Saturday, May 15, 2010

Residents? Opposition candidates investigated!

Russell Sias' rent receipt, as provided to La Paz County investigators on Monday, 5/10/10 

I smell desperation in the air, do you? In a last ditch effort to disqualify opposition candidates Chaunce Hamilton and Russell Sias, someone has filed a ridiculous complaint that they were not Quartzsite residents. Since misinformation is constantly being disseminated about when or if you are an AZ resident, this seems like as good a time as any to discuss the issue.

Last Monday, investigator Frank Haws of the La Paz County Prosecutor's Office made a special trip down to Quartzsite. He questioned both Chaunce Hamilton and Russell Sias about how long they had been Quartzsite residents. 

Chaunce and Doris Hamilton, "own and have operated 'Rice Ranch' for the last 23 years. This is land which has been in the family for over 65 years!" They live on site, in the home at the south east side of the property. Chaunce's non residency allegation would be laughable if it were not so totally pathetic. I guess someone didn't bother to read his campaign flier!

Russell Sias had no problem producing an annual receipt for "Split Rail",  the Quartzsite RV park that he and Susan lived in for several years before accepting the management position at Crawford's. (see photo at top of post) and in addition to his AZ drivers license and vehicle registration, Sias also has membership receipts for the Rock and Gem Club. "I have no interest in getting involved in Quartzsite politics!" Investigator Haws exclaimed emphatically, as he thanked Sias for his cooperation in clearing up the matter.

And while we're on the subject of residency, it seems that Police Chief Jeff Gilbert, is a  "4 year" resident of 3120 Newport Dr., Lake Havasu City, AZ,,%20Lake%20Havasu%20City,%20AZ&g=name_pipl_scd_state01#:1833172127:1833172057

but Gilbert is registered to vote at 450 N. Pilgrim Pl. in Quartzsite, a property owned by Lowell and Beth Williams (the County Magistrate, Quartzsite Division). This is especially fascinating because according to Councilwoman Barbara Cowell of Arizona Westcoast Realty (the agent) in her Desert Messenger ad (Vol. 6, issue # 108) that particular listing (#38013) has "never been lived in"! Perhaps realizing that the proverbial cat was out of the bag, that phrase was removed from Councilwoman Cowell's subsequent ad (current issue Vol 6 #109). I challenge the police chief to produce at least a utility bill in his name for that address.

The Gilbert's previous home (Rainbow Acres, lot #405 APN 302-32-422) was purchased from Leonard and June Davis on7-27-06, and sold to Joseph Merchant on 2-26-09. Rainbow Acres residents are not part of Quartzsite and therefore not eligible to vote, but a reliable source insists that Police Chief Gilbert was registered to vote while living there ...he reportedly just used the Quartzsite zip code.

Then, on 2-11-10, Jeff and Sondra purchased lots 6 and 7 (on W. Cowell) in the Palo Fiero sub division from former council candidate Eric Larson . Both properties are unoccupied, and have an unfinished home on them. They were allegedly purchased by Gilbert at a substantial discount (after at least one visit by the Police Chief and Building Official, Al Johnson).

Last, and certainly least, the alleged non residency of former candidate Deena Blythe has yet to be resolved. Perjury charges apparently stemming from her application for candidacy have not been dropped, as Blythe predicted. She is due back in the La Paz County Superior Court for a pre trial hearing on June 14th.

So what does the law say about residency? Well, it depends on whether you want to be a resident of Arizona or not. If you move in to Quartzsite on Monday morning, you can go to the MVD on Monday afternoon to change your drivers license and vehicle registration, then drive over to the County Recorder's Office and register to vote. If you don't want to become an Arizona resident, then I advise you to read the following definitions very carefully:

Resident Definition - According to MVD

State law requires that you obtain an Arizona vehicle registration and driver license, immediately if any of the following applies. If you:

  • Work in Arizona (other than for seasonal agricultural work) –or–
  • Are registered to vote in Arizona –or–
  • Place children in school without paying the tuition rate of a nonresident –or–
  • Have a business that has an office in Arizona, and that bases and operates vehicles in this state –or–
  • Obtain a state license or pay school tuition fees at the same rate as an Arizona resident –or–
  • Have a business that operates vehicles to transport goods or passengers within Arizona –or–
  • Remain in Arizona for a total of 7 months or more during any calendar year, regardless of your permanent residence.
Out-of-state students enrolled with 7 or more semester hours, are not considered Arizona residents, regardless of employment.
Active duty military personnel based in Arizona who qualify for exemption under the Service Members Civil Relief Act of 2003 are not considered Arizona residents

