Thursday, May 20, 2010

Alex in Wonderland...The Mad Hatter's "tea party" is over!

According to a telephone call within the hour, WE HAVE A NEW MAYOR!

Ed Foster 338
Wes Huntley 311
The only thing left to do now is for Ed Foster to wash the tea cups and clean house. Alex Taft can chase Jeff Gilbert down some other rabbit hole in the land of Far Far Away. Tell Shrek and Fiona that we said "hello"!

The moral of this bed time story? You can only vote against your constituents so many times, before they get angry and vote against you...

Incumbent councilpersons Anderson, Lukkasson, and Kelley retain their seats by a narrow margin.

322 Lukkasson
317 Anderson
315 Kelly
309 Hamilton
308 Sias
254 Moore


  1. Oh, crap! Now we have to watch "Mr. Ed" sail around Town Hall with that stupid smirk on his face.

  2. Crap is right...some people at town hall are gonna have to change their undies!

  3. Never knew the back end of a horse could smirk!Very Clintonesque!

  4. Absolutely! We've all seen it many times before. Huntley's been smirking from the podium for years!

  5. You haven't seen Huntley smirking for years, he became mayor from all the crap sandwich from the last one you wrote in and the one that died. Like I said before, the only way you can get a solid government is to have a consistant government, and all you jackasses want to do is raise hell and cause hate. Everyone that works for the town busts their ass for the town whether you believe it or not. You people think you are going to do something by getting rid of people? They are on a skeleton crew as it is. What are you people going to do? Conspiracy theory everyone into thinking they have some sort of safety or utilities? HAHAHA
    Nobody has to change their undies. Everyone knows that Alex and Gilbert and everyone else in this town kicks butt. And I really pray that Ed doesn't fail. Otherwise all his friends with the coalition will have to turn on him like they have everyone else because they are bored, don't work or even have a hobby accept talk crap about stuff they really don't have an understanding about.
    And of course you super intelligent people that should be building rocket ships forget that the Mayor is maybe one vote. So you people get another tat on your face and live in your car and soak the town business's for all the free samples you can, THE TOWN HAS A SAY AND YOURS DOESN'T COUNT!

  6. Huntley's been on the council for years, maybe not mayor.

    Foster may only be one vote now, but Cowell and Winslow will be replaced when the fall election comes.

  7. Well I hope that Mr. Foster will be a positive and productive addition to growth of this beautiful town. I would like to see one day these blogs talking about how happy everyone is with our little town and the people who live here.
    We can have friends and family spread all over the US or abroad, but when it comes down to it we are together everyday. I just don't understand why everyone seems to be out to get everyone. Are we that bored?
    I am not a negative person, I like to think I am a very happy go lucky individual, and it drives me crazy to see that I got sucked into the negativity, it has actually brought me down. So I think we should start a new post of nothing but good things about the town and the people in it.
    I personally would love to learn more about how this town was from the people that have lived here so long. I am also a sucker for funny stories so those would even be better.
    Anyway, I will quit rambling, glad the elections are finally over and hope we as a town can move forward.

  8. Q-Town Defender, thanks for your words! What a great idea! Would you like to start a new blog where people are not afraid to identify themselves? One of support of Q? How about one without fear of retaliation of the blog owner? It's no wonder that so many posts on this blog are anonymous! There's lots of good stuff going on in town that deserve attention.

  9. I agree. Let's all come together for the benefit of the town of Quartzsite!

    This in-fighting by opposing people (some of whom don't even vote here, just raising havoc) is ridiculous!

    Time to get real work done, again. Singular issues are out.

    Quartzsite is IN, the welcome mat is on the threshold...welcome everyone!

  10. Jade, (your quote) "How about one without fear of retaliation of the blog owner?" (end quote)

    Why the concern all of a sudden? We've known who you were for a very long time. If you've noticed, we are not the retaliators, the opposing team is. We are the citizens of Quartzsite just thrilled that we can all get back to the only issue...the Town of Quartzsite.

