Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I'll see your Notice, and raise you a Federal Injunction!

Well, it won't be a happy Thanksgiving for the Town Council, Town Manager Police Chief or Building Official. An Injunction was filed against the Town of Quartzsite Body Politic in Federal court Monday afternoon, by Town Council Candidate Jennifer Jones.
The Federal claim relates an alleged escalating pattern of harassment toward Jones that began about 2 1/2 years ago with the warrant less search of her home and culminates with the video taped assault by Town "Building Official" Al Johnson. 

A correspondence over the weekend from Mayor Ed Foster to Town mismanager Alex Taft and Town Attorney Pam Walsma had asked for Johnson to be placed on administrative leave pending a complete investigation by an outside agency.


  1. Ain't the Amerikan Police State great?

    Never judge a dog by its size in a fight, but by the size of the fight in the dog!!!

  2. I heard that Russell Sias was arrested at a town meeting yesterday is there any truth to that? Is anything being done to stop Jeff Gilbert's abuse of authority?

  3. Stop the abuse and kick him out of town...

  4. You people need to stop your own abuse, you act like immature children. Non of you would last in a big city your asses would be in jail every week.

  5. What many of the supporters (anonymous bloggers) of Chief Jeff Gilbert forget, the people THERE don’t have to worry about their Civil Rights being violated by Chief Jeff Gilbert and his personal posse of corrupt cops that will follow his unlawful orders.

    Chief Jeff Gilbert as the head of the Quartzsite Police Department should have acted like Mayor “Elect” Ed Foster, each of the Town Council Members present, Town Manager Alex Taft, and Town Attorney Pamela Walsma, accept the papers without acting like a spoiled child refusing to eat his spinach!

    The mistake that Chief Jeff Gilbert made was refusing to accept a copy of a Legal “Notice of Injunction” issued from a Federal Court! I am sure that his actions that night will be added to an amended “Notice of Injunction” that will force the Federal Judge to grant that Temporary Injunction against the Town of Quartzsite.

    Don’t be surprised that the latest actions and past history of violations of the Arizona Statutes, Federal Code, along with Civil Rights violations of the 4th, 5th, and 14th Amendments will force the Federal Judge to grant a “Permeate Injunction” against the Town of Quartzsite. This all generated by Chief Jeff Gilbert will cost the Town of Quartzsite thousands of dollars in legal fees that will end up costing some poor town employee or three to lose their jobs…

  6. Anonymous,
    I lived in the "big city" most of my life, never went to jail until I came to this crooked little town, run by a bunch of crooked thugs.

    You like having sex with 15 year old girls? Join the Quartzsite Police Department, Jeffy will protect you.

    You think it's cool to violate peoples Constitutional rights, call Jeffy. He'll personally train you.

    You are OK with cops stealing guns, money and personal items from the homes of people who die in Quartzsite? Jeffy is looking for a thug like you. (all you have to do is be first on the scene. This is the spoils of war you know)

    You like the idea of charging people who disagree with you so they can get dragged through the legal system? Jeffy has a shiny badge waiting for you.

    Obviously Anonymous, you are either Chief Of Police Jeffy Gilbert or you are one of his pals. When the Day Of Reckoning comes for you and your friends, don't expect any help or sympathy from REAL Americans who tried to show you the error of your ways.

    If you don't like having rights guaranteed by the Constitution and the Bill or Rights, why don't you just move?


  7. Are stout and roth really jades lap-dogs? bet she won't post this.

  8. “Anonymous said...
    Are stout and roth really jades lap-dogs? bet she won't post this.”

    Well Wes, someone help you turn your computer back on? As you can see, you got your post in. However, you have only shown IMHO, how much of a brainless uneducated jerk you really are.

    Now try with facts to disprove what has been posted here with some degree of justifiable statements and learn how to spell check your post before you add your useless comments. I am not without sin on miss spelled words. However, you still can understand the message and content. Please add your opinion and use your right of free speech. Just don’t look like a jerk in doing so…

  9. DW,
    Jerks don't have sound arguments, they're just jerks.