Monday, March 29, 2010

Hey, Willpower Inc. - Where's the pool?

As temperatures rose past 80 degrees for the first time this year we were once again reminded of Town Manager Alex Taft's broken promise to provide the community with the "Quartzsite Activities Center and Pool" ("QAC").

The bumbling incumbents may be suffering from Willpower amnesia when they inked the "animal shelter" contract with the 501 (c) (3) at the March council meeting but the community has not forgotten the donations contributed to the Town Manager's charity,

In a Willpower Incorporated donation solicitation brochure circa 2007/2008, The "Quartzsite Activities Center and pool will be a multi-purpose place for fun and educational activities; crafts, theater arts, basketball, dance, cheerleading, yoga, quilting, after school programs, potlucks and more - activities to keep minds and bodies stimulated, happy and healthy." WOW! Who wouldn't want to donate for that? And donate they reportedly did. The QAC money kept rolling in from every side...and yet somehow Quartzsite has absolutely NOTHING to show for it.

Little QAC donation jars were everywhere and many residents openly speculate that as much as $50,000 or $60,000 was raised. As one woman stated "my late husband donated over a thousand dollars."

Last Wednesday night at the March 24th public hearing to discuss  how to best utilize approximately $246,000 in Community Development Block Grant funds from the Arizona Dept. of Housing regional acct., many locals who do not normally attend these kind of meetings showed up to urge that the federal gift be used for a "community center". Was it because they had ALREADY donated towards and been promised one by the Town Manager seated before them?

When a public comment pointed out that if a community center was to be built with the CDBG grant money then the QAC money should be added to the pot ,Taft responded that the approximately $7,000 currently in the QAC fund was going to be turned over to Parks and Recreation. But Alex, THAT'S NOT WHAT THE MONEY WAS DONATED FOR! The PEOPLE wanted a pool! (And still do.) Oh well, what else would you expect from our current leadership...

Only $7,000 Alex? I think that everyone who donated should contact the AZ Corporations Commission if they believe there may be a discrepancy. The tax returns can be printed off for everyone's viewing pleasure at this web address:

Sadly, at present, the closest thing to a community pool that Quartzsite has experienced is the "lake" that formed on Town Council candidate Chaunce Hamilton's property in September of '09.

And the internet footprints of Taft's Willpower Inc have mysteriously disappeared, like this link:
that was discovered archived here, from April of 2007:

There will be one more public meeting to discuss whether this grant should be spent on infrastructure, or a community center. I suggest that EVERYONE who donated to QAC attend...



  1. Yeah,where's the freaking pool??? Councils not going to vote against the kids this close to the election but WTF were they thinking renewing the Willpower contract for the shelter? I heard that after the old Willpower shelter was closed somebody left a dog out there and it had no food or water for days! Why didn't they use the shelter the town built on the water plant? Why are they begging for more donations and volunteers when the town paid Metzger to go to school for animal control? Oh wait...I see Metzgers name was on those early tax returns. Must be some personal issue between her and Alex?

  2. How do you think I feel? Willpower used my photo TWICE on that fund raising brochure for QAC and Paw Power! While Alex Taft has apparently stonewalled efforts at opening a shelter run by the Town, I have had to rescue and place dogs at my own expense. Last year, Debbie Metzger and I networked to reunite strays turned into my business with their owners. She called and tracked down phone numbers from info listed on tags etc. I fostered a half dozen dogs last year that needed to be rehomed, and a half dozen more so far this year...I found homes for every one! At the same time QPD has been driving the pets they pick up to the town limits for the County AC to KILL!!! Don't forget that the direct supervisor of the police chief is Alex Taft so she has one hand out begging for "no kill" donations while the other hand signs off on the killing.

  3. The Town won't get anything like a pool or rec center. The will vote that grant money will go for studies and engineering as directed by Alex Taft without any dirt being moved or anything being built.

    Just like they always have.

