Saturday, December 4, 2010

Councilwoman Pat Anderson puts foot in mouth over Parker, AZ libray.

If you were in attendance at the town meeting held this week at the QIA, then you might have heard Councilwoman Patricia Anderson's disparaging comments "you go to the public library in Parker, they don't have computers! They don't have near what we have here!". In truth, the library has 20 new computers. During the break, someone put a question in the basket asking Mrs. Anderson, why did you lie about the Parker library? When caught, all Anderson could say was "I stand corrected."

According to the Parker Pioneer,
the library "has been praised by national library publications as  one of the best in the nation for it's size" and will be featured in an upcoming edition of Parade Magazine. The story relates "In November 2009, Library Journal Magazine ranked the Parker Public Library the seventh busiest in the nation for libraries of it's size. They also gave the Parker library a 'five star' rating, it's highest award."

The moral of this story? Don't believe most of what you hear from our current council just because they seduce you with free coffee and cookies!


  1. Is the Town of Quartzsite being lead by the people elected into officer or are they just puppets on a short string being pulled by the Town Manager Alex Taft? Others and myself have often discussed the so-called “Report” by Council Member Pat Anderson thinking that the contents just didn’t match up with the presenter.

    For many of us it looks as though Town Manager Alex Taft and Chief Jeff Gilbert had arranged for Councilwoman Anderson to be the rebuttal (because Alex Taft or Jeff Gilbert couldn’t) to the “Reports” given (written by the Mayor himself) by the Mayor Elect Ed Foster. The fact remains whoever is behind this (remember the Mayor was stripped of his powers) Town Government IMHO is a qualified idiot!

    They have placed the Town of Quartzsite into major legal and civil problems that will end in both the Arizona State Courts and the Federal Courts. The Civil courts will drain what is left of the Town bank and assets while the Criminal Courts will decide just which Federal Prison and how long their visits will be. There are more of us that will assure that they will never see any time in a Fed-Med Prison where they get the pleasure of the minimum security. We will petition the Federal Judges to place them in the hardest Federal Prison for the abuse of their Public Office!

  2. Screw the courts, let's just tar and feather them and parade them up and down the streets of Quartzsite

  3. This is the most corrupt bunch of individuals in the US - County Officails have been stealing money from the tax payers, home owners, fake tax lien sales, land fraud etc. you name it they do it. Crooked Judges, Police, Attorneys, Realitors, Title Co., They do what they want to cover up their own fraudulant activities, they ruin lives of innocent hard working people they have no morals - La Fraud County is what ruins this country.