Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Letter of the Day

No this is not a segment on Sesame Street. But Town mismanager Alex Taft might need Cookie Monster's help.

After the incumbent shenanigans at Tuesday's Council meeting, Quartzsite citizen's have been asking how our new mayor is doing in the face of so much hostility. Well, he seems pleased with the fact that he has acquired a new set of stationary, complete with Quartzsite Town letterhead. And he's using it to send Alex a letter a day...

One letter may have asked why certain Town employees were asked to sign confidentiality agreements, and could Taft please give back the contracts, with a letter of apology. Another letter may have inquired as to what documents Al Johnson the building official was witnessed removing by the arm load from Town Hall the other day. (I speculate that shredding them in the office wasn't authorized.)

Mayor Foster is enjoying the prospect of finally getting to the bottom of all those unanswered questions. He feels that there's so many questions that he's instituting a "Letter of the Day" policy in order to live up to Taft's March 23rd statement that "oversight and transparent actions are important to achieve fair and equitable treatment". Maybe Town Hall will become as transparent as Taft's motives in placing those items restricting the powers of the mayor on  the agenda...emergency response my ass!

Do you have a question for the Town mismanager? Please feel free to post it here in the comment section. Maybe Mayor Foster will ask Taft to answer it!


  1. This is a step in the right direction. Hopefully Foster can get to the bottom of the obvious fraud that has been happening in this town. We have lots more work to do here. There are others on this council that need to go. I would say anyone that voted for restricting the mayors powers should be recalled. If some citizens don't like recalls, tough cookies! When the people voted in do the opposite of what their constituents would like to see happen, it's time to leave. NOW, not 4 years from now

  2. Lizzarga was the only one smart enough to abstain, Kelley voted "nay" for the second time I can remember in a long while. Cowell, Winslow and Anderson MUST go for sure! What arrogant idiots they were.

  3. A note of observation from last Tuesdays Town meeting, Councilman Lizzarga showed displeasure and apprehension over the upcoming agenda item on the stripping of powers of the incoming Mayor Foster.

    When he declared that he wished to voice his concerns and objections, he was told (as best that I can remember) that, “He was an elected official and could NOT speak as he wished. Please keep in mind that, that Town meeting was recorded and video taped from a number of people in the public section, so you should have NO problem in getting the exact words spoken.

    The only fly in the ointment comes from the actuality that I have seen over the last 10 years councilman exiting their chairs to step up to the public speakers podium to express their objections, views, and other related items without ever being stopped by the Town Attorney!

    What is it that former Mayor Huntley and the Town Council members are so terrified of from Mayor Foster? What is it that Town Manger Taft is hiding and/or afraid that Mayor Foster will find when he gets an independent outside audit of Quartzsite Town Records? The only answer now is, “Whom will be the first to turn States Evidence to get immunity from prosecution and personal time with Bubba in prison?”

  4. Just curious, at who's expense is this "outside" independent audit?

    And since Foster wants to be a transparent Mayor, who is this licensed independent audit firm that he will be using?

  5. Isn’t that putting the cart before the horse? Before you can give any information related to the company that will be used, don’t you have to get the clearance to have an independent audit first?

    We are long over due and many towns and cities require independent audits yearly from outside firms with requirements stating that a change must be made after so many years to keep the audits honest.