Friday, July 27, 2012

Orgeron seals the deal!

This morning, Councilman elect Mark Orgeron was "qualified" by the town clowns and the terms of his settlement were "ratified". Vice usurper Barbara Cowell, and recently elected Councilwoman Pat Workman did not attend the "special" meeting.

When Orgeron was asked if he was ready to be sworn in, he informed the council that he wanted it done by Justice Tammy Carnavale, and not former Magistrate Judge and current Town Clerk Terry Frausto.  After several minutes delay, the oath was administered and the documents were signed.. Congratulations sir, and good luck!


  1. As I dig into this mess that has been going on steadily since the 80's, it gets better and better. It also gets worse and worse.
    People, "ALL" the clubs, parties, social clubs, religious clubs, IF they are doing anything that is not right and you know what right is and means, leave it!!! DEMAND IT MADE ARIGHT!
    Walk away! "REPENT"! Trust me on this one thing and never forget it, If you are a part of something that is doing good for you and not for everyone, they need you.
    And as soon as they don't need you they will forget you. In the back room deals private deal if you are a part of them remember, You'll never see a family without great grief from
    it. During this next election and from now on, vote not with your hand out for return but vote for others and for this country and Quartzsite.
    As all of the vendors see better places to go during the winter fest and ran off during the summer. All the photos are either old or trick trap for greater effect to make it look like it did in the past years.
    You should go into the interior of the UNITED STATES future plans and look at what your town will look like and be.
    Crime will be more violent, that added to the taxes you are paying now will make you leave, and yes this is a type of WAR, A few will have it good and the rest will pay for it!
    See who is paying taxes, even Christ Jesus paid taxes, You forgot about the fish and the coins in its mouth.
    If you have faith he'll make sure you have it to pay if you ask or called by Him to serve, MOST of them forget and glorify themselves with the wealth and don't pay the taxes owed so you will see who they run with.
    I was looking at most of the voting ages and you wouldn't believe the people who are arranging this evil plot of destruction, why? They don't have many more years to live so they don't care about your children or you.
    They forget they come before the big judge sooner. So VOTE to show you still have a spirit that isn't pure of reprobate.
    Keep your eyes open and watch, there are a lot of people who have been of good intentions and got trapped into that filth and won't repent so whoever you are pray for our leaders !!!!
    And pray for those who have been called to the cloth and turned hypocrite, that they may see.

  2. What kind of a clown wears clothes like that to his swearing in, let me guess, he's a teacher!!!