Monday, November 7, 2011

Quartzsite and Bouse to combine schools? Find out tonight!

Tonight at 6:30 pm there's a possibly interesting proposal on the agenda for the Bouse Elementary School board meeting.

It seems that the head of the school board is the wife of the director of the Quartzsite Scholar's Academy. Bouse may not have enough enrollment to keep the school open, so the agenda item "Discuss intergovernmental  Agreement regarding transportation services" is rumored to be over bussing Quartzsite students to Bouse, in exchange for Bouse gifting the new school bus to the Scholar's Academy...

Be there tonight, if you have children potentially effected by this proposal. For More information call 928-851-2986

Public Comment will be allowed before and after the vote, unlike Quartzsite, where the public comment is only on internet blogs!


  1. If the number of children is not enough to keep the Bouse school open, then why do you spend the money to keep it open in the first place? It seams to me that Quartzsite is the more likely place to house children forced into emergency housing due to bad weather conditions.

    I personally have traveled the back roads of La Paz County for the last 6 plus years and have been caught on the Bouse road during rain and bad weather. The Sheriff’s Department has closed the Bouse road every year during the rainy season until the washes have cleared. Would you want your child caught in a major storm in Bouse or Quartzsite?

    Is the suspected graft from the members of the Quartzsite government seeping over to the La Paz School District? Is this really only another Good-Old-Boys “Lets make a deal” where the people of Quartzsite end up with the dirty end of the stick again?

  2. The key word is "rumored". This information is completely innaccurate. Yes, there was a meeting and yes there was an agreement made between The Scholars' Academy and Bouse Elementary School to provide transportation to parents who desire to send their students to Bouse. Not for the trade of a new bus however. There will be no fiscal or material trades between the 2 schools for this agreement. Bouse elementary school's bus was used in the Town of Quartzsite halloween caravan and was being stored on The Scholars' Academy campus until means to return it were made. Neither school is closing and neither school is combining with another school. The schools are working together to benefit the students and families of both schools and communities. If anyone has any questions, please contact either one of the schools for accurate clarifications and facts.

  3. Homeschool your kids!

  4. I have kids at Bouse school who are doing very well there. Why on earth would I homeschooling them? Our kids have the best scores in the county! Grow up and stop with the rumors.

  5. Best scores in the County? You must be so proud! Do you even know where AZ ranks in education???

  6. the school board is in violation of public meeting law by taking a Nov. executive session to discuss the above mentioned school busing. Recall papers are in process to replace the board in its entirity by primary election day, or appointment, if they resign. Thus opening the right of Bouse persons to Fire the Supt. of the Elementary school, as she is in conflict with her ownernship of the charter school and is shedding students to Bouse. 12 pre school one teacher, 7 gr 1 & 2 one teacher,10 gr 3 & 4 one teacher, 10 gr 5&6 one, 14 gr 7 & 8 one teacher. 5 teachers, 53 reported students . Salome elem. 110 student, 7 teachers. Costs Only Wenden is taxed higher than Bouse, Salome in 15% less as is Q-site, Ehrenbur is about 1/3 less than Bouse. Sometimes I feel like that guy in NY who ran on the ticket of "the rent is too damned HIGH".
    We all want what we can afford for the school children and busing may be the only answer in consolidating schools. and perhaps closing one or more. A concerned Bouse Resident, my total tax bill for all county schools is 67%.

  7. You will be wasting tax dollars, have fun. (just like the Fire Dept.) You have no real reason to pull this crap. The budget is LOWER then in past years. The school was not the only thing that made the taxes go up. All of this was explained. Maybe a math class is in order.