Thursday, March 18, 2010

WELCOME! Now quit sniveling and comment...

We have attracted MANY new readers since the primary election…I would like to welcome everyone that has managed to find their way to my little corner of the blogosphere, A SPECIAL WELCOME TO POLICE CHIEF GILBERT, ALEX TAFT, MEMBERS OF THE TOWN COUNCIL, THE DESERT MESSENGER, THE PARKER PIONEER, QUARTZSITENEWS.COM, THE GOLDWATER INSTITUTE, AND SORE LOSER DEENA BLYTHE!

It must be driving the guilty parties crazy, all the anonymity that the internet can provide. Speculation and rumors are buzzing around Town Hall, even false accusations about the origin of all this news that the current regime would rather sweep under the rug. While I’m amused at the little “fishing” expedition in the comment section, I’m not surprised that the perpetrators of financial ruin are more concerned with their dirty little secrets getting out then they are about solving the problems of this community. Misdirection, sleight of hand, smoke and mirrors will not be enough to convince voters to stay aboard.


When “Quartzsite” Charlie Kukral rightfully called for a “forensic audit” to find out where the money really went, panicked allegations reportedly began to disseminate from Town Hall that Kukral’s cost saving strategy would include closing the children's library…How many votes did this dirty trick cost "Quartzsite" Charlie? Did it backfire and help Foster? It certainly did not help Wes “Captain of the Titanic” Huntley enough to get 50% +1.

Now, facing almost certain defeat in the runoff election, it appears the incumbent machine is attempting to sully the reputation of the opposition candidates by alleging that one or more of them are the source of this blog. WRONG AGAIN!

While I support Foster, Hamilton, Moore and Sias in the belief that they are more competent than the alternative (more reckless spending, back room deals and protestations of ignorance...), I AM NOT RUNNING FOR OFFICE & THEY ARE NOT WRITING THESE ARTICLES. I don’t even want the job (the pay is lousy and the pressure intense). I am only a casual observer that has become horrified with what I’ve witnessed, and like Foster, Hamilton, Moore and Sias I have been spurred into action in an effort to throw the people a life preserver.

If the powers that be are interested in a feeble attempt to justify their behavior, THEN ACCEPT MY CHALLENGE AND POST IT HERE! Quit your incessant whining, your constituents are entitled to an explanation. It’s long overdue. No closed door “executive sessions” or out of town “work sessions”, the people want transparent government! They do not want the orchestra to play on while the ship sinks…

Do you support a regime change in the upcomming election?
Yes, the incumbants are ruining Quartzsite!
Yes, new faces can't do any worse, hopefully better!
Yes, we need better representation!
No, I hate winter visitors and vendors
No, I'm related to a current council member
No, I'm glad were over 4.7 million in debt and climing free polls


  1. Why are Town Manager Alex Taft & nominal "chief" of police Jeff Gilbert meeting in Town Hall at 10 at night?

    Whos role playing Bill Clinton? And whos bringing the cigars?

  2. Hahahahaha, its not like they don't spread skanky rumors about other people in innocent situations while they do what God knows what.

    I just hope they don't stain the furniture..

    Eww eww ewww.....

  3. Taft AND Deena Blythe??? Geez, with those "ladies" taking up soooo much of Chief Gilbert's time, where does his wife fit in? Hopefully NOT part of some tasteless sandwich LOL!

  4. Several investigations have been made and we see no truth in any innuendo about any improper conduct (of any type) between Chief Gilbert and Alex Taft other than Quartzsite business. To start or spread rumors are gravely ill-advised. If anyone truly has evidence then bring it forward and prove it.

  5. Wow "JQ", WE must mean that you ARE one of the cowards...Why don't you publish the report of that investigation in the next issue of the Desert Messenger? And I notice you avoid denying "Vigilante's" question about the time he may be spending with Deena Blythe...

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