Thursday, May 26, 2011

Quartzsite employee rolls town vehicle?

May 25th, at 11:43 am, a call came over the the radio that a Quartzsite town employee was involved in a single vehicle rollover accident on Hwy 95 south of Quartzsite, near the Yuma County line.

According to radio traffic, the male driver suffered a head injury, and apparently did not know what happened to cause the accident on a mostly straight stretch of road with little traffic. It is presently unknown  which town employee, whether or not the vehicle was a total loss, or why town property was so far outside of the town limits...

Quartzsite police, fire and ambulance mobilized a rapid response. More details as they become available. 


  1. Just why would the Quartzsite Police Department be responding to an accident clearly in the La Paz County jurisdiction? Another QPD cover-up to protect the Town of Quartzsite from the insurance company refusing to pay for damages due to a DWI related accident/unauthorized use/asleep at the wheel? Sounds like someone asleep at the wheel to me (That’s no surprise to me!), but we will never really know the true facts of the investigation under the leadership of Jeff Gilbert and Alex Taft are we?

  2. You people are such flipping idiots. QPD responded as an Agency Assist something neighboring Agencies do for each other. Bet you didn't know QPD responds to I10 mile post 28 east bound, I've seen them respond for an Agency Assist even further east to assist in bad accidents, None of you idiots know why that town of QTZ car was heading toward Yuma maybe an employee was going to training and was authorized to be driving that car, maybe the driver had a blow out causing the vehicle to roll over maybe another vehicle caused that accident. Your idea of a cover up is the stupidest idea so far, only those of you that are not law abiding citizens would get on here and bash your local law enforcement, if you don't break the law you won't have a bad taste in your mouth now would you? Lets hope the driver of the vehicle is ok and will recover from his/her injuries. Any vehicle that rolls over is a total loss dumb ass, the damage to the frame alone is un-fixable and would never be save to drive again. Grow up you idiot.

  3. Jeepers!

    I have just recently become interested in the Quartzsite goings on. (Outsider looking in)

    I can't wait to see what happens next !!

  4. I agree DW. When I read this I thought the same thing. When Jeff Gilbert does something illegal and gets caught at it in Lake Havasu, does QPD rush up there and tell the local PD how to sweep the entire thing under the rug? I bet the person who rolled the car radioed QPD for cover-up backup instead of calling 911. After all, you don't want some other authority investigating our corrupt government

    P.S. I was just joking about QPD assisting with covering up Jeffy's crimes. Everyone knows when you have as big of a badge and gun that Jeffy has, you are judge jury and executioner. No need for cover-up backup when you are Boss Hogg. ANYTHING goes!

    I betcha Sam Vederman is going to say he investigated Jeffy and found nothing illegal. This is what crooks do for each other. You going to surprise us this time Sam and do the right thing? Elections are just around the corner. You better look like you care about Quartzsite.

  5. Vederman didn't investigate Jeff, his best buddy at the Sheriff's office did that on the last go around. Rumor has it there's video tape of their "investigation". If anyone investigates anything to do with QPD now, it should be DPS or FBI.

  6. DPS??? WTF??? Isn't that a private Corporation? And didn't the FBI miss Hani Hanjour, even though FBI agent Kenneth Williams in Phoenix alerted his superiors about the threat. I'm not quite buying it yet. What it's going to take is video of Jeffy with his pants around his ankles educating a 15 year old girl about the good old boy club. Other than that, I'm skeptical.

  7. “id·i·ot”
    1: a foolish or stupid person
    Etymology: Middle English, from Anglo-French ydiote, from Latin idiota ignorant person, from Greek idi*t*s one in a private station, layman, ignorant person, from idios one's own, private; akin to Latin suus one's own — more at SUICIDE

    Well Anonymous, I can tell that you have a working knowledge or personal relationship with the QPD from your post. However, over the history of the QPD under the mismanagement and unlawful guidance of Chief Jeff Gilbert on could only point out that you could wear the badge of “idiot” with pride by your comments alone.

    Chief Jeff Gilbert and his personal brown nose posse are under criminal and civil investigation with formal complaints filed at the county, state, and federal levels. The Town of Quartzsite again is the defendant in another Civil Suit and more pending. Keep in mind that the violations of law in these cases pull criminal time as well. The Rodney King case is just one example of police officers cooling their heels in a federal prison!

    Many of the people that post to this forum are law-abiding citizens. Some are even active or retired Law Enforcement Officers that served with distinction and that “bitter taste” in their mouths come from the knowledge that a fellow officer, friend, or family member died in the line of duty serving the highest ideals of the law and their sworn duty to enforce the laws equally and uphold the Constitution of the United States of America!

    The long history of the QPD under the command of Chief Jeff Gilbert for cover-ups is long and well documented! Now lets see you defend such actions by QPD officers such as Civil Rights violations, Statutory Rape of an underage girl, obstruction of criminal investigations, destruction of evidence, filing false reports, and the list goes on, and on, and on….

  8. Has anyone noticed that we have a quick and almost full report of the vehicle accidents (that happened after) on the CRIT Reservation, however, we still have little or NO information from the Quartzsite Employee’s rollover accident near the Yuma County Line?