Saturday, January 1, 2011

"The Greatest Show on Dirt!"

Well, if your not a member of "Good Sam", then you can become a registered guest to  read it online, but as you can see, Quartzsite made the January issue. Hopefully those that read it will show up and breathe some life into the Town! 

Quartzsite was featured this month in Arizona Tourist News, "Set your sights on Quartzsite"

Also, the Arizona Republic did a story on the town.
Rock, gem show brings chaotic fun to Quartzsite

Remember, you read it here first!

1 comment:

  1. The title to this article should be "The Greatest Show Of Dirtbags To Ever Control a Town Government". The more snowbirds and vendors come here, the more they vow to NEVER come here. As a man who has his boot on the ground and his ears open, this is the last place most people will want to spend time and more importantly money here in the future. Thanks for the free publicity, but until we replace this town council and Chief of Police, and town manager this place is going to continue to circle the drain.