Resident Definition - According to A. R. S. Title 43, tax code
43-104. "Definitions"

19. "Resident" includes:
(a) Every individual who is in this state for other than a temporary or transitory purpose.
(b) Every individual who is domiciled in this state and who is outside the state for a temporary or transitory purpose. Any individual who is a resident of this state continues to be a resident even though temporarily absent from the state.
(c) Every individual who spends in the aggregate more than nine months of the taxable year within this state shall be presumed to be a resident. The presumption may be overcome by competent evidence that the individual is in the state for a temporary or transitory purpose.

(Editor: There is no legal definition for "temporary" or "transitory" anywhere in Title 43.)

Voter Registration Requirements - According to AZ Secretary of State

Q: What are the qualifications to register to vote?
  • Must be a Citizen of the United States of America
  • Must be a resident of Arizona
  • Must be 18 years of age or more on or before the day of the next regular General Election
  • Must not be a convicted felony, unless your civil rights have been restored
  • Must not been adjudicated incompetent


  1. Interesting, an annual rent receipt for Russell Sias? Have you looked at many of the RV and Mobile Parks who have annual tenants? The majority pay 12 months so they can LEAVE their trailers in one place and for a good fee so that they do not have to remove it after season and find a place to store them. You also have to pay your electric bill monthly whether you live year-round, or not. An annual rental receipt is not proof that someone actually resides here year-round. If someone has been here year-round, they would also have an Arizona Driver's License and a local (Quartzsite) Voter's Registration. Did he produce those to show proof of Quartzsite citizenship?

    I remember Sias at the 'Meet the Candidates' talking about he could call in "telephonically" (his words) for Town Meetings for the times (months?) he is not here.

    We came for many winters and rented annually for the same reason so we did not have to pull out and store our trailer somewhere. It saves a lot of money when you are only here for part of the year. We did this for many years until we decided to move here year-round.

    We are also members of the Gem and Rock Club. Yes, those are annual fees, but the majority of members leave when season ends also. Are you aware that the Gem and Rock Club is only open November through March? It is completely closed for the rest of the year. Same for the QIA.

    As far as Hamilton, just because he owns and runs Rice Ranch and it was in his family for decades, does not mean he lives here year-round. Rice Ranch only operates in the winter snowbird season for the vendors who come to town. It is one of the facts that Hamilton is upset on paying for the water and sewage - that Rice Ranch is only open or leased for just a few months out of the year. And at the 'Meet the Candidates', Hamilton was noticed by everyone there that he could not even remember (let alone answer) the SAME question that was asked of several candidates before him. I do not know him or of him, and am not in judgement of him personally, but someone running for a public office should be aware, awake, and mindful of questions asked. Then answer the specific question not ramble on another unrelated subject as we all heard him do.

  2. Moore BS from someone who has no stake in Quartzsite beside a run dun piece of metal on wheels...funny how you mention that Sias has an arizona drivers license and vehicle registration...he must have just got it, cause everyone knows he's been driving around with MONTANA plates..lets see if you print a dated receipt to show when he did that! How come he only registered to vote when he took out papers to run for council! talk about desperation, you people are so full of lies..and deception it is pitiful! You will fail miserably!

  3. Potential candidates should not be penalized because they take a legislatively permitted summer vacation somewhere cooler for a few weeks.

    43-104. "Definitions"
    (b) Every individual who is domiciled in this state and who is outside the state for a temporary or transitory purpose. Any individual who is a resident of this state continues to be a resident even though temporarily absent from the state.

    We need to get into the 21st century and use video/teleconferencing like successful corporations do. Limiting our choice of leaders to the handful of people that aren't smart enough to think of these forward concepts is probable how we ended up almost 5 million in debt. Sias does not have a home somewhere else, he resides here in (gasp!) a 5th wheel trailer.

    You say you moved here "year round", but emailed your comment from northern CA. Are you registered to vote in Quartzsite, somewhere else, or not at all?

