Thursday, February 7, 2013

Playing the game under the new rules

Well, it appears that crafty Mayor Ed has set a trap, which Jabba the Ogre-on was more than happy to run right into! Foster sent a letter to various government agencies on town letterhead, and hand signed each copy differently. It was only a matter of days before crybaby Ogre-on was wailing that he had a copy of  the letter, from an "anonymous" source of course. Little did he know that by providing a copy of the letter, Orgre-on himself would reveal which agency was leaking information back to the town. 

Now, El Jeffy has bragged that he has friends in high places, so we hope the FBI will follow up on Foster's latest letter, also on town letterhead, of course. In the mean time, council members, some of whom are being recalled are revealing that political vendettas take priority over guarding the people's money. If Foster's answer (expected to be on town letterhead) to their demand is not to the council's liking, and they decide to charge him criminally for violating their ridiculous ordinance, then the town will have to pay for a conflict attorney, possibly a new judge, and public defender.


  1. Damn you folks are entertaining! Every time I catch up on the doings of the desert dwellers it's a hoot! Thank you for the most ridiculous displays of dumb seen in a long time. You guys really need to get with Honey Boo Boo's people.

    1. I'll second that! Quartzsite is the best soap opera around. I can't wait for the next scandal. Will there be an impeachment? Arrests? Firings? Lawsuits? You just never know what will happen next- but you always know it will be entertaining.

      Thanks for making the cold Pennsylvania winter a little less boring. Stay crazy, Quartzsite.