Monday, December 6, 2010

Mayor receives death threats! Hate flyers posted around Quartzsite.

What sort of person would support our current council? Well, apparently the sort of person who would print and distribute this around town. Handwriting analysis anyone?

This particular example was retrieved from the Main Street Laundry owned by Councilman Jerry "dirty laundry" Lukkasson. Other copies have been posted on bulletin boards around town.

When Mayor Ed Foster was asked for a comment, he said "It looks like it may be the same person that's been sending me death threats." 


Yes. Mayor Foster stated that he has received two written death threats in the last few weeks, delivered by U.S. mail. The letters were turned over to the La Paz County Sheriff's Office for investigation and it is unknown what Don Lowery is doing to assure the safety of our mayor at this time. 


  1. This is the level of discourse we have with those that don't believe in Constitutional government. Pray for America!

  2. Is this evidence of just how out of touch Council Member Jerry Lukkasson really is? I know that he has expressed his dislike for Mayor “Elect” Ed Foster and he has that right. However, to allow such a posting on his bulletin board at a business he owns and operates in Quartzsite without removing it much less reporting it places him in bad light and causes his judgment to come into question again. Or am I en error? Is this the type of followers that he is seeking to do his bidding to save his $300/month Council seat?

    IMHO, this is all the more reason for Jerry Lukkasson to be “Recalled” and removed from (before he is criminally indicted) the Town Council. While he is only one vote on the Council, he has continued to make bad calls (that is costing the Town money they don’t have to spend) even after being told his actions are against Arizona State Law or in direct violation of Federal Laws on the books. As a businessman he should have know that allowing such a posting would cause him the loss of business. Allow a reposting will place him under scrutiny for possible civil and criminal actions at some point in the near future.

  3. Well this is what everyone has talked about. They are posting things on a recall website. I spent the last hour or so reading what was posted. I am totally sickened by what I have just read. Copy and paste in your search engine or address bar. There are some missing areas but I am sure they will be there.

  4. Thanks for your input and link to the “Recall Sheriff Lowery” web site. It helps place a spot light on the problems within La Paz County and the Sheriff’s Department. IMHO, we are facing a group of high-ranking officials in the County of La Paz that will do as they please to obtain their goals even if it is against the law!

    Lets hope that we will see another great web site like this one for “Recall Sam Vederman”!

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