    Rice Ranch is not closed and still has one vendor, even this late in the season. If you were here, you might know that. They have to pay dearly for unoccupied spaces with unused hookups instead of being charged for actual usage by the gallon. And Chaunce, like the other RV Park owners is justifiably upset at the lopsided increase in rates they received, while Bob Kelley secured a deal for Q Mountain sub division so thay they will not have any increase for 5 years! He has invested his life savings in this Town and could lose it all.

    In media relations, I advise people not to answer the question they are asked, but to answer the question they should have been asked, if the interviewer was smart. It was Chaunce's turn to speak in a very rigid forum, and he said what was important to him. He spoke candidly in a relaxed forum at "Meet your candidates". You should have been there.

  4. No one mentioned one cannot take a vacation, AR. But, a rental receipt paying for a year does not mean that one actually stays here year-round. Many temporary people (partial year visitors) would rather pay annually since it cost much less than taking out your trailer (your words, gasp, a fifth wheeler) and putting it into storage. It costs a lost less. This is what we did for many years. Sias did not offer the real proof which would be his Quartzsite District Voter's Registration and an Arizona Driver's License. If he had done that, there would be NO question. He did not do that. I am not against telephonic meetings (when absolutely needed as in a vacation for a week or two), but when there is no REAL proof of Quartzsite Voter Registration or an Arizona Driver's License, then telephonic meetings for several months in a row would be wrong. Running for office would be wrong, period.

    And, by the way, AR, how do you know what you said above about Sias, are YOU, Sias? He is a blogger as we have noticed.

    For clarification sake, we do not live in Northern California, we live here, and are not transmitting from there. This or any comment we have blogged here are from Quartzsite, where our home is and where we have been voter registered in Quartzsite for some time now. Are you registered?

    Well, if you think you have all of these tools to figure out where private bloggers are, let me tell you, you are in dire need of an IT person. You not only are trying to invade privacy issues over the internet, but you are also very incorrect and way off base. We are smiling as we say this, we are all here, live here permanently, and are proud, private citizens of Quartzsite, entrenched here, vote here, and blog here.

  5. The blogger never said that Rice Ranch was closed for any period of time, what was said was that Rice Ranch was seasonal. Whether there is one renter left is moot.

    Haven't you ever heard of "absentee ownership"?
    It happens all of the time. I would assume that is why the owners of Crawford's hired a manager, don't you?

    Having one renter, does not require a lot of management, especially by an owner. I will be surprised to see how quickly certain opposing people magically disappear soon out of Quartzsite after the vote tomorrow, and go back to their homes.

    Has anyone looked at the water/sewage rate sheets available at the Town Hall? For RV Parks, in particular, there are rates for 6 months at a time or annual, your personal choice. You can also shut off (for a fee) for any period of time with a small reconnect fee. And, Hamilton is complaining about that? No one else has that ability, not the snowbirds who pay property taxes here year-round and pay for the utilities year-round. And, Hamilton complains?

    I was also at the "Meet Your Candidates". The emcee specifically said the same question would be asked of each candidate so that the public could fairly reason the answers for each topic equitably to help determine their choice. Hamilton was lost in his world, it was quite evident. Many chuckled in the audience, they should not have. Hamilton is elderly and not as sharp as he used to be and it was quite noticeable. He was reminded not once, but twice to answer the question. Hamilton also asked the emcee to repeat the question again, it was obvious he did not remember it even though he was several people down who had answered the same question over and over again. His words that he was trying to utter did not answer the question at all. All he was saying was repeating what he had on his bio sheet, nothing more. At this meeting before the last election, where all of the candidates were present at the same time, Hamilton looked very out-of-place and forgetful, not candid. I was there as many other townsfolk were. I wish he had presented himself better, he did not. The blogger above also stated earlier in that same reply that he or she was there at that meeting.

