Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Desert Freedom Press newspaper is now online!

Go to to read it!


  1. Second edition is up too! Next edition hits the stands (and the web) on Tuesday, January 18th.

  2. Looks like you are missing some pages. How about giving us the Desert Freedom Press in a PDF link so we can be able to read it. Thanks!

  3. there is nothing worse than a government controlled press.Rain would probably fit in better in nazi germany or communist russia.

  4. print is too small!

  5. So when do you post the next issue? I agree, it would be easier to read if it was in a PDF format. I'm sending the link to all my friends and family to get a true picture of what is happening here in Quartzsite!

  6. I gotta say--it sure shows what you people stand for.

  7. a Quartzsite vendorJanuary 25, 2011 at 10:42 AM

    why didn't any paper print the fact that qz employee Al Johnson proposed in article 9 that "THERE SHALL BE NO TENTS OR TENT TRAILERS"on the agenda for the 12-28-10 qz council meeting? p.s. thank you Esther!

  8. He also proposed that all those "5 acre" BLM parcels everyone is so hot to buy in the upcoming land auction could not be developed. At least not until the council saw fit. Now, who buys land you can't do anything with? Maybe the council members and staff who have secret plans to develop them? And why does this whole thing stink like "dirty laundry"...(The no tents thing was also directed at B10 Campground on Main St. to retaliate against Felton for suing them.)

  9. Is it wrong to stand for, good over evil?
    Is it wrong to stand for, right over wrong?
    Is it wrong to stand for, equal treatment under the Laws of the Land?
    Is it wrong to stand for, a government of people that follow the rules & laws?
    Is it wrong to stand for, elected officials not making up laws/regs that benefit them only?
    Is it wrong to stand for, full disclosure of town records and finance?
    Is it wrong to stand for, the Town Manager Alex Taft to follow the laws?
    Is it wrong to stand for, the Town Manager to get proper training?
    Is it wrong to stand for, citizens not to fear False Arrest & Searches?
    Is it wrong to stand for, venders to have the ability to help promote Quartzsite?
    Is it wrong to stand for, venders to be able to conduct business and pay their taxes?
    Is it wrong to stand for, Snowbirds to go un-harassed by Town Police?
    Is it wrong to stand for, Constitutional Rights for all?
    Is it wrong to stand for, Chief Jeff Gilbert obeying his “Oath of Office”?
    Is it wrong to stand for, having a Search Warrant served as required by law?
    Is it wrong to stand for, having an Arrest Warrant served as required by law?
    Is it wrong to stand for, having policemen investigated for child rape in a timely manner?

    I stand for the above, just what do you stand for?

  10. a quartzsite vendorJanuary 26, 2011 at 10:56 AM

    article 5 dealt with tents as dwellings-article 9 did not!

  11. Some interesting reading for Chief Gilbert!

    Convicted cops face special issues serving jail time
    By Frank Main Sun-Times Media Jan 23, 2011 2:33AM
    (Read More)

    N.C. judge who convicted woman for videotaping cops faces reelection
    By Carlos Miller August 30, 2010 @ 12:01AM
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    Four cops convicted in Miami
    St. Petersburg Times published April 10, 2003
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    Verdict could affect ex-cops' obstruction of justice trial
    By Peter E. Bortner (Staff Writer) Published: October 16, 2010
    (Read More)

    Former Chicago Police Commander Convicted of Perjury, Obstruction of Justice Related to Torture of Suspects
    (Read More)

    Former APD officer found guilty of obstruction of justice
    Updated at: 12/16/2010 5:29 PM By: Charlie Pabst,
    (Read More + Video)

    Boston Police Officers Convicted of Obstruction of Justice in Connection With Civil Rights Abuse
    Article date: October 25, 2004
    (Read More)

    Three Miami-Dade Cops Arrested, Charged With Obstruction of Justice and Perjury
    By Tim Elfrink, Fri., Feb. 12 2010
    (Read More)

  12. another quartzsite vendorJanuary 31, 2011 at 2:06 PM

    a BIG THANK YOU to BIG JOHN for telling us the truth about article 9 (IX)THERE SHALL BE NO TENTS OR TENT TRAILERS!pretty sneaky,putting it in proposed RV park regulations,when they know that all swap meets are legally RV parks!

