Tuesday, June 12, 2012

We ARE broke! That pesky Jade was right...

On May 22nd, during the second (illegal) meeting, 18:42 into the presentation by the town's auditor, he affirms:
"Do to cash shortages in the town's unrestricted funds, cash resources from restricted Highway User Revenue Fund monies have been borrowed. Recent developments from audits of various towns by the State of Arizona Office of the Auditor General have concluded that the loaned HURF monies, Highway User Revenue Fund monies, constitutes the spending which is not allowed under the Arizona Revised Statutes.
In 2007, your Highway User Revenue Fund was paid down, paid off, it was zero. You didn't owe any amount. Nothing was blown from that fund. But in 2008, 2009 and 2010 there were borrowings from the Highway User Revenue Fund which according to new information that were were able to acquire from the Auditor General is they consider that spending. If you've blown it, they consider it spending. Ok? The fund balance remains the same because we didn't spend the fund balance, but we loaned some out, some of the cash out and the Auditor General has taken the stand that's spending and that's not allowed. and if it's not a use, a proper use of Highway User Revenue Funds...We recommend that you put together a formal plan to find a way to pay that back.
 Gee, isn't that what Foster kept saying last year? They didn't listen to him, did they?


  1. The Desert Freedom PressJune 12, 2012 at 11:49 PM

    In other words, the town manager supplanted funds, naughty, naughty Alex!Funny the town was financially solvent before Ms. Taft, and thanks to her and Dan, we are now millions in the hole and the council allowed it to happen. This is one time when there's no satisfaction in being right.

  2. The truth is NOBODY really listens to Ed. We need a mayor with leadership skills. Unfortunately, Ed is all we have for now.

    1. This mess would have been cleaned up a long time ago if there was a more credible person in office. It looks like it might be going somewhere now, though. It seems like other folks are working very hard in the courts to get the job done.

    2. Ed will get the fame and the glory for getting elected and beating them, like he did the first time he got elected, but Quartzsite will still slowly die with Ed in charge. I mean look at him, he's way over half dead now, how's he going to bring life back to this town?

    3. It inconcevable that you ARE satisfied with the status quo.. thevery deception and unlimited power by some of the Non-elected an current elected conspiritors. They will be held acountable. the FBI DPS and others havent spoken yet but wait.
      Ed's the only one willing to help free us from the gripps of "Maude Taft" and her inforcer "Buggsy Gilbert"

  3. The town allowed it to Why do you think Gilbert, Johnson, Taft and others, are fighting to the last drop to keep the power that enables them to hide matters like funny money spending? lol

  4. Quartzsite is one of the most corrupt town in AZ, and possibly beyond. I stopped my car on a lot in town and was immediately accosted by a man in a truck trying to charge me $10 for trespassing. It was right on the main road! I refused to pay and he said he would call the cops on me. I just drove off and nothing happened. I have heard other horror stories from people who were unfortunate enough to drive through Quartzsite.

  5. You can go to my Web Site ( and find the Ombudsman’s Report on the violations of not only the Open Meetings Laws, but also where they stated that you couldn’t have an “Acting Mayor” like Wes Huntley when they stripped Mayor Elect Ed Foster of his powers granted under the Arizona State Law and Arizona Constitution before he was sworn in as the Mayor of Quartzsite.

    The Town of Quartzsite is deep in debt. $500,000.00 is owed to the HURF Funds that Town Manager Alex Taft was using like a rich uncle to balance her books and keep the public taxpayer in the dark! The latest comes when she has spent $21,000.00 to conduct a witch hunt (voter fraud investigation) via a private firm. Has the Town of Quartzsite violated your rights to privacy by giving privileged information to a private firm and what are they going to do with that information?

    With the corruption from Town Hall, Civil Rights Violations, False and Political Arrest, Theft of Property orchestrated by Quartzsite Police Officers with the knowledge of Chief Jeff Gilbert (see video on our Web Site), Refusal to take Criminal Complaints, along with a Kangaroo Town Court, One must ask the question, no mater what you feel about Mayor Ed Foster, “Would he allow such activities happen on his watch?”

    Keep in mind that the La Paz County Attorney Sam Vederman has just indicted on Criminal Charges sitting Mayor Jose Lizarraga and Vice-Mayor Barbara Cowell for keeping their seats in violation of the Law! How far off are the other sitting Council Members form Criminal Indictments for voting to refuse Mayor Elect Ed Foster and Councilman Elect Mark Orgeron their rightful Seats of Office? I do know that more formal complaints will be filed against Town Attorney Martin E. Brannan with the State Bar of Arizona over his role in this.

    It has been report that Asst-Mgr Al Johnson was quoted as saying, “If we cant get the spotlight off of us we are ALL going to jail”!

    Get the “Truth,” get the “Facts”!

  6. I bet Al Johnson has a pretty mouth in jail!