  6. I think you guys were both at "Meet THE Candidates" in March, but not at "Meet YOUR Candidates", which was held every Tuesday from 4pm to 6pm at Crawford's Trailer Park. The incumbents were all invited, but must have been scared to risk such an informal Q&A session. Nothing was off limits... Chaunce is a little hard of hearing, but not at all as you suggest "lost in his world". All four opposition candidates showed up, and Chaunce did a very good job of answering questions, at least when I was there. I didn't know Chaunce or Doris until recently, but they are both charming and full of fire. If you guys had used the contact info that was provided on their flyer and talked to them one on one like I did, you'd know that. Huntley couldn't even READ his questions in March let alone answer them!!! And when I asked him a simple question about the budget at meet the incumbents, he answered with "I don't understand the question." But then again, when he was trying to explain that solar project that has been REMOVED from the Worley Parsons website...Huntley couldn't even explain how hot air rises!!! He said "I don't really understand how this thing works." Apparently he doesn't get that we can't provide the water for it either.

  7. ROFLMAO! Jerry wasn't registered to vote here when seated to council. HIS BUSINESS IS CLOSED FOR THE SEASON. Bet he goes home after tomorrow. You guys crack me up. Get a life!

  8. Since Sias is only a manager at Crawford's RV Park, has he gotten "permission" to host opposing political functions there, and weekly? I wonder if those absentee owners, the Gislers (in OR), know of this? Others that reside there are worried of the negativity around them and could not get police there when they need them. They do not feel safe there at all with all of this rogue politicing going on. Since certain rogue types have threatened the police to never enter there, people are afraid the opposing reformists would block the police from coming in when needed. How safe can any citizen be when the police who are sworn to serve the public to keep it safe and from harm, are threatened by a certain group of trouble-makers?

  9. Let's get back to the topic of this blog, which is Sias. Where is HIS proof of a voter's registration (to vote specifically in Quartzsite) that would show he registered here for a year or more when he applied to run for office in Quartzsite?

  10. I believe that Mr.Gisler is the one who paid to advertise the forum. Russell's tenants were the ones complaining about the police shining the spotlight in their widows at all hours of the night. No one threatened the police to "never" enter there, the police were asked not to trespass on private property unless they were called. Sorry "Anonymous, but again you have wasted everyone's time with your empty rhetoric and unsubstantiated rumors.

  11. I do not believe that an 'absentee owner' would ever allow such a one-sided thing. It will be checked out. Politics are never acceptable in a public place. And, no, AR, you are wrong, there have been complaints by others there at Crawford's who do not belong to the opposing (reformist) group, and who do not like being in a place where they do not feel safe because of a political forum (anyone's) where they live!

  12. And, by the way, they are Crawford's RV Park's tenants, not Russell's, he is only their manager, not the owner.

    Possibly some tenants complained since they were on the reform groups side which were threatening the police, but others do not feel that they rented a safe harbor living there. Their "quiet enjoyment" by landlord/tenant statutes have been violated.

  13. Compliments, contributors, on an excellent and well-written discourse. I lived in Quartzsite back when it was still fun and now thank God every day that 1. I had the Q experience; and 2. that I no longer live there.

    I can't WAIT for tomorrow morning's results!

  14. For the record, I am not Sias (but I've stated more than once that I am not a current candidate).

    If any of Crawford's tenants are unhappy about the police presence not waking them up, they are free to tell the park manager(they haven't).

    Meet the Incumbents" was intentionally "one sided". Meet Your Candidates was only "one sided" because the incumbents chose not to attend (they were invited).

    Crawford's is private, not public property so they can host whatever functions they please.

    There is nothing in ARS Title 33 CH 19 that states a "guest" of an RV park is entitled to "quiet enjoyment".

    To our most recent visitor - welcome! Come again!

  15. AR, I agree that Crawford's is a 'private' park to those that live there. Yet, the clubhouse or whatever you want to call it is a "common area" so designated, therefore, a public area for them. Once you bring in a political forum, it is not a private party-type of function per-se, it becomes a public forum (anyone interested -living there or not- was invited). A paying tenant is not a guest, they are a tenant, and tenants have complained that their "quiet enjoyment" of their domicile was violated.

    And, if the so-called park manager is in the middle or leading the opposing group, they may feel intimidated or possibly even frightened to report a violation to him when he and his group are the perpetrators of that act?

  16. AR, you forgot to mention that Lukkason registered to vote within days of Sias, but nobody was seen asking him for proof. Foster knew it too but wouldn't use it against him in the campaign.

