Monday, November 29, 2010

Third retribution arrest in 5 days? What are they thinking?

false reporting to law enforcement over the Al Johnson Assault.

Now here's a funn thought...The Jones' did call 911, and the did speak with QPD Officers Norris and Schultz, but the

The arrests of Jennifer and John Jones were clearly illegal. State law for arrests for misdemeanor offenses do not provide for warrantless arrest unless a crime is witnessed "in progress" or  unless related to a traffic violation.

13-3812. Examination of complainant; issuance of summons or warrant of arrest

13-3854. Arrest without a warrant

13-3853. Arrest prior to requisition

13-3903 Notice to appear and complaint 


  1. Tell me it's not true! Chief of Police Jeff Gilbert and his gang of thugs broke the law again????????????

  2. Legal thuggery...or so they believe.. Hurray for you all for standing your ground..This community needs to stand beside you in your efforts to stop the tyranny..


  3. Can we be seeing the setup of the Quartzsite Police Department under the direction of Chief Jeff Gilbert for multiple Federal Court suits for Civil Rights violations that will bankrupt the Town of Quartzsite? Can the Town of Quartzsite afford any long battle (Attorney Fees) in any Federal Court defending Chief Jeff Gilbert against a Class Action Federal Suit for Civil Rights violations against a large number of both residents and businesses?

    It is a well known fact that the U.S. Attorney General can file for (Remember Rodney King?) the victims and thus providing “FREE” filing, prosecution, and enforcement of the judgments against Chief Jeff Gilbert, the Quartzsite Police Officers involved, Town Manager Alex Taft, and any of the Town Council Members found culpable.

    Since many of the actions of the Town of Quartzsite and Chief Jeff Gilbert fall upon violations of Federal Law, Constitutional, Civil Rights, and (THE BIG ONE) RICO Act, we may have a Town that has NO assets right along with the defendants charged in Federal Court before this is all over. Yep kiddies, the Town of Quartzsite, bankrupted and not a building to welcome you into and file your complaints!

    Several Federal Attorneys are already licking their chops over this one. From the information and evidence that they have seen they have decided that “ALL” the elements are there to take this into a Federal Court and WIN! Over the next few weeks they will be going over other victims statements, information, and evidence to see if they can place this into one MAJOR Class Action Suit that will place the Town of Quartzsite on the World Map! Though it was in a low whisper I think I heard, “Like shooting ducks in a barrel.”

    Now the other side of the coin looks like the Council Members under “Recall” may be using Chief Jeff Gilbert with the assistance of Town Manger Alex Taft, to file false criminal charges against the people behind the “Recall” and others that are filing to run against the Council Members under “Recall”! Lets face the truth in the puddin’, if everyone that pulls papers to run in the upcoming “Recall Election” finds themselves in handcuffs, who would every run?

    Now I can understand Chief Gilbert and Town Manager Alex Taft having the reason to break the law to protect their VERY high paying jobs by such actions, but what is behind the Town Council Members supporting such actions to keep a $300/month paycheck? $73K and $86K plus the extra bennies I can see why they are doing anything they can to save that, but $300/month?

    You now have to ask yourself, “Is this the kind of Town Leaders and Chief of Police that I want to run the government where I live”?

  4. Well Ma and Pa Kettle, don’t call for help to the Quartzsite Police Department even if you do have what you think is an emergency and need help now! Why? Simple, you are going to find yourself under arrest for making a false 911 call or filing a false report if they don’t like you.

    I loved going over the police reports of the last three people arrest by the people calling themselves police officers that work for the Quartzsite Police Department. There is no doubt in my mind that they will be drug before a Federal Judge and he will have a different view about violating anyone’s Civil Rights. IMHO, we are not getting our money’s worth from these below standard town employees.

    Now I have to say that I heard through the “Cholla Telegraph” that several of the good police officers refused to make the arrests that Chief Jeff Gilbert wanted. Something to do with “Unlawful”!

