Thursday, September 2, 2010

Brewer chokes - Barry Hess wins "Clean Elections" debate!

As yesterday's soundbites and brain farts from the televised debate for the AZ Governor's office are replayed across the National evening news, one thing became clear, Republican Jan Brewer choked BIG TIME! A quick internet search for "Jan Brewer debate" results in an amusing array of descriptions; "cringe worthy", "meltdown", "train wreck", just to name a few.
In a surprising turn of events, morning talk radio was buzzing about Barry Hess!
 KFYI mp3 podcast
Not surprising to me, of course, as I've already perused his website;

Brewer was harshly criticized for immigration fear mongering at the expense of jobs and the sorry state of Arizona's economy.. "Brewer has failed to take decisive action to create jobs and should have lawmakers in special session right now to craft stimulative tax relief", Democrat Terry Goddard claimed. "This is an emergency." "The recession, not the immigration law, should be the focus of the campaign, stated Libertarian candidate Barry Hess  "It's not the issue when ... people are out of work."

OMG! Did Jan Brewer just say "there but for the grace of God I arrived"? Yup!


  1. Go Barry Hess
    Go David Nolan
    It's time to stop electing professional politicians
    It's time to stop voting for the lesser of two evils! The two party system sucks!!!!
    Vote Barry Hess for Governor and vote David Nolan for Senator!!!!

  2. Don't worry Michael, I'm voting for Hess and Nolan. Hopefully, next spring, the good citizens of Quartzsite will vote for ME as their next Town Councilperson!!!

  3. You've got my support! Anyone who fights tyranny deserves to win!

  4. Thanks! Everyone knows what an aggressive campaigner you are. Having your support would be invaluable. I've been on a shopping spree this summer, buying a "political" wardrobe so I could properly represent the community that has stood behind me all these years. I figure "If you can't beat 'em...join 'em!" Besides, the police and town manager serve at the will of the Council, and it would be fitting to have Jeffy and Alex working for me instead of against me!!!

  5. I work for freedom and liberty, and I work hard at it. What saddens me is that some people see my actions as wrong because I do not support the current crop of politicians that think it's ok to violate peoples rights, just because they are in the majority. This is mob rule, or tyranny of the majority. What I pray for is the day when Americans everywhere ALL have the same rights guaranteed to us by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. So if you'll guarantee the lowliest person in town the same rights afforded Jeff Gilbert, you have my vote. If you neglect this I'll sign your recall and ask 100 people to do the same. I guess this makes me aggressive!

  6. interested outsiderSeptember 3, 2010 at 6:36 PM

    Some might argue that it makes you a patriot!