  17. AR, I have noticed you using ''. You said Jerry Lukkason showed up in Prescott. IF you do your due diligence, correctly that is, you would have used his legal middle initial "L", and you would have seen he is listed under Quartzsite, and Prescott isn't even mentioned.

    There is one Bill Moore in Quartzsite, but since there are two Bill Moores, we will not know which one it really is, right?

    By the way, I looked up Hamilton, Sias and Foster...NONE are in Quartzsite...isn't that curious? We checked our own and others, we are all listed here, even one name given to me who registered to vote here and got a driver's license this year (2010) was listed here in Quartzsite. And, as I noticed, the nomination applications were stamped December, 2009 (which means they also had to have been registered here for one year prior to their application) and those in the opposing group (Sias, Hamilton and Foster) are not listed as here in Quartzsite at all. If you have another home (or two, or three, etc.) it does not matter. If you are registered here, Quartzsite should be listed and other addresses could be listed as previous cities whether you still own it (them) or not or whether you split some time at the other(s). Previous cities are just that, but if you are registered here, have a driver's license here, Quartzsite would be listed. There is nothing wrong with owning or renting another home but you can only call one specific address for voting at the local voter's polling station. Quartzsite would, therefore, be listed as one of the cities.

    Now, I will not say there couldn't be errors in 'information gathering' on the Internet, but it is curious that all 3 possibly 4 opposing candidates Sias, Hamilton, Foster and maybe Moore) are not listed in Quartzsite.

  18. Oh, and I forgot...When we were at "meet the incumbents", Jerry said something like "we miss our home in Prescott, we've been here so long this time". Now I can't be sure about the EXACT wording AR, because Jerry stopped us at the door with our recorder and said it was "park rules" that we couldn't use it in the clubhouse. It sure would've made for a lot less "plausible deny ability" if the alleged tape of that evening were to have surfaced... Then you could all hear Huntley tell a whopper when he said the solar project with all those jobs would be "completed in two years". Truth is that they have to do an "environmental impact study" first - just to get permission!!! This is not my opinion, but straight from the Federal freaking website!!! IF this thing ever gets built HERE, then it will come to late. The same for the hotel, I think.

    And since even the "absentee owner" of Greasewood defers to my legal knowledge of AZ landlord tenant law...I can guarantee you anonymous that AR is correct. TITLE 33 only guarantees a "fit premises" and due process, etc.. If you have buddies that live at Crawford's "in fear" then maybe they should move in with you. Since you seem to have your nose firmly planted up Jeffy's ass, I'm sure they'll all be safe there!!! The law seems pretty clear that guests are able to take there business elsewhere. Or maybe your pals can't move their trailers because they aren't tagged here? MINE ARE!!!

  19. My, my, little lady, vigilante vendor, you sure seem upset. The Gislers, the owners of Crawford's, are being questioned on how a manager, Sias, takes over a common area, for all renters and their guests, and has opposing reform meetings there, certainly not representing the entire town, rather subversive, I believe.

    I never mentioned 'buddies' (your words), I mentioned complaints. The law on any level would represent all who live there, not one group or the other, but all.

    Again, the rest of your blog reply only speaks of hearsay, first or second person. We are all tired of the rumors and hearsay, just empty words, no substance.

    And, you mentioned on a blog here that you, Jade, are one of the best pet groomers, pet kennels, etc. in this entire country (here in Quartzsite). What are your credentials? What Industry Awards have you received?

  20. Anonymous,

    First, anyone who posts anonymously is usually the subversive in any honest discussion. Normally, they are the ones in any discussion where they just want to be malicious, and are unwilling to stand up and be counted - like honest people. They are the ones that usually feels free to slander and/or twist facts.

    Why don't you post your name, if you are so convinced, and are not just interested in being an obnoxious ass?

    Please, do follow through and contact whomever you might believe owns Crawford's. Do advise them of your concerns about the fear that you believe the present tenants live under as well, would you? Get back with us on that, will ya?

    As far as using the Crawford's clubhouse for political purposes, as advertised in the Messenger, ALL candidates were free to participate in EVERY public meeting at Crawford's. I even had a chair with their name on it for them - if they had the guts to actually answer questions! Unlike the questions asked in our recent council meetings, by the way!

    Crawford's meetings were, after all, held so that the public could meet ALL candidates and enter into a two-way dialog with them. Well, those candidates that were willing to show up, that is.