    The Town Council will approve an agreement to partner with Will Power and the money will evaporate with no trace because they also stone wall any effort to have a FORENSIC audit, inventory or any other tracking of funds or materials... Just like they did with the childrens library and the rest of Tafts feel good schemes

  4. This reporter encourages concerned citizens to use the Freedom of Information Act to insist all town employees' salaries are made public.

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  6. Excerpt from an email currently circulating.

    "The council has has untold opportunitys to "do something for children" which they haven't done, no matter how much they suddenly bleat their concern. They don't care.

    At this point the best we can hope to do "For the children" is provide mandated services i/e water, sewer, roads and police coverage... not political correctness or touchy feely schemes to benifit cronies and loosers who can't get jobs based on merit...

    If the council wanted to do something for the Town or kids... They would have done it a long time ago rather than beat the drum just before an election.

    Do they really think we didn't notice" Is it because Taft psycically read Huntley's aura or is it because their just stupid?

    That aside..

    Quitting like Huntley promises to do once a month might be a good start, rather than bleating at Tafts cue....

    Not one of them has a clue about prioritys or the Towns best interests much less kids... the only prioritys on the council are being elected, maintaining the status quo and getting even ....

    Not the best interests of the Town...

    Huntley needs to change his campaign slogan to tell the truth.. "Smart as a Box of Rocks" or "We don't need vendors we have truck stops"

    He's single handedly made Verlin Michels look brilliant. That says it all..

    Anyone who supports planting trees in Tyson wash thinking it won't flood.. isn't real good at thinking.

    Are they?

  7. I wrote a new set of codes for animal control and they ignored it! I AM THE ONLY ONE WHO CARES ABOUT THE ANIMALS! I can't wait to leave leave this place. I will miss my customers, BUT I HATE THIS TWISTED LIFE! Quarzsite can have them all back. Moore is a traitor and can never be trusted!!! You don't see his signs up anymore do you? Just ask him why.

  8. Will the real JADE please stand up...According to the minutes of the council meetings, I was the only one that gave the town a revision to ch 6...and it was given to ALEX TAFT! It appears that someone is trying to impersonate me. Is that you Alex? No, sounds more like that gavel wacking goon, Huntley. (even he could post with "spell check")Good thing I saved this page for the FBI!

    My customers know that the only traitors here are on the CURRENT council. Bill Moore is ROCK SOLID and has my unwavering support. I told him to bring me a BIGGER SIGN. The one I had up was waaaay too small LOL!

    Leave this place??? Hell, my family has their eyes on a 1,200 acre chunk of the BLM...that might be enough for me.

    I don't come to Quartzsite because I have nothing else to do - I will continue to come here because I love my customers, the vendors, the RVs, winter visitors and all the other things the current council seems to despise.

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  10. Moore was the only one on that council who didn't violate his oath of office. So whos the traitor? Moore or "Waffeling" Wes Huntly who changes his story and mind more often than he changes his underwear? And lately hes had to change his underwear a lot. But so has Gilbert, Taft and her pet trolls.

    The council also despises kids as well as vendors, rv's, winter visitors and people who won't sell out to generate comissions in we're the next Palm Springs realestate scams.

    Ask about where the money is coming from to get power to Daft Tafts amimal shelter and how kids should come before animals. But Daft Taft is all about prioritys isn't she?

    And I notice building code doesn't apply to will power but since Alex Taft is president I can see why and the Jeff G of QPD is now code enforcement, so it all connects

  11. This is in reference to the (JADE SAID) Comment.


    Scroll down three fourths of the way to appendix J, table J4 "PRIORITY Community Development Needs and Objectives" (HUD Table 2B)

    The High Priorities are:
    Water system improvements
    Waste water system improvements
    Flood and drainage Improvements.

    Roads and streets are medium priorities
    Senior Centers are medium

    Solid waste facilities are low priority.
    Libraries, social service centers, youth centers, community centers, parks, rec programs are low priority...

    There are about 40 projects we can host, not three. We're not being told the full truth as usual....