Saturday, August 25, 2012

Alert - shifting alliances

Well, clearly I can't leave town, even for a few days.
First, Gibert and Garcia were placed on administrative leave for reasons unknown, per the Quartzsite Police Policy Manual. Sgt. Schultz was anointed to run the department and the locks were changed both at the cop shop and clown hall. Then, a special meeting was called for this afternoon, by the clown council. It seems they were poised to fire Ms. Graft, the clown mismanger and reinstate the Chief Nazi. Reportedly, the clown clerk refused to post it without the Bagger's permission, forcing  a member or members of council and accomplices to post the notices around town while someone from clown hall followed at a safe distance and tore the notices down. Then, a press release was posted to the clown website, attributed to the bagger, prompting a rescheduling of the special meeting. Next, Ms. Goldenshowers posts that Graft, not the Bagger authored the propaganda peice.

The town is buzzing with as of yet unconfirmed rumors, including that  the Bagger personally threatened Orgeron, that  Herr Gilbert will be criminally charged for something thus removing him from the equation anyway, and that Graft is throwing him under the bus in order to promote her lover  to the position of Police Chief so that they may rule QTown together. The only thing that seems clear on all of this, is that the cabal alliances are shifting more than the desert sands.

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