    The Crawford's meetings were, UNLIKE the meeting as Lukkasson's, open to ALL candidates. Lukkasson's was published in the Desert Messenger as "JUST FOR incumbents." It did not compare to the meeting held at the Senior Center earlier either, with manufactured questions designed to support the incumbents and discredit those challenging.

    If you really believe that an open discussion with ALL candidates is somehow subversive, then I can't help you, for you do not understand our system of government enough for me to explain in such a limited space as this is.

    Russell Sias,
    Manager, Crawford's Trailer Park

    Oh, one other thing. If you would care to submit the name(s) of those who you are claiming are afraid to stay here, please go ahead and do so. I know how to file a slander suit. So, go ahead, stand up. Be counted -- if you dare.

    FWIW, it was Crawford's tenants that came to me, complaining of Gilbert's cronies spot lighting their homes in the middle of the night. THAT WAS WHY I wrote the letter banning Gilbert and his thugs from the park!

    I haven't had any complaints since I did so. Hmmm? My letter must have solved the fear problem. You suppose? I betcha!

  21. An annual receipt dated Feb. 2008 to Feb. 2009, proving what?

    It only proves that a travel trailer (or the like) was "parked" for 12 months at Split Rail, nothing else. It does not prove that Sias "lived" there for most of those months. We all take vacations, but it is not a vacation when you are gone for months. And, what about since? At "Meet the Candidates" at the Senior Center, we all heard Sias state how proud he was to say that he has lived here as a year-round resident for 3 years now? And, Sias said he could call in 'telephonically' for the months he is not here? Running around with Montana license plates? Something (many things) is (are) not adding up here.

    Many people have paid an annual fee to keep their trailers in one place because they come back every winter here. They are called "snowbirds". It simply costs less leaving them here than moving the trailers around.

    And, we welcome them 'annually' to our lovely Town of Quartzsite! We can't wait until they come back again this Winter so they can see how well we've been doing upgrading Quartzsite this past 7 months or so. Things are looking well.

  22. Some of you people are such idiots, Yes Jeff owns a home in Lake Havasu big deal. No law saying he can't own homes all over the united states. Jeff lives in Qtz and he doesn't have to have a utility bill in his name. He lives there if some of you were as smart as you claim you would know by how fast he responds when shit hits the fan to assist his officers, DUH he's coming out of his residence in QTZ. Not one of you new members and your fan club know what it takes to be a police officer let alone run a department. Ya all get pissy when things don't go your way and what happens when you make all these so called changes and things still don't go your way? Grow up

  23. On $86,000 a year he very well could own multiple homes. That's not the point. The point is whether or not Jeff Gilbert has broken the law, his intent, which law(s) and how many times?

    When an officer takes an oath to uphold the law, then disregards that oath, it creates contempt for the law within the community, and encourages lawlessness as a philosophy. It sets a terrible example for officers serving under his command.

    If Gilbert knowingly applied to vote with a Rainbow Acres street address and a Town zip code, then sold the house and used a magistrate's address to register fraudulently while not living there, used his "color of law" to harass Mr. Larson into selling him property in Town at a discount in order to be legitimate, but then voted a provisional ballot with the wrong address - then he should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. If Gilbert is found guilty of any crime he is not ethically fit to lead the department. Even this appearance of impropriety brings into question the judgment of those who would fight to keep him as Quartzsite Police Chief.

    And any "idiot" would realize that he could respond to the scene just as quickly if he were coming from his office.

  24. Good grieff do you idiots of Q-town have nothing better to do? Must be so much fun to worry about who down there voted with a legal address and who didn't. OMG thats such a crime almost as bad as murder, quick call in the FBI to investigate. None of you have a clue how to run a department, not saying Jeff is the best choice for the job. But REALLY..........REALLY...............REALLY every election year it's the same thing, who can did up the most dirt on who. For once in the towns history can't you people just vote and move on with your livee?

  25. Not murder, you're right, but a level six felony as Jeff well knows. He and Alex Taft conspired together to investigate candidates Sias and Hamilton, as well as target selected registered voters including Vito Austin, Of "Vito's" RV Park. The smear campaign transacted on "company time" and Town letterhead had some help from Rain, of the Desert Messenger you can be assured.