries!

    There is no doubt in my mind that with a new Town Council a full investigation will be conducted with outside qualified agencies into all activities of each Council Member, Town Manager Alex Taft, along with Chief Jeff Gilbert and the members of the Quartzsite Police Department.

    The end result will be a full accounting. Justice will be served and the control of the Town Government will be returned back to the people that reside and work in Quartzsite and not the “Good Old Boy’s Club.”

    The only question left is, “Does Sam Vederman and the almost bankrupt La Paz County wish to have their activities added to the State and Federal investigations”? You don’t believe me, just look to Bell, California!

  2. How much longer will it take before the blind followers open their eyes to see that “YES, the emperor has NO clothes”! Today a judge in a court in Ehrenberg, AZ dismissed the criminal charges brought by Al Johnson (Quartzsite’s Building Code Enforcement Officer) against Richard Oldham. Is this the pattern of events to come for the Town of Quartzsite?

    Do you think that Mr. Oldham is just going to idly sit back and eat the cost for his defense against the charges made by Al Johnson? How will the outcome of this case affect the Jones case and the others for the Quartzsite Four? I am sure that more information is forth coming and the League of Cities and Towns scrambling to find the funds to defend and pay for more judgments against the Town of Quartzsite.

    All of this reminds me of the old 76 gas commercials when Murph the station mechanic said, “You can pay me now or you can pay me later”! At some time even the blind can smell that something is rotten and needs to be removed. How much more damage needs to be done by the Town Council, Town Manager Alex Taft, Code Officer Al Johnson, Chief Jeff Gilbert, and members of the QPD before the voters of Quartzsite decide that it is time to take out the trash?

  3. What idiots...There is no court in ehrenberg you dumbasses

  4. is the responsibility of the Grand Jury to also listen to the accused before making a decision to bring charges against the accused or not. Don't expect the Courts to advise the jury of this. They in fact discourage the Jury from gaining knowledge of their responsibility and duties as a jurist.
    It seems that all across America the DA/Judges/Law Enforcement have been taking it upon themselves to be the "Grand Jury" writing up and falsely presenting Grand Jury indictments when no Grand Jury ever convened...hmmmm I would not be surprised if that were the case for some here...

  5. It wasn't Ehrenburg, it was Wickenburg.

  6. Speaking of dumbasses (like yourself) have you taken the time to view the criminal complaints issued by Quartzsite Building Code Officer Al Johnson? Take a look!

    I can fully understand why the Judge tossed out the complaints before him. Have the reputations of our leaders in Quartzsite so bad that no local Judge wants to hear or have any part of their complaints, forcing more and more trials to be scheduled for out of county courts?

    Somehow I don’t think the legal department at the League of Cities and Towns is getting much sleep!

  7. Now if the Town Attorney had been thinking and advised Chief Jeff Gilbert, as he should have maybe the Town of Quartzsite wouldn’t be facing some major Civil Litigations over the Michael Roth criminal cases. Lets face facts here. It is just a short time before the Quartzsite-four and Richard Oldham will join the party.

    I know one very successful Criminal Investigator that attributed his conviction rate based on two rules of thumb. (1.) First try to prove the suspect innocence. If you can’t, neither can his attorney! (2.) Ask the question, “WHY”?

    You can’t change the fact that one member of the La Paz County Grand Jury stated that they would NOT have voted (and others) for a “True Bill” against Michael Roth if he had had the true facts of the case!

    Here is some good reading.

    21-412. Evidence on behalf of person under investigation
    The grand jurors are under no duty to hear evidence at the request of the person under investigation, but may do so. The person under investigation shall have the right to advice of counsel during the giving of any testimony by him before the grand jury, provided that such counsel may not communicate with anyone other than his client. If such counsel communicates with anyone other than his client he may be summarily expelled by the court from the grand jury chambers. The grand jurors shall weigh all the evidence received by them and when they have reasonable ground to believe that other evidence, which is available, will explain away the contemplated charge, they may require the evidence to be produced.

  8. Jeff does what he wants or what the council and manger tell him to do. There is a lot that most civilian's do not know about.

  9. Are you making fun of Harold???

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  11. Is Bearcat really Joy George, or George Joy??? And is that what Rain is referring to when she claims to be a certified Joy facilitator???