Sunday, March 7, 2010

Stuff the Desert Messenger didn't tell you...

The pre election issue of Quartzsite's "news" publication, The Desert Messenger, sank to an all time low in journalistic standards this week.

Residents and winter visitors have become accustomed to editor "Rain" Shanana Golden-Bear's nauseatingly benign articles but since "Rain" and her partner "Star" have purchased property here in Quartzsite (and now they need building permits...) the pro incumbent sucking up is leaving a journalistic vacuum. Well, actually more like a gigantic black hole.

After a hypocritical editorial on impartiality, "Rain" printed a free advertorial column by our incumbent "mayor" , and article advising voters to call Town Hall and reserve a free ride to the polls by candidate Bob Kelley, and a libelous paid for ad against mayoral candidate Ed Foster. The ONLY letters published in "The People's Voice" were by an incumbent's wife, an incument, and the wife of "mayor" Huntley...

This after giving lip service to the US Constitution via the following email:

--- On Fri, 2/26/10, Desert Messenger wrote:

To Political Candidates and Town Officials,
As a courtesy, I am sending this information for educational purposes. Please pass on to others.
There have been anonymous flyers placed through doors of unopened businesses, on bulletin boards, etc, throughout the town regarding a certain candidate's arrest. Please note the following and take appropriate actions to protect all political candidates' rights. I run my newspaper accordingly, and I hope all candidates will also follow the Arizona laws.
from the Arizona Newspaper Association's
A Comprehensive Guide to Newspaper Advertising
Under Arizona Law:

Any advertisement by a candidate or political committee that advocates the election or
defeat of any candidate or solicits contributions to a political committee shall state that it
was paid for by the candidate or the candidate’s campaign committee, if that statement is
accurate, or shall state the name of the political committee that paid for the
advertisement, identify the chairman of the political committee and provide a telephone
number for that individual.
If the literature or advertisement is not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s
campaign, the advertisement shall so state. If the advertisement is an independent
expenditure (i.e., an expenditure by a person or political committee, other than a
candidate's campaign committee, that expressly advocates the election or defeat of a
clearly identified candidate, that is made without cooperation or consultation or at the
request or suggestion of any candidate or committee or agent of the candidate) by a
political committee, the advertisement shall also state the names and telephone numbers
of the three political committees making the largest contributions to the political
committee that paid for the advertisement. If an acronym is used to identify any political
committee, the name of any sponsoring organization of the political committee must also
be identified. The required disclosures must be printed clearly and legibly in a conspicuous manner in the advertisement...."
PS. The Fifth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution reads, in part, "No person shall be ... deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law ..." Therefore we always say, "allegedly" when referring to charges made.

Shanana "Rain" Golden-Bear, Publisher
Desert MessengerQuartzsite's FREE Community Paper
PO Box 3185, Quartzsite, AZ 85359
Quartzsite, Arizona, The Rock Capital of the World!
OK, so what didn't she tell you that happened recently? Well, the meltdown tirade by Police Chief Jeff Gilbert was so disgracefull that he reportedly apologized THREE times - the third as attendees were leaving the building. (And why was Gilbert's attendance necessary at a meeting between local contractors and the newly hired building inspector anyway?)

At this weeks "Coffee with Cops" Gilbert admitted to having a formal complaint filed against him with AZPOST,

conceded to threatening a local pet groomer with arrest for "disorderly conduct" at her own business, bragged about how he will be writing new traffic ordinances for the Town this summer, and said he has a policy of "No drugs, no thugs, and no crime" He went on to define "thugs" as "People who take advantage of people. People who con people. People who swindle people." Gee Jeff, I guess Town Hall should keep your department pretty busy then - oh wait, don't you get paid by those folks to look the other way?

The Quartzsite Senior Center lost a valuable volunteer. Newsletter editor Judy Abbott resigned in frustration after volunteer politics and hypocrisy pushed her to her limit. Abbott had hopes for improvement in cooperation between the volunteers after the recent Senior Center Elections, but was disappointed. Her newsletter will be missed, and we hope that Judy arrives safe and sound to Wyoming.

The wife of a relative of a Yacht Club employee revived a man who suffered an apparent heart attack while dancing with Helen, the owner.

Local emergency response was quickly on the scene. Good job everyone!

Reportedly, The AZ State Board of Cosmetology paid a visit to Deena's Nail Clinic. Or maybe it was the Health Department. Either way...the buzz was that the investigator was displeased.

And that big journalistic vacuum of real news has been filled by a FREE newsletter called "Quartzsite's MINESHAFT". If You don't see it around Town, DEMAND IT!!


  1. Have you noticed how RV dealers buy and destroy markets or slime bag "developers" get their hooks into property and do the same thing but never actually producing anything

    Everyone notices that property owners sell out.. but forget its realestate agents like Cowell and Guthrye who do the selling and help destroy the thing that made Quartzsite unique.. All the while "serving" on the council... serving who is my question.. its not Quartzsite.. But I admit there is some tradition to the whole thing, Cowells brother worked to better Quartzsite for the sex offender drug dealer demographic...

    We don't need realtors on Town Council..

  2. Rain is part of the problem, she needs to take her Oregon plates and go away.....

  3. OMG! Life is full of surprises. Been looking for these 2 (Rain & Star) for awhile. I seriously need to share my thoughts with them. My back is still bleedin' from the stabbing I received from both. They give a whole new meaning to the word "sister". Interesting that they appear to be back together...what drama!!

  4. If you have a story you would like to share, I suggest you contact The Desert Freedom Press. Mrs. Jones will publish almost anything!