Sunday, April 17, 2011

Quartzsite Solar Energy Project meeting is this Tuesday night!

Be there6-8 pm
April 19, at the Quartzsite Town Hall, 465 N. Plymouth Ave

Proposed Project
Quartzsite Solar Energy proposes to construct a 100-megawatt solar-powered electrical generation facility in La Paz County, Arizona. The project is proposed for an area about 10 miles north of Quartzsite and adjacent to Arizona State Route 95. The generation plant, power line and ancillary facilities would be on BLM-administered land.
The proposed project would use concentrating solar “power tower” technology to capture the sun’s heat to make steam, which would power traditional steam turbine generators.
The solar power facility would include a 653-foot tower, which would be the receiver of energy reflected from solar fields. The solar fields are made up of heliostats, which are a collection of mirrors. The project would also include a thermal energy storage system.
The lead federal agency dealing with the Quartzsite Solar Energy application is the Western Area Power Authority (WAPA). The BLM is a cooperating agency.
WAPA is preparing an environmental impact statement (EIS) on the application. WAPA will review the potential environmental impacts of constructing, operating, and maintaining the proposed project. Information on the project  is available from WAPA.
Comments on the project can be sent to:
Bill Werner
Western Area Power Administration
Desert Southwest Region
P.O. Box 6457
615 S. 43rd Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85005
Telephone: (602) 605-2525
Fax: (602) 605-2630
ping report available The Quartzsite Solar Energy Project EIS Scoping Summary Report is now available. The report summarizes the scoping process for the Quartzsite Solar Energy Project and includes materials presented to the public during scoping and a summary of the comments received.
Scoping report (413 kb pdf)
Appendix A - Announcements (2.8 MB pdf)
Appendix B - Public Scoping Meeting Materials (4.1 MB pdf)
Appendix C - Agency Coordination and Consultation (664 kb pdf)

Scoping materials

Scoping meeting display boards (1.3 MB pdf)
Scoping meeting presentation (630 kb pdf)
Comment form - online
Newsletter - January 2010
Scoping meeting announcement poster (600 kb pdf)
Scoping meeting advertisement (151 kb pdf)
Scoping meeting news release - January 21, 2010
Project area map

Project updates

Notice of intent to prepare an environmental impact statement (56 kb pdf)
EIS determination

Contact information

Ms. Mary Barger
NEPA Document Manager
Western Area Power Administration
P.O. Box 6457
Phoenix, AZ  85005-6457
Fax: 602-605-2630

From the Yuma Sun opinion section:


An article in the Yuma Sun on April 2 reported that Bureau of Land Management is considering amending the land use plan for a large area north of Quartzsite. Quartzsite Solar Energy LLC has applied for a right of way to construct a facility covering approximately 1,450 acres with mirrors that will reflect to a 654-foot tower.

Currently the area is designated as “Visual Resource Management Class III.” This designation indicates that change to the landscape in the area should only be moderate. But 1,450 acres of mirrors and a 654-foot tower could hardly be considered moderate.

There are already three solar projects under construction between Dateland and Gila Bend. A large ranch in the Chino Valley area has closed its gates, causing Arizona Game and Fish to close the 19B Wildlife Management area to hunting in the late summer and fall. Part of the ranch is state trust land.

These solar projects cover thousands of acres of wildlife habitat and open spaces. Wildlife travel corridors to feed and water are being disrupted. Sportsmen and recreationists are being forced to go elsewhere.

What do Arizona and the local communities get out of all of this? Not much. Maybe a little cash for leases and taxes. There has been no indication that a single watt of energy will be provided to customers in Arizona. The indications are that all of the power will go to California.

If California has such a great need for energy, let them destroy the habitat within their own borders.

BLM will hold two public meetings: one in Yuma from 6-8 p.m., April 18, at the Yuma BLM Field Office, 2555 E. Gila Ridge Road, and one in Quartzsite from 6-8 p.m., April 19, at the Quartzsite Town Hall, 465 N. Plymouth Ave. If you value the outdoors, be there and voice your opinion.

George Reiners



  1. This project was tried once before in Daggett, California. "Solