Friday, December 24, 2010

zoning revision proposed after "illegal" businesses exposed - be there Tuesday night at 7pm!

Merry Christmas to Quartzsite property owners!

Only three days after the following story about "illegal businesses made front page of the new DESERT FREEDOM PRESS, "Building Official" Al Johnson has submitted a replacement for several sections of the town zoning ordinance! Coincidence?

In addition to potential approval of a new vendor board where the only plausible members are Councilman Lukkasson's wife Michelle, Skip Gallup, Violet Kiss, and two of their most easily influenced friends, the agenda for the regular meeting of the Town Council includes the following items:

item 3 - repealing and replacing article IV "Establishment of Zoning Districts,  Zoning Map and Interpretation of District Boundaries"

item 4 - repealing and replacing Article V "Uses permitted in each Zoning District and Additional Requirements and Clarifications for Uses Permitted in each Zoning District"

item 5 - repealing and replacing article VI entitled "Density Schedule and Additional Requirements"

and Item 6 repealing and replacing article XI "Recreation Vehicle Parks" 

"Illegal" Businesses revealed!

    A recent open records request from Quartzsite Town hall has revealed that Dr. John Hadlock’s “Animal Clinic of Quartzsite” and all but one of the town’s pet grooming businesses are operating in violation of the town’s zoning ordinance.
    According to Zoning Article 5, “Uses Permitted in Each Zoning District”, paragraph 15 section CC “veterinary clinic including kennels and boarding” must be located in areas zoned for “light industrial”.  They may also be located in areas zoned for heavy industrial.
    Ironically, a quick check of the town website shows that the only parcel of “light industrial” in Quartzsite is Town Hall itself, according to the General Plan “existing zoning map”.
    The problem is, that under Zoning Article 3, section 2 paragraph 38, “kennel” is defined as “an establishment housing dogs, cats or other household pets and where grooming, breeding, training, raising, caring for or selling of animals is conducted as a business or pleasure and whether or not for profit.” Ok, now read that again slowly and think about how it might apply to you or someone you know. There is no separate definition for Veterinary clinic or veterinary hospital.
    Most Quartzsite businesses are located in “C2” commercial zoning areas, defined under paragraph 11 as “business uses serving the daily needs of the immediate neighborhood as well as community level needs”. Logically, this is where you would expect to find pet service businesses such as grooming, pet sitting and veterinarians.
    However, logic appears to have little to do with the constraints of the current zoning ordinance, or the man in charge of enforcing it. As defined under paragraph 15, “Light industrial” is primarily for “scientific research, manufacturing, compounding, assembling, processing…” and in Quartzsite this includes “bakery”, “commercial laundry”, “furniture upholstering”, “builders supply yard”, and “auction yard” among others.
    “Cindy’s Small Dog Grooming” is the only pet service business located in a residential neighborhood, and was granted a conditional use permit in 2006. However, according to the specific terms of the permit “Cindy’s” may not service more than three dogs a day, or they too will be in violation.
    Unfortunately for the town, “Building Official” Al Johnson does not seem capable of reading and understanding the ordinance he’s supposed to enforce. Johnson told both “Animal House” and “A Fur Salon” that they could groom, but no longer board animals, although both seasonal businesses have done boarding for years and have valid vendor permits.
    And that permit just may be the loophole that overrules Al Johnson and his suddenly zealous and seemingly arbitrary enforcement. Zoning Article 1, section 6 paragraph 2 states “This ordinance is not intended to interfere with any existing ordinance of the Town of Quartzsite” and Chapter 8 of the Town Code ‘business regulations“ may or may not be controlling, pending formal judicial review.
    Will it go that far? Maybe. Al Johnson cited the property owners where “A Fur Salon” is located and a legal protest was filed in response, and served on the Town November 23rd. “Animal House” has ceased boarding pets and may be able to sue for damages.
    It’s “business as usual” for the veterinary clinic and other pet grooming services. They are all currently operating without a conditional use permit, even though “Hollywood Pets” is located at an RV park owned by Town Councilman Jerry Lukkasson and his wife Michelle– who should definitely know better.

