Friday, June 22, 2012

U.S. Department of Justice opens Quartzsite investigation

Ms. Maria Rios is a Deputy U.S. Attorney General of the Section 5 Division of the Civil Rights Division of the Voting Rights Division of the U.S. Attorney General's Office in Washington D.C.

She has confirmed that she has viewed the Town Code and Town Agenda and Minutes of June 4, 2012 which caused the Voting Rights Act Department to begin a review of Quartzsite's apparent failure to submit a voting-related ordinance now known as Town Code 2.1.10 (aka Ordinance 09-15) for preclearance prior to implementation by the Town of Quartzsite.

This failure to submit appears to be cummulative by three town attorneys 1) Dan Field Town Attorney-Manager, 2009, Field is now La Paz County Administrator, 2) Pam Walsma Town Attorney, 2009-2011, Walsma has a continuing relationship doing legal services through April 2012 or longer for the Town of Quartzsite, 3) Martin Brannan, 2011 to present being Town Attorney/Prosecutor/Parliamentarian.

The Ordinance (09-15/aka Town Code 2.1.10) was a basis used to determine the eligibility of candidates for elective office in this recent 2012 election cycle (and perhaps even prior elections since 2009 when the ordinance was enacted).  Mike  Roth, Steve Bennett, and Jim Loyd of Quartzsite were previously refused opportunity to be on the ballot for elective office by the Town about two years ago, pre-emptively via the administrative-side of the Town (not the Council) as an earlier administrative-implementation of this Town Ordinance.

The ordinance was more publicly 'implemented' by and through the June 4, 2012 meeting of the governing body of Quartzsite, as it was mentioned in an Agenda item (3x) for the meeting as a measurement by which the Town would be "qualifying" / judging the recently elected persons for office, which did occur immediately after the Town canvassed the May 15, 2012 election in the same meeting.

Council member-elects, Workman and Orgeron, and Mayor-elect Foster were judged, after an executive session was held regarding each of them under this Town Code, and subsequently two of the three were disqualified. The motion to disqualify Foster and Orgeron were non-specific, the ACTUAL REASON was not disclosed in the motion, however, later the town manager and others have claimed Foster owed a debt and that was the basis for his not being qualified to run for office at the time he filed his candidacy for Mayor (back in the primary nomination period of Nov-Dec 2011). It was not a violation of federal law to pass the ordinance, only to implement it without "preclearance".

 Maria Rios
 "Section 5"
Department of the Voting Section
Civil Rights Division
Room 7254 - NWB
Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Ave., N.W.
Washington, DC 20530

Title 28: Judicial Administration
Subpart A—General Provisions
§ 51.13 Examples of changes.

Changes affecting voting include, but are not limited to, the following examples:

(g) Any change affecting the eligibility of persons to become or remain candidates, to obtain a position on the ballot in primary or general elections, or to become or remain holders of elective offices.


  1. Wonderful Story Jade! I don’t think that Alex’s Crystal Ball saw this coming and can the Citizens of Quartzsite demand Martin Brannan’s pay back for bad Legal Advice? Are they prepared to face all the different departments that the DOJ oversees? As I see it, Town Hall will be facing a school of Piranha (DOJ) during a feeding frenzy before this is all over with!

    Do these IMHO, Idiots understand that they are facing years in a Federal Prison for all the shit they have put you and others? All I have to say to them is one thing, “Got Soap On A Rope?”

    Get the “Truth,” get the “Facts”!

  2. Dan Field is the scumbag that did this to keep me from running for office. The crooks on town council and Dan Field did this immediately after I lost my super close election to The Board of Supervisors. They like to claim this was to stop Steve Bennett but he had already made a deal with Devil Dan Field that he would resign as mayor and his ginormous tax debt to the town would simply vanish. Since then anyone they don't like has been stopped from running by Alex Taft. This recent election is the first time they disqualified someone AFTER they won their election. Don't worry about Dan Field. Holly Irwin and John Drum conspired to get him into the County Administrator position so they could suck 20 Million Dollars out of the taxpayer wallets over the Yakima debacle. Every citizen that has sat on their hands and did nothing, or was in bed with these criminals during these past five years deserves this government and the higher taxes that are coming from the pending lawsuits!

  3. I observed Lukkasson Complaint against Mayor Elect Ed Foster was not properly formatted, but that he was IMHO lame brained enough to call attention to himself and the Town of Quartzsite by sending a copy to the U.S. Attorney too!

    There is no doubt in my mind that we will see the John Prutch Vs Town of Quartzsite being review by the U.S. Attorney along with all the other Civil Rights Complaints. One only has to remember that when it comes to the Fed’s, they are always fighting for funding so it is only a matter of time before other D.O.J. Divisions will jump upon the Quartzsite Band Wagon!

    So can we say that Jerry Lukkasson may have single handedly caused the sinking of the Cabals boat? With the wide reaching Criminal Activity from Town Hall, it is only a matter of time before one of them will see the light and is the first to turn States Evidence and ask for “Immunity” and to be placed into the “Federal Witness Protection Program”! I’m putting my money on Martin E. Brannan as (cause I want to see Gilbert meet Bubba) he has the most to lose…

    Get the “Truth,” get the “Facts”!

  4. Nobody is going to turn state's evidence. They're all too stooopid. They'll go down with the ship!

    BTW, who is the guy running for Sheriff that used to be El Jeffe's boss @ CRIT? If he wins, then God help us all!

  5. Ken "Packy" Schwab, even God may not be able to save us from El Jeffy's mentor.

  6. Why do they call him "Packy"?