Friday, March 12, 2010

"mayor " Huntley prefers felons to "snow birds"?

Is this the view that you want from your patio? It very well could be our future because Police Chief Gilbert, "mayor" Huntley, and the sitting Council appear to envision the construction of 500 bed minimum/medium security facility within the Quartzsite Town limits to be a financial quick fix to the ponzi scheme that has prevailed in recent Council history.

Speaking of ponzi scheme, while the "special" meeting for a discussion only session was just a first step toward replacing seasonal residents with more permanent ones, in typical Quartzsite fashion it was barely posted 24 hours in advance (in accordance with AZ open meetings law).

Huntley reportedly told those attending that he had talked to representatives from the project last week, but for some mysterious reason the item was NOT placed on Tuesday nights meeting agenda.

Who stands to benefit if the prison is built? Mostly the consortium (yes mayor, it's a big word - have someone look it up for you...) of investors and bond holders under the Corplan umbrella.
Potentially, local real estate mogul Barbara Cowell, (the sitting councilwoman who has been recently recalled) might get a juicy commission from the land transfer. Cowell told Parkey "we were going to annex up to Gold Nugget Rd." in reference to the future BLM land AUCTION.

How much land? "We would like to have 300 acres." was the response from James Parkey , owner of Texas based Corplan. And let's not forget that Corplan threw out a thoretical million dollar bone for improvements to the waste water treatment plant that had Alex Taft and the council salivating so eagerly they probably didn't notice Corplan President James Parkey mention that they were perfectly capable of building their own on site plant as an alternative...

But once again, our current leadership has proven incapable of running a simple internet search...

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Time after time, our current council continues to give good cause for replacing them - they are not competent to manage THE PEOPLE"S MONEY!


  1. It'll saves Cowell a lot of travel time... and make a bigger sex offenders and crank distributors voting block... who will be voulnteers at the childrens libray once they've served their time.....

    We can have Town meetings there...cause thats just where Huntly and the others belong

  2. Well, convicted felons lose the right to vote John Doe (along with the right to carry a gun, I believe), which is why our government is making more and more offenses a felony.
    See Washingtons Biggest Crime Problem, The federal government's ever-expanding criminal code is an affront to justice and the Constitution:

    But on the upside, if a prison were to come to Quartzsite, Deena Blythe might finally become a resident!

  3. Well, once again, our illustrious leaders have been caught acting with total disregard for their constituents...On Wednesday afternoon, March 24th, Police Chief Gilbert was schmoozing up prison proponents Parkey and Afeman as he walked them to their cars. At the same time, members of the town council were seen sneaking out the back door (and a quorum may have existed). More back room, closed door corruption! Our current leadership talks about "transparency", what a lie! Open meetings law means nothing to them. They are not doing the peoples business. This prison is a scam and a get rich scheme for those currently in office and the public has spoken loudly that we do not want it here!