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  1. Again, those of us that reside in Quartzsite much call into question the leadership from Town Hall and the Council Members! IMHO they have been wasting the limited funds left in the Town’s Coffers in vain and foolish attempts against the Peoples’ Elected Mayor Ed Foster, than placing the needs of Quartzsite, her local business, residents, and its continued growth in mind.

    Any intelligent man will examine the facts in front of him, learn from his mistakes, make needed corrections where needed and move forward while following the rules, guide lines, and laws that govern their job. However, we have what many would call the blind leading the blind at Town Hall.

    No one man could placed into motion what we have seen come about over the last several years that has continually chipped away at the foundation that in the end will bring down what Quartzsite has been know for and has allowed many full time businesses and residents remain in Quartzsite!

    The “Cholla Telegraph” tells a tale of a caravan of 15 food venders arriving in Quartzsite for this Winters Snowbirds and Venders only to leave the next morning after being informed of the new La Paz County Health Card regulations! Much needed food venders (Lets not forget the number of visitors each hear that come to Quartzsite.) to feed the public and fellow venders. I for one would not wish to miss out on the Onion Burger Lady’s food and friendship and the Town of Quartzsite can’t afford the loss of the taxes generated each year! I have eaten at all the restaurants in Quartzsite and I like many appreciate the many foods not offered at our restaurants along with the great prices.

    Everyone should be concerned at what the Town Council, Town Manager Alex Taft, Code Officer Al Johnson, and the Enforcer Chief Jeff Gilbert are attempting to do. Look hard and you will see the light shining hard to point out that this is nothing more that a way to shut down any opposition to their policies. Speak out and they will rezone and shut down your business or starve you out! Keep quiet and your business will be allowed to be unmolested while in violations of the laws and regulations of Quartzsite! Now if you file a complaint or criminal charges against them, you will be the one arrested by the Quartzsite Police. Just ask the Quartzsite-4! Now is the time to put a total stop to the corruption in Town Hall and the Police Department of Quartzsite.

  2. Vigilante Vendor (Jennifer "Jade" Harris-Jones),
    Now we know who the Bully is along with being a out and out lire. Your welcome in this town has long run out. Your ass wipe paper that you put advertisers in that do not want to be associated with you and then you force people to distribute your garbage by threatening to sew them like you did with the QIA and others. I hope the people of this town get together and run you out like happened in at least 2 other states. Just maybe your black history of conduct along with Jack's Prison record should be exposed for all to see. Is it true that Jack is an unregistered sex offender? Is it true that you have a warrant out for out of Norman OK or CO or CA ??
    Do you really think that the good people of Quartzsite would really vote for you to let you continue to tear apart this town? YOU are a FOOL. You are smelling like spoiled fish or is it a hoe that hasten taken a bath after having several Johns. By the way you smell as bad as Pat Workman, she makes people want to throw up and is known as The JOKERS WIFE.
    Get out and take your ass licking followers with you.
    Now are you going to try to stop my rite to free speech or does that just apply to you and the sick ones that follow you.

  3. The comment above was posted to show everyone what I am referring to when I say "the haters". This person (and I use that term loosely) has posted dozens of similar comments that I have archived for the FBI agent that is currently investigating the death threats against the mayor. It shows the level of education and the diminished mental capacity that I recently attributed to supporters of "that other free publication apparently sponsored by Foster's possibly brain damaged critics". Then IP address # from right here in Q Town comes along and proves I'm right! They must be afraid that honest candidate with common sense like Jones and Workman might actually get elected - but there's always the chance that the incumbents whose immoral conduct appeals to residents like this cheat their way to another victory. Hey psycho, how about backing up those rumors with some documentation, or telling the fine folks here who is helping you spread them? I didn't think so...

  4. IP address #,

    As you are no longer “Anonymous” I would like to point out a few interesting statements from your post. Rest assured, your comments will be view by agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and other Law Enforcement agencies. In fact one good guess if I were to make one, could place you as being Mr./Ms. Star…

    It is clear from your statements and form of delivery that you have a number of serious issues the may require professional help before you find yourself in a prison cell placed there by your very own bigoted hateful attacks. Chief Jeff Gilbert would for one have placed Jade and/or Jack under arrest if your statements hand any truth! You are only allowing your blind hatred to make your “shots into the dark” in hopes of making yourself feel better. Sorry but you missed again and again and again and…

    If you wish to talk about “Un-registered Sex Offenders” maybe you could answer the question how Bill Howard (Level 3 Sex Offender) failed to show up on the Arizona State Sex Offenders List as living here in Quartzsite for years? You could start by asking Vice-Mayor Barbara Cowell his sister? She seems to have a working history involving sex offenders if you had taken the time to review her past.

    The “Cholla Telegraph” tells a different story about the “Desert Freedom Press.” The demand for more will force the publisher to more than double the next edition and demand is growing. But then again I could understand your bigoted attacks if you were one that the stories placed a light upon your unlawful or questionable behavior!

    As for Jade running for office, your comments will giver her more votes than she could have hoped for. The people of Quartzsite don’t have your points of view. We all have issues with how and what is happening to Quartzsite. Many are divided but none will stand in your self-made cesspool. Word from the “Cholla Telegraph” places better odds on most of the Town Council on Recall being removed through Criminal Charges being filed before the voters of Quartzsite removing them…

  5. Well, I've heard a lot of these vicious rumors since I decided to run for office and I urge people to come and ask us directly, and not listen to these raving lunatics!

    Funny, but not one of my advertisers has told me they didn't want to be associated with me after the premier edition came out. And nobody was forced to distribute the newspaper, the QIA decided it was only fair and equitable that I be allowed the same privileges that are extended to that other "ass wipe paper". Oh, and I've never been "run out" of any state, or municipality for that matter. It should be evident to everyone by now that I don't "run" from anything or anybody. If I had anything unsavory in my history I would never have declared myself a candidate for town council.

    As for your questions "Anonymous", the answers are an unwavering NO, NO and YES!

    Pat Workman is a widow, but picking on those that aren't here to defend themselves shows what a sniveling coward you really are.

    The real bullies here are Rain, Starr and their johnny (or jane) come lately defender Jedediah Free. When I posted a response to their Desert Messenger hit piece against me, Rain removed it claiming that personal attacks weren't allowed. If she had left it up, everyone would know that it wasn't a personal attack at all, but rather a factual and mature dissection of their hypocritical and bullying behavior. But then again, their assertions don't hold up under even modest scrutiny and that's why I easily beat Ms. Rain and Mr. Starr in court once already. For the sake of the community, they need to act like grown ups and get over it. The only "turf war" is in their overactive imaginations because I can't have a war of wits with such poorly armed opponents!

    Jennifer Jones

  6. How can anyone be safe from Code Enforcement Officer Al Johnson when the chips are stacked against you? We know that Mrs. Jade Jones tried to file criminal charges against Al Johnson after being physically assaulted, only to be arrested herself. Rain that sites on the planning board filed a restraining order against Mrs. Jade Jones and the Judge through it out for lack of standing. And the wife of Jerry Lukkasson, Michelle as well sits on the planning board and we all know the efforts of this Council Member against Mrs. Jade Jones.

    Now that we have a real newspaper reporting the facts how long will it take before we get the real story behind the actions of the Town Council, Town Manager Alex Taft, Code Enforcement Officer Al Johnson, and Chief Jeff Gilbert? The “Cholla Telegraph” is reporting that they are scattering like cockroaches in panic from the first issue from the Desert Freedom Press! Are special favors being given to these unlawfully ran business by members of the Town of Quartzsite? It would look as though if you are a drinking buddy of Town Manager Alex Taft, Chief Jeff Gilbert, Town Code Enforcement Al Johnson, or Council Member and another business is costing you, they will intercede in your behalf even if it is in violation of the law!

    Has Quartzsite become a “Pay to Play” operation? We know that the Berry Goldwater Institute in now involved with the Town of Quartzsite (more legal fees for criminal behavior of Town Employees and Town Council) but have they heard of the other legal group about to enter the picture? Lets face facts here, they are the ones that have called the music, and soon they will have to pay the piper from our taxes revenues. How many Town of Quartzsite employees will have to be dismissed because of judgments against the Town? Remember that the town insurance only covers the first $100K. After that, the court can order the liquidation of town assets!

    Don’t think so? Well buddy, check into the Case Laws of the State of Arizona, and the United States Supreme Court and you will find out that the Town of Quartzsite doesn’t have a leg to stand on! You can do as you please when the people you are stepping on don’t have the money to fight for their Constitutional Rights. However, that is all changing. The only Question facing Quartzsite is how soon can we replace the sitting Council, fire Town Manager Alex Taft, Code Enforcement Officer Al Johnson, and Chief Jeff Gilbert and then go into damage control to keep the Town of Quartzsite in tact!

  7. Yes, it appears that the Desert Messenger has started a "turf war" against free speech and free enterprise. Apparently unable or unwilling to report any real news themselves, they are reportedly spreading false and malicious rumors about "The Desert Freedom Press" all around Town. You didn't really expect them to let "Vigilante Vendor" post a rebuttal now, did you? After all, 1st Amendment free speech only applies to public places like a soapbox in the park or private ones you own like putting a bumper sticker on your car. When you come to someone's private blog, those rights no longer exist. Since both sides appear to have unlimited finances, it will be interesting to see which publication is left standing after the federal case is heard.

  8. I wonder what the zoning is in Tyson wash by the transfer dump. Do you think it's zoned for the QPD to set off explosives?
    It's getting down right scary now. The QPD bozo's when they are not busy figuring out how to steal more money from the towns people and those who pass through they are putting the citizens of Quartzsite lives in danger.I wonder how much Chief Gilbert charged the town for detonating the confiscated explosives that my husband and I narrowly missed getting blown up by.
    Sunday 02,January, 2011 afternoon approx. 2:30pm, My husband and I were riding quads in Tyson wash,we had just crossed over the road when right behind us (about 30-40 yards)there was a huge explosion, we could feel it. We looked back and saw a plume of black smoke. My husband asked me if I was ok,then rode back to see what had exploded. As he reached the road, a white truck pulled up with 2 men in uniform (military),one got out and twice,asked if we were ok,saying they had just set a timer to detonate confiscated explosives when he saw us coming down the wash, he tried but couldn't stop us in time to warn us,and that it was a good thing the timer on the explosives detonated late or we would have been right there!! He also asked if we were allowed to be there in the wash. My husband said yes. He said the area was supposed to have been secured.
    Wouldn't you know, here comes the Keystone Cops(QPD), they were responsible for "securing" the area. Apparently QPD didn't think it necessary to secure the wash. Like no one uses it this time of year!!!
    Don't you feel safe now?? I do believe a few crimes were committed here.Let's start with gross negligence, incompetence,causing undo stress/trauma and failure to secure a dangerous area placing the public at high risk with the possibility of causing injury and/or death. OURS!
    What would the common joe shmo be charged with? They should be charged that and then some.
    Now we all know what the results would be if I filed a complaint with any official in this town or this area for that matter.
    So what to do?


  9. If you know what branch of service the E.O.D. team was from you could file a report with their commanding officer with the facts of the case. Make sure that you leave nothing out even if you don’t think it is important. I would make sure that you state that you are not trying to get the E.O.D. members in trouble but to point out what the QPD failed to follow through and placed your lives in danger. Please include in your report all the efforts the two E.O.D. members did to try to protect and help you.

    As I don’t have all the facts behind the condition of the explosives, I cannot comment on why they were destroyed in that location. Most of the time when they can, the explosives are removed to a safe area to insure the safety of all the people. If they can’t be moved (remember where they burned down that one guys home) it is common practice to just burn them in place. As I have worked with members of the U.S. Army E.O.D. team members I personally know that they take ever precaution to insure the safety of the public!

    If the explosives can be moved safely there are many places to remove the explosives to (like the Yuma Proving Grounds) were a wide area can be observed and total safe control can be maintained. Now on the other hand, I would send a copy of the letter to the State’s Department of Public Safety and the State’s Attorney General’s Office as to make sure that it is on record. After all we all know how “Make No Report” Chief Jeff Gilbert works. If there is no report, then it didn’t happen!