Friday, November 26, 2010

Two arrested at Town Council Meeting

Russell Sias, manager of Crawford's Trailer Park was arrested for serving Police Chief Jeff Gilbert with the notice of Federal Injunction mentioned in the previous post. Sias, did not actually touch Gilbert with his hands, he only touched him with the legal documents he was officially serving for Jennifer Jones and this video clearly shows that Chief Gilbert (in civilian clothes) knew what was taking place when he invited Sias to serve him. Russell Sias plead "not guilty" to simple assault" and was released on his own recognizance Wednesday.
Before the meeting even began, Jones herself was arrested for allegedly filing a false report 
over the video taped criminal trespass, warrantless search and assault by the "Building Official" and obstructing Mr. Johnson's "government operations" Jone's bail was posted by a friend, and delivered by Mayor Ed Foster, who gave her a ride home along with an apology for the actions which transpired.

This scenario reminds me of of when Constable Paul Staudt served former Mayor Huntley with an official Notice of Claim  back in June, and Huntley responded by shoving the Constable hard, with both hands right in front of Chief Gilbert who refused to arrest Huntley.This only proves yet again that QPD won't recognize an assault, unless they want to cry victim...and that they should really read what's in the manilla envelope, before they rush headlong to prove it true!


  1. You people still don't realizes that you are playing right into Richards hands for Quartzsite. He is in hog heaven watching you people do exactly what he wants. Remember this.

  2. FBI's definition of terrorism:
    "The unlawful use of force or violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a Government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives."

    Sounds like Chief of Police Jeff Gilbert, town mis-manager Alex Graft, and Al Johnson to me!

    Maybe THIS is what Jeff Gilbert learned at Quantico

  3. I wouldn't say it was assault but Mr. Sias didn't hand him the envelope either, it was more like shoved it in his face. You people let your anger get the best of you and that's why you are all getting arrested, for stupid mistakes. You people are crazy!

  4. It's so sad to watch those of you that create your own pain. You act like little children that got cheated out of something. There was no reason for that man to push those papers into Jeff's chest like that, you try and do that in a big city like NY or Phoenix and your ass would be tazed on top of going to jail. You few cry babies there need to grow up and act like men and women should. If you think your so great and your shit don't stink move to NY or Phoenix and act like that, heck move to Parker or even Havasu and try an act like that see what happens. Grow up peoople

  5. Read this entire blog very very closely everyone. Civil Rights have indeed been violated over and over again!

  6. Sias should've just handed Jeff the papers that he was serving him instead of pushing them into him either way Chief Gilbert is really stretching to have him charged and arrested for assault. Hopefully the county attorney will see this video and dismiss the case. This is highly unlikely since it is common knowledge that Gilbert runs to County Attorney Vederman to have him investigate anyone involved with Ed Foster and Russell Sias. Good luck Mr. Sias!!!

  7. I didn't know Mr. Sias is a professional process server. Those papers were not worthy of being "served". There are just copies of forms filed in court. They were handed. Not "served" in any offical capacity of the court. That was just grand standing, a show to prove that you've spent your time on filing papers that will likely go nowhere. What a waste of time, just like this blog. Hope going to jail was worth it!

  8. Russell Sias was the official "process server" in accordance with According to pg 17 of "Understanding the Federal Courts" by Leonidas Ralph Meecam, Director of the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts:
    "To begin a civil lawsuit in federal court, the plaintiff files a complaint with the court and "serves" a copy of the complaint on the defendant."
    The defendant has to "answer" the plaintiff in writing within 21 days not counting the day they received it,
    But I guess you think you know better, don't you "anonymous"? Wrong again! This is FEDERAL court.

  9. But did Chief Jeff Gilbert do anything when the Constable was assaulted/shoved by Huntley? Oh, yes there were witnesses, even Chief Jeff Gilbert stood there and did nothing! On the arrests, can you really honestly say you know the whole truth of why they were arrested? Can you honestly say they are guilty without knowing all the facts? You guys are scary with your assumptions.

  10. This response is for all the anonymous posts in this one thread. You use the words of “little children,” “own pain,” “Richard’s hands,” then you question the actions of people standing up for their Constitutional Civil Rights and the Laws of Arizona.

    Your blinding support for Chief Jeff Gilbert would be well founded if you were educated in the Laws of Arizona, Federal Code, and the Constitution along with the Bill of Rights. However, you have your heads so far up Jeff’s ass you can’t see the light of day.

    You must be suffering from major migraines for trying to think beyond your pay grade and I.Q. Chief Jeff Gilbert is under Criminal Investigation and the latest false arrest of Mr. and Mrs. Jones along with that of Mr. Sias will only add prison time to the other criminal charges filed against him. Have you forgotten (or just never gave it any thought) that there will be Civil Suits filed against the Town of Quartzsite?

    Has your wonderful Chief Jeff Gilbert informed or educated you in the facts behind the Town’s insurance problems? Chew on this, the Town of Quartzsite has what is called “High Risk” insurance. Yep, we have lost so many claims that we can only get insurance from the League of Cities and Towns and we are about to lose that because of Chief Jeff Gilbert. Now put on your Pampers grandpa and grandma because when they pull that “High Risk” insurance, the Town of Quartzsite will be forced to shut down!

    When Chief Jeff Gilbert is facing prosecutions in both Arizona and Federal Courts are you going to be so supportive? Are you still going to be rooting for Chief Jeff Gilbert when he is convicted of such criminal charges like, false arrest, unlawful imprisonment, criminal trespass, filing false police reports, obstruction of justice, obstructing a criminal investigation, and lets not forget the violations of the 4th, 5th, and 14th Amendments for just starters.

    Chief Jeff Gilbert’s past will come back to haunt him. With his indictments, his career in Law Enforcement is over! What bothers me most is what I am hearing along the Choia~Telegraph (because it jumps out at you) about Sheriff Lowery wanting Chief Jeff Gilbert to hire a fired La Paz County Deputy for cause related to sexual misconduct, and that may have been related to underage girls.

    Is the Town of Quartzsite’s Police Department only going to be remembered for hiring sexual perverts, pedophiles, and child rapists? Hey, got fired for cause, got caught in the baby’s diapers, like to hit the high school girls for your next date? Apply to the Quartzsite Police Department and if you get caught don’t sweat it, Chief Jeff Gilbert will cover for you…

  11. Well this is what everyone has talked about. They are posting things on a recall website. I spent the last hour or so reading what was posted. I am totally sickened by what I have just read. Copy and paste in your search engine or address bar. There are some missing areas but I am sure they will be there. Hey Mike isn't this your buddy?

  12. now here is a good example of Quartzsite Town Mis-Management Harassment Team (QTMHT)at it's best. Before the council meeting, Mrs. Jones running for a position in the recall, was falsely arrested. Maybe the council thought they'd not be receiving the legal papers intended for them at the council
    meeting with the earlier arrests of Mr. and Mrs. Jones.
    Unfortunately for the council, those arrests didn't stop said papers from delivery.
    In front of our State Champion High School Football Team being honored, QTMHT's Mr.Gilbert, considered by some to be a role model,acted more like a defiant spoiled child, by crossing his arms refusing to receive said papers. Displaying his under developed proper adult behavior skills.
    Mr.Gilbert has false beliefs and assumptions that he somehow can stop his up and coming demise by yet another arrest. He "kills" arrests the messenger....Mr. Sia's, attempting to serve said papers.

    Now, if he is so sure he has been following the law then why refuse said papers?
    As many young people look up to law enforcement, he is expected to set a good, moral and proper example for the young adults who were present. Would not the adult way to go about it have been to receive these papers having the stamina our police chief should have with a smile and a thank-you?

    EVERYONE IS RESPONSIBLE for their actions even more so as an officer of the law. He can stand his ground and prove his actions are just and legal in a court of law.

    He's not quite done role modeling to these young adults yet and schools them in the ways of tyranny, lack of respect and lack of pride which Mr. Gilbert has for his own profession and more so the lack of respect for his employer's WE THE PEOPLE, continuing his harassing reign of terror on Constable Paul Staudt after Mr.Staudt's wonderful
    speech (A@# Whooping)he so eloquently delivered to
    the QTMHT.
    I've heard through the Cholla Telegraph that the lot Constable Staudt resided at is empty and he's gone.
    Which, if that is true leads to the next question. What happened to Constable Staudt outside the council meeting doors? Did anyone notice Mr. Gilbert right behind Constable Staudt as he left the meeting?........Just wondering did he
    get arrested also?

    Mr. Gilbert ends it by his embarrassing public displaying his inability to comprehend the situation when he apologizes for the actions...of others?..(ignorance is no excuse)

    The only offensive "actions" were those of MR. Gilbert and his legal(lol)thug's actions. Which in MHO was very un-professional and a prime example of an abuse of office...

  13. Sorry to disappoint you but I have had a long chat with the wife of our Constable. It seems that we are losing our Constable of two year due to the fact his duty ends on December 31 of this year. He and his wife have not had a vacation in over five years and they decided (since he has not been paid since he has taken the job by the County of La Paz) to join friends and family for the Christmas Holidays.

    The “Cholla Telegraph” is reporting that our soon to be former Quartzsite Constable is working hard to get donations for the defense of the Quartzsite-4. With the help of the You Tube videos showing Chief Jeff Gilbert and Town Code Officer Al Johnson in action, he is getting some very interesting results. Without the weight of the Constables duties, he can now work hard on being elected to the Town Council to try and save the Town from the up coming State and Federal Civil Suits that will be filed by the Quartzsite-4.