  11. On a happy note, this site has received almost a thousand hits in this month so far...

  12. So is the new mayor planning on getting rid of Jeff and some of his officers? Just who does this new mayor think is going to be the chief of police? Does he have a clue what it takes to hire officers, train them put them through the police acadomey if they haven't already been through it? I don't think this new team has a clue, gonna sit back and watch the show.

  13. Isn't that nice, Jade? It tells us many are reading this, not just the reformists group, but many.

  14. The behavior of Wes Huntley and the support he is receiving from the police chief is reprehensible to say the least. Mr. Huntley has prodrd those with whom he disagrees and Gilbert does Huntley's bidding for him.It is time for a good house cleaning at town hall.
    God speed Maypr Foster.

  15. Sorry "anonymous", that wasn't my quote...but again it shows how presumptuous many critics here are!!!

    And the final results are here:

    With a record turn out of:
    669/1234 54.2 %
    Way to go citizens!!!

    And on a side note, it appears that Ed has Taft so freaked out she didn't put a single item on the agenda for Tues. So I guess we all get to show up just for the standing ovation - I mean swearing in of Foster. Party at McDonalds after??? I'm wondering if Lukkason will come back to for that. Unlike Sias, Jerry blew out of Town as predicted!!!

  16. Did I miss something here? There is an 'anonymous' here who said, (quote) "Foster may only be one vote now, but Cowell and Winslow will be replaced when the fall election comes" (end quote).

    Insider information from the opposing side? Are you telling us that after the Town of Quartzsite had to pay for all of the past recalls (at $5-8 thousand each), you now are going to go after ANOTHER recall? That means WE, the citizens of Quartzsite have to pay?

    How fiscally responsible is this? When will you all stop? Ed's in, let it be. The 2 Council members you mentioned were voted in, and by the way, they were voted in at the request of YOUR opposition's recall. Let them finish their terms and wait for your raging at an election after they finish their terms.

  17. Weren't you paying attention? Signatures were collected weeks ago. The "citizen's of Quartzsite" are the people demanding the recall, and that is their right. Apparently, they aren't happy with the job that Winslow and Cowell are doing. But since there is a regular election this fall, it shouldn't cost the Town anything to add names to the ballot. No special election needed. I believe that Mayor Busby was recalled, and then re elected. That worked out just fine.

    In Quartzsite, it's par for the course to play musical council chairs! There's nothing wrong with giving someone an opportunity to do the right thing. If an elected official knows that they must do what they promised, or be removed from office, then they should be motivated to get it right, and do so in the first six months. It's called accountability, and it scares the daylights out of a few here who could be facing criminal charges.

  18. Criminal charges? Would you like to give specifics, names, dates, wrong-doings, charges, complaints filed? We would all love to see the proof.

    Oh, pretty please.

    Let's see you be accountable.

  19. If you were there at the Town Meeting, Tuesday night, and observed the childish (IMHO) actions of outgoing Mayor Huntley, there would have been NO doubt in your mind that he was NOT the man for the job and deserved to be removed.

    A good friend and myself watched in total shock as outgoing Mayor Huntley refused to follow normal protocols and step down to allow the newly elected Mayor Foster to take his seat and conduct the evening meeting. What followed could only be described as a last act of defiance that will cost the Town of Quartzsite the additional cost for the recall elections of all sitting counsel members in November.

    There is no question as to the outgoing Mayor and his council member’s votes being overturned and the residents of Quartzsite being left with the bill. There is no doubt in my mind that we will see their actions being reviewed by a state/federal grand jury.

    In closing, we as the people left with paying the bills have a right to have an accounting of the actions of our town leaders, and monies spent. If it is broke, fix it. If that calls for the removal of incompetent employees or criminal prosecutions, then so be it. We don’t have the luxury of a bottomless pot of gold to draw from. One way or another you and I will be required to pay the bill.