  13. When will you post the next issue?

  14. It is a shame that you have given up on the blog and posting of the desert freedom press

  15. Hey, Sorry to get behind, but I've had computer problems. The current issue is up and the next one will be posted Tuesday night!

  16. I was watching the other day a video about the election, a lady said as she was talking to Ed Foster that they had never had disruption like this during election day, Well for what I can remember, If you were seen or heard before video cams and people who would stand up together and do some thing, it was healthier to hide during election, I want to say this, those Police that lost their jobs for standing up for the people of this town and Nations RIGHTS, GOD BLESS YOU AND I WILL KEEP YOU IN MY PRAYERS. And to the new elect, Be Honorable, be Champions of the people, I know some of you don't have the age that most think that should be as a requirement, but it is clear they blow them requirement out the window, just be what our rights say should you be. It's like the other day, I heard some retard say they should take all these retired police officers up in age and hire them for the quartzsite police force, Ya! get the one pre or begining stages alheiziemer and full of pain killers bible in one hand a pistol in the other and daggers in their eyes wanting to prove he is tuff or something, I thought you would like to hear something funny. It is clear a prayer before concil meetings means nothing in this town, so don't talk about having a bible in your house or car.
    in your heart,works,attitude and behahaior is where it counts.
    Well I have a Question, When all this is said and done, can those who have been found guilty of back room deals, maneuvering accounts,IRS investigation fraud, golden parachute deals and why do you your family member have more money they have made,I know the town is going to have to pay, but can those people be put in prison and their asset liquidated and taken to pay some on their law suit and fines?

    1. Why do you keep picking on City Councel?They do work so hard and they shouldn't have to be held accountable or keep records on where the money goes or is spent, even how it is spent. That's why they have a general fund. If the books are not right they can just use the general fund. We all know that being in government You can't always be honest, so what's the big deal!!! We should all be greatful to them, I'm retired and in these days I found in is hard to be honest, so I vote according to what I can get for me, not what is right for all. In these days and times I have no doubt that I must compromise ethics for more, if you don't you won't fit in and you will do without.
      Honesty at my age, being in my 7o's, who cares about that, I'd rather take a medical taxi and spent my money in parker on things I want.
      So if you think your rights are not being protected and you want change leave and go some where else.
      We've talked after church at lunch and it is about us we've paid our dues.
      We deserve to have low income housing, centers to keep us with other lowcost needs and free transportation.
      The people who don't like, well that's tuff.
      So what if City consel don't do it all right, they still get my vote!!
      Sunday while we were eating lunch,we all had a good laugh about the election.
      Your vote will be counted if we want it counted and there is nothing no one can do about it.
      So, shut up and deal with it and live with or you can LEAVE or find things get very hard for you here!!!
      I've been here 12 years and we are not worrying about "Vendors or anyone else's problems.
      Sign, Sick and tired of hearing it.

  17. I hate these web site that write and say, contact us and we will save your life, times are tough, And we will change every thing for you. When in fact it is the government that is doing it and their getting a grants to cattle cart people through college classes so full they flood the job market till another scam makes it's way to the public. remember fiber optics now it's social workers when they only do one thing cost more money to the people and we have enough of them.
    We need our trade skill jobs back in Americe, we traded them off to other contry' for pennys on the dollar. and the scavengers scrapped America and sold it to china for beer money, The whole world think of America as fools, just ask and you'll find out.We need to down size the government and any one who is in goverment who breaks the law money or illiegal profits in side their employied position for a starter 20 years to life, with no way of pardon or suspendeded setenes, All civil government employees should be on a profarmance scedule basis like piece work. and no more cross education employment in goverment. I seen a guy who had a mastered in auto mechanics doing social work, He was the GM because He had a mastered dregrea. It's was cool watching him come out of his office shaking his head, toping off his cup from under his seat and walk back into his office.
    And really I don't think He really did anything. We need to have some body to hold and teach classes on citizens arrest and how to collect evidence, so we can put these crooks in office in jail, never mind the police, call them only after we have made a citizen arrest
    Sick and tired of liars and thieves hired as up standing people for government jobs