Sunday, May 1, 2011

Osama Bin Ladin is Dead - democracy still on life support

Well, sooner or later, everybody has to answer for the life they led. Sorry, but no virgins for this guy. Do we get to bring our troops home now?  What was the cost for not listening to that woman who tried to warn everybody about this nut? 

So why did we have troops in Pakistan for months, maybe years and nobody was talking about this...where's Wikileaks when you need them? Why didn't we get to see the body? Oh yeah, some information Czar probably didn't have his double-talk edited for mass Amerikan consumption. We don't even get to see his head on a pike on the White House lawn.

There's always another zealot willing to take his place. Does anyone really believe this changes anything. Hey, since Bin Ladin was the pretense for taking away our rights, why don't we rescind the Patriot Act now?

Well, it does go to show that even if it takes 10 years, the government will make the bad guy pay. I wonder how how much time our home town criminals have left, now that the Feds have one less distraction?



  1. Good, now can we get rid of homeland security and the molesting thugs at the tsa?

  2. That's the most stupid thing that you have printed

  3. Maybe, but it's certainly not the most stupid thing "Anonymous" has ever printed!