Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The DESERT FREEDOM PRESS newspaper hits Quartzsite!

"The DESERT FREEDOM PRESS - Local news you can actually use. Serving Quartzsite and La Paz County".

The town is buzzing!

As promised earlier this year, a new local newspaper made it's debut yesterday! Reportedly, thousands of copies have been circulated around La Paz County and reviews have been quite positive! Aside from a couple of formatting errors, the "premier edition" is off to a great start. Of note is the column written by Quartzsite Mayor Ed Foster, who had previously declined an offer to write for that other free publication apparently sponsored by his possibly brain damaged critics.

Those wishing to submit an ad or write a letter to the editor may mail it to:
Desert Freedom Press
PO box 542
Ehrenburg, AZ 85334

Ask for the current issue at the following locations:

The Big Market
Quartzsite Bakery
The Grubstake
Mountain Quail Cafe
The Gamblers
Flash Jordan Taxi
Crawford's Trailer Park
A Fur Salon
Trina's Burgers
Casa Del Sol RV Park
Western Wall Art & Discount Grocery (Rice Ranch)
Val-U-Gem (Prospector's Panorama)
Three Sister's Kettle Corn (Quartzsite Marketplace)
Shell Gas Station
Taco Mio
Todd's Computer Repair (Hi Ali)
White Buffalo Sage Emporium (Quartzsite Showgrounds)
Gold Miser
JJ's RV Parts

BEST Grooming
Coaches Corner family restaurant
Crozz Bonez

River Lagoon laundromat and mini mart

Salome Cafe


  1. The end is near for Jeff Gilbert, Alex Graft and Al johnson and Dan Field, the sheriff, Sam Vederman, and ALL of the Board of Supervisors. They will do ANYTHING to keep their criminal enterprise going. Be careful but be strong in the face of this evil!

  2. What a refreshing relief from that Desert Rag that tries to pass itself off as a newspaper here in Quartzsite. The Desert Freedom Press IMHO has NO competition! As I sat down to read my personal copy I became spell bound and unable to put it down until I had reached the back full-page ad for Rice Ranch!

    The articles were like cool cold water that fully satisfied the parched throat of a man dieing of thirst in the desert. Helpful and informative too! I can’t wait for the next issue to hit the stands to find out more of what is affecting our little town and what is being done to help correct the problems. Thank God for the Freedom of the Press!

  3. your easily spellbound stout--more like a vacume upstairs.
    whadda think about jade pushing the nazi salute--is that your glorious leader spouting that crap?