    Have you noticed that Mrs. Jones is running for an upcoming vacancy on the Town Council and they called for help because a town employee refused to leave “Private Property” and committed an “Assault & Battery” upon her person? Her husband, Mr. Jones was a witness to the “Assault & Battery” upon his wife by Al Johnson. Both unlawfully arrested (this is were our good police officers refused to act upon Chief Jeff Gilberts orders we have heard).

    Lets see wasn’t Russell Sias one that ran for the last Town Council Election and pulled “Recall” Papers against the remaining Councilman Bob Kelly? What about Chief Jeff Gilbert going after the people that signed the “Recalls” against the sitting Council Members? Looks like they know that they are on the way out so the only thing left is to take out anyone that will run against them even if it takes making up charges and arresting the people that want to clean up the corruption.

    Now tell me the truth, is this the kind of people that you want to run the government in the town that you live in? Chief Jeff Gilbert failed to understand the L.A.P.D. slogan “To Protect and to Serve”! Rest assured that he will understand the words when he is told, “to serve 15 to 25 years in a Federal Penitentiary”!

  5. Funny how this all started. Let's go back about two and a half years ago. The infamous bill moore started it all with the bitch and look how it snowballed.Now the "dick" is involved with the rest of the jonny-come-latelys and all of a sudden they know all about our Town. So sad that these people lie so much and so often that the citizens are starting to believe what the bitch spews out of her mouth. Just watch her vidios and see the hate that she delievers.

  6. The 300 dollar a month tools are doing it because they are a bunch of dolts!

    Oh what a tangled web we weave when we first practice to deceive.

    The current crop of council members obviously don't know they can be held accountable for their complicity.

    Listen up town council, only YOU can give the Chief of Police a raise, NOT Alex Graft.

    Only YOU authorize expenditures. And if you don't know exactly where town dollars are going, or you know money is being pilfered, YOU WILL be held accountable.

    You can and probably will be involved in future lawsuits, investigations, and court appearances, just like those of us that have stood up to your mostly illegal ways.

    Go ahead, bankrupt the town. The County is already broke and on its way to bankruptcy thanks to some of your previous "leaders" like Dan Field and Mary Scott.

    This town should've never been incorporated in the first place. All Incorporating Quartzsite has done is kill the free market that used to thrive here, and created a kakistrocacy.

    And now there is a new group trying to get elected, that at least half of them, are going to simply re-arrange the deck chairs on this Titanic.

    Shut down the town. Plant a garden. And elect a Constitutional Sheriff. This is your best chance at surviving what's coming.

    Merry Christmas!

  7. kakistocracy
    –noun, plural -cies.
    government by the worst persons; a form of government in which the worst persons are in power.

  8. It is only shame Anonymous that you bring upon yourself with the content in your post and the words that you use. They are only words without substance, nothing of any value. I have talked with people that have lived here all their lives. Most with a good track record that goes back more that your “Johnny come lately” 2 ½ years comments.

    I can remember when the Snowbirds came early and left late. Venders filled almost every street, even people selling from the back of a dropped tailgate of a truck. Quartzsite was a treasure chest for everyone that wanted to take the time to search out that one special item that they always wanted. Somewhere, some place, some vender had it for sale and at a great price.

    Over the “Cholla Telegraph” I heard when 15 food venders traveling together to Quartzsite upon their arrival found out about the new “Vender Food Handlers Regulations” left the next morning! It seems that we have people working hard to kill the venders while at the same time running out all the snowbirds and they are doing a great job. In time the local business will have to shut their doors because they can’t make the required money in the winter months to keep their doors open for us local year round residents.

    Have you given any thought behind their actions? Water comes to mind. No venders. No Snowbirds. No year round business but the truck stops. Long time retired residents moving on. That saves a lot of water. Now what do you do with all that water? Simple, collect the kick-backs, bribes, and stock options to that solar power generation company that needs all the water you can give them to make their project work now that almost no one is left that used it before.

