Friday, November 16, 2012

Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery!

Well children, with all that goes on here in this dusty little corner of the Sonoran Desert, it was only a matter of time that others would follow our lead. Just remember, Quartzsite, AZ was the blog that boldly dared to go where no bloggers had gone before. The blog that shifted the paradigm of young and old alike. 

Then along came a spider, that sat down aside'r and railed against Ms. Muffet and all the other characters in Far Far Away Land. That is until Marty had to deal with the cranky public defenders of QVilles "self styled activists".

Now, the dynamic duo of fatman and robbin' have surfaced as Got'em Cities latest blogosphere incarnations,  and

Ok, you have to admit that these are far wittier and less vitriolic than the Bagger's attempt at parody used to make liable and defamation legal, and these posts are actually funny AND fact-filled! Way to step it up "B Team". Kudos to the imitators. As the old cabal falls apart, and the neo cabal rears it's uglier faux blonde head, it's nice that they've' found a positive use for their grey matter.


  1. Best.Blog.Ever.

    Whoever did this one deserves a Webby award for this gem.

    1. Damned right its the best blog ever. I'll start working on my Webby (really? Is that even a thing?) acceptance speech now.

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