Saturday, September 4, 2010

Gov. Brewer defends private prisons despite recent escape by 3 murderers!

According to the AZ Republic "The escape of three inmates from an Arizona prison will bring sweeping changes to the privately run facility near Kingman and could alter the way the state's prison system handles dangerous criminals in years to come."

John McCluskey, Tracy Province and Daniel Renwick escaped July 31 with  help from Casslyn Welch. The Associated Press reported "Authorities say the accomplice to an Arizona fugitive was acting as a drug mule for white supremacists before she helped him escape from prison. Mohave County sheriff's spokeswoman Trish Carter said Friday that officials at the state prison in Kingman were randomly checking vehicles in the parking lot in June when they discovered marijuana and heroin in Casslyn Mae Welch's vehicle. Welch was visiting her fiance and cousin, John McCluskey, at the time. Welch wasn't immediately arrested while deputies investigated further. But she's now charged with six narcotics violations after being tied to the escape of McCluskey and two other inmates July 31. Authorities say Welch threw wire cutters over a prison fence to help the men get out."

Even the warden has resigned in disgrace. This is all too little, too late for the grieving friends and family of Gary and Linda Haas. McCluskey and Welch were sought in connection with the deaths of the Tecumseh, Oklahoma couple. Their bodies were discovered Aug. 4 in the charred remains of their RV near Santa Rosa, N.M. The dogs belonging to the couple were the only witnesses to the crime. They were found by investigators after spending two days in the desert.The Haas' truck was later found in Albuquerque.Yet our tax and spend Governor wants to shirk her duty to keep Arizonans safe by continuing to support private prisons!

"Gov. Jan Brewer has said that she remains confident in the ability of private prisons to house certain inmates but that only the "most serious" maximum-security offenders need to be held in public facilities."

Daniel Renwick was taken into custody after an early morning shoot out with police, ironically, in Rifle, Colorado.  Renwick had been serving a 22-year sentence for second-degree murder

Tracy Province was apprehended in Meeteetse, Wyoming after being identified mowing the lawn of a community church in exchange for $40 and a jacket. Province was serving a life sentence for murder and robbery

White supremacists McCluskey and Welch were captured in a campground in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest, only 300 miles from the prison after a three week manhunt that made them two of the most wanted fugitives in the nation.

When he escaped, McCluskey was serving a 15-year sentence for second-degree murder, aggravated assault and discharge of a firearm. "The state's method for determining which inmates are housed in minimum, medium and maximum levels was designed after the notorious 1978 escape from Florence of Gary Tison and Randy Greenawalt. Their escape led to a 13-day crime spree and eight deaths."

Does anyone still remember the family murdered near Quartzsite by the Tison gang?

Democrats appear to have have seized on the publicity by opposing private prisons with sudden enthusiasm. A savvy political maneuver, because Gov. Jan Brewer’s campaign chairman and policy adviser is also a lobbyist for the largest private prison company in the country. Perhaps it's because that same private prison company has the contact to incarcerate illegals rounded up by Brewer's SB1070? Caroline Isaacs from the American Friends Service Committee, which advocates for social justice issues, says "private prison companies have been buying influence in Arizona politics for years. The number of private prisons and jails operating across the state shows the result of that influence". See:"Brewer Linked To Private Prisons Housing Illegal Immigrants - New Questions Raised About Lobbyist Advice"
Democrats, just say no to Terry Goddard, who refused to investigate our corruption because of  "budget" concerns! Republicans, say no to Brewer and everyone please, vote for Barry Hess!


  1. This is why I was very vocal at the meeting Wes Huntley and his gang of thugs at town council, where they tried to shove a private/public prison down our throats. Fortunately Wes got voted out, now we need to vote out the rest of the council that was all for this stupid idea, an attempt at trying dig this town out of the fiscal hole it has dug for itself. Listen up Quartzsite town council, we are on to you and we are going to remove you from office. Your attempts at smearing Ed Foster will backfire, we will make sure of it. Not that I think Ed is some kind of a genius, he's not. In fact, I disagree with him on most things political. But you let Wes Huntley run over the rights of individuals for simply speaking, and you let Jeff Gilbert be the strongarm thug behind all of this, and you have the nerve to attack a man who won his election fair and square just because you don't like him. THE RECALLS WILL CONTINUE UNTIL WE GET A TOWN COUNCIL THAT UNDERSTANDS THE CONSTITUTION AND THE BILL OF RIGHTS. (End of rant)