    Have the members of the Town Council, Town Manager Alex Taft, supported by the strong armed tactics of Chief Jeff Gilbert been bought off? Remember who would go through so much trouble to keep the Mayor elected to find the corruption in Town Hall from seeing the Towns Books and run the Town like every other Mayor in Arizona for only a $300/month paycheck?

    It is not hard to see that the Anonymous posters here that support such actions are either idiots or family members trying to keep their breadwinners jobs from being lost. What they don’t understand is simple. If the problems are not stopped and resolved, NO ONE WILL HAVE A JOB! Chief Jeff Gilbert, Town Manager Alex Taft, and each member of the Town Council are now facing major Federal Civil Court actions (and in most cases Federal Criminal prosecutions) against them and the Town of Quartzsite that they can’t win!

    Rest assured, when the U.S. Marshal Deputies lead Chief Jeff Gilbert off in handcuffs, We will bring you the video!

  9. So now you are calling the truth all lies? Maybe it is time for you to stop wasting your time coming into this blog with you attempts to distort the facts. Attorney’s that practice in the state and federal courts has seen the videos. The videos have given them all the evidence they need to have to clean out the town’s bank accounts along with the people in town hall that are behind everything. So if you are one of them, get ready to grab your ankles because there will be no kiss or Vaseline when it comes!

  10. Yes, Michael. Sadly, I believe you're right. The incumbent council admitted at the "town meeting" at QIA to wasting 13,000 on that groundless ad hoc committee against the mayor, Norby Felton's lawsuit against the town is racking up the legal fees for Walsma, the town atty. My federal claim is being amended to include recent events, and if the court finds them guilty, they have the authority to impose punitive damages.

    I don't think we should disincorporate. I don't trust the County Supervisors to protect our rights!!! The County's appeal on the Yakima judgement has been denied by the state supreme court and it's only a matter of time before Jim Willet takes the landfil. The County has hired a municipal bankruptcy attory. Quartzsite needs to protect the assets we have left. That's why I filed the federal claim. To protect the town from the six people who are using personal agenda's to dictate their actions on behalf of the community.

  11. Dis-incorporate NOW, Thank Me later!

  12. I find it interesting that we have a Quartzsite Police Officer that as an Officer in the United States Army served in an Intelligence Unit in Afghanistan has forgotten his “Oath of Office”! Isn’t part of that, “To protect and defend that Constitution of the United States against all enemies both foreign and domestic” or is it PTSS? Could his lack of proper actions in the Jones case cause him to face a Military Court-Martial?

    I hear through the “Cholla Telegraph” that he was given several sheets of “Case Law” (State and U.S. Supreme Court rulings) related to Al Johnson’s “Criminal Trespass” and rulings requiring him (Al Johnson) to have a “Court Order” (Search Warrant) to inspect “Private Property.” Now add to this that he was as well given a video on CD showing that Al Johnson was ordered several times to leave the “Private Property” by the “Lease Holder” (Legal Controller) for that “Private Property”! Now add to that video evidence of Al Johnson committing Assault and Battery on Mrs. Jones!

    There will be no doubt in the Petit Juries’ mind that He and the additional Quartzsite Police Officers have filed “False Police Reports,” “Obstructed a Criminal Investigation,” and caused an “Obstructions of Justice”! Now let us not forget that the Federal Petit Jury will no doubt find violations of the 4th and 14th Amendments to boot! Have you forgotten about the two L.A.P.D. Officers cooling their heals in a Federal Prison over Rodney King? There is no other interpretation that each Quartzsite Police Officer has committed a deliberate and willful act at not only violating their “Oath of Officer” but as well violated Arizona Laws and Federal Code!

    When this all ends up and a Federal Civil Court and the documentation showing that Mr. and Mrs. Jones were not only the “Lease Holder” but as well the “Private Property” care takers in the property owners absents, just how deep is the Town of Quartzsite going to have to dig to pay off the Court Ordered Judgments?

  13. Well this is what everyone has talked about. They are posting things on a recall website. I spent the last hour or so reading what was posted. I am totally sickened by what I have just read. Copy and paste in your search engine or address bar. There are some missing areas but I am sure they will be there.