Saturday, November 20, 2010

Quartzsite "Building Official" assaults "Vigilante Vendor"

Will there be an arrest when he comes to work on Monday? If the police fail to arrest Mr. Johnson, they will be held criminally liable...


  1. Meet Al Johnson, the new Mark Skoglund!

  2. Looks like Ms Harris-Jones was the one doing the body blocking and laying on of hands.

  3. What a bunch of idiots, only the guilty that have something to hide would not allow an inspection of their property. I would of knocked her flat on her ass, the fine would been way worth it.

  4. "Anonymous" you need glasses, Ms. Jones never laid a hand on Johnson although as the Lessee and caretaker of the property, she had every legal right to.

  5. I am beginning to think that the anonymous bloggers that post comments like the ones I see here are either brain dead, blind, or Al Johnson himself trying to justify his criminal activities.

    If I am to follow the Laws of Arizona and the Federal Government, so should Al Johnson. In fact, Al Johnson is required to follow even more severe Regulations, Restrictions, and Laws in the performance of his job!

    Lets look at the facts here unless you are one of those people that cry out, “Don’t confuse me with facts”! As the Code Enforcement Officer he is judged as one “Under Color of Law.” That means that he must follow the same guidelines, as a Police Officer must in the performance of his duties.

    Al Johnson must obtain permission to enter upon “Private Property.” Normal protocol would be to call or send a letter requesting permission to enter the property and/or talk with the property owner/leasee or businessperson at that location to obtain that permission. If he must enter and conduct an inspection or thinks a violation has been made and can’t obtain permission, the Law clearly states that Al Johnson MUST OBTAIN A COURT ORDER to enter said private property as one “Under Color of Law”!

    Al Johnson clearly is conducting an inspection without the property owner’s or leasee’s permission in violation of A.R.S. 13-1502. Al Johnson is seen committing more than one Assault & Battery upon the person of Mrs. Jones as she repeatedly orders him off the property! The taking of photo by Al Johnson is a direct violation of Mrs. Jones 4th Amendment Rights because Al Johnson has NO Court Order to enter upon said “Private Property”!

    Now if you can read, review the video and the notations listed, you will see the comments and Case Law that Al Johnson is violating. Nothing is going to save Al Johnson from facing the charges of Criminal Trespass, Assault & Battery, and violations in Federal Court for 4th, and 14th Amendment violations. There are a number of Federal Laws that Al Johnson has violated, as well and he could face those in a Federal Court. The end result will be Al Johnson facing jail/prison time and the Town of Quartzsite facing additional Civil Suits. Will this end with the Town of Quartzsite losing their “High Risk” insurance and being forced to shut down. How many Town Employees will face a Christmas morning without a job because Al Johnson refused to obey the Law?

  6. Anonymous,
    Do we still have the Bill of Rights? Are we a nation of Rule of Law, or are we a nation of people controlled by Rule of Man?

  7. Anonymous? Helllllooo! Anyone home?????????????

  8. Here are just a few items to view as related to the 4th Amendment and violations there of. Take the time to just view these two You Tube videos (one from the Andy Griffith show.)