  2. Corrupt public officials whine about the modest cost of recalls, while defending the exponentially larger cost of their own actions. Did you see Jeffy lie to the townspeople at that ad hoc lynch mob? And yes, I'm in possession of documents that prove that statement is a FACT. I will be introducing EVERYTHING into evidence in court, then we will see what kind of stories Jeffy and Alex and Pam can fabricate to justify the claims they made that are now documented on video and audio ROFLMAO!!! You would think they would have learned the first time around with the illegal search of my home and the false citation of which I was acquitted...I didn't cave in, pay it and run...I just viewed that bogus ticket as their desire to make me STAY in Quartzsite. And I beat them because they broke the law, not me. I will beat them again, and again, and again...Sadly, nothing has changed in over two years except more attempts at them trying to cover up their unlawful actions. All this nonsense and ad hoc BS are just a feeble attempt to misdirect the public's attention away from their own unethical behavior. I figured the Town would be smart enough to answer my complaint, and make my attorney an offer to keep my evidence off the court record, but I guess they really want to keep me around and fight it out to the bitter end. I will take great pleasure in that, because I truly believe it's going to get much worse before it gets better, but when I win, maybe Jan Brewer can get Jeffy and the other defendants a nice cozy deluxe cell in one of her pals private "resorts"!
    And to think I was considering retiring somewhere else! I guess they want me to stay in Q and run for council as much as my customers do!!!

  3. I'd like to thank Chief Gilbert for the added publicity he's giving to this blog. Great plug ad the "Ad Hoc" Jeff! Readership is way up and getting bigger every week. Maybe, I'll start a free newspaper for La Paz County, now that it's apparent the citizens prefer hard hitting news to benign drivel! With all those vendors returning soon, I would be willing to give away ad space for free, if the advertiser would sign a contract not to advertise in Rain's paper. I have several interested investors lined well as writers!

  4. Hey, didn't Big John and the Desert Star prove that you don't even need a Quartzsite licence to publish a free paper there?

  5. Hey AR, I want to start a newspaper as well. Let's combine forces. Call me 928-927-8888

  6. How safe are we under the leadership of Chief (Make No Report) Jeff Gilbert if we had a private prison on the outskirts of Quartzsite? I for one would have a hard time dealing with the remains of a mother holding her 2-year-old child in her arms after being cut to pieces by a shotgun! How about you?

    I have talked with a growing number of people that have left or are in the process of leaving Quartzsite because of their fears of the QPD and Chief Jeff Gilbert. I have been told of people seeing the Town Manager Alex Taft riding not only in QPD vehicles but with the Quartzsite Code Officer through the RV parks here in Quartzsite. Bet you dollars to donuts that she is up to no good and these parks are being targeted.

    I for one can’t wait to see the videos of our QPD in action on the National News channels as they make their investigative reports on police corruption. Have any of you noticed a growing presents in Quartzsite and the people with high-end video cameras in action? Like all productions, it takes time to edit the hours and hours of tape to come up with that shocker that a bad cop didn’t know was being filmed until it is too late. Is it true that the Arizona State Attorney Generals Office in investigating two city Chief of Police? Is Chief Jeff Gilbert low man on the totem pole before he is added to the list? Time will tell…

  7. Yea DW, I've got hours of video left to edit but I found a solution to that problem. I opened an acct. with a website that streams live video in real time, Anyone that feels threatened by Jeffy and Alex can stop by this winter and I'll show them how to set up a similar surveillance system. You can even watch it on your phone! Smile're on candid camera! I wonder what kind of evidence he's going to give me this season. He's become so popular on the web!

  8. How is the Attorney General running for Governor going to look before November when the problems of Quartzsite are placed in campaign adds showing how much he doesn’t care about the little people of Arizona? How is he going to act when the news hounds fire up their cameras and ask the tuff questions?

  9. I knew Gary Tison and worked with him in the Prison walls as associate editor of the El Saguaro.(he was the Editor) a prison newspaper..I lived with him in a dorm...I also Knew Tony Serra and Randy well as Charles Schmid a friend of mine before he wa convicted and sentenced to death for the murder of Eileen Rowe...(which was subsequently oveturned to a life sentence) I know the men who murdered him Sneeky Pete and hisPartner Dirty Dennis..(prison Monikers) anyone with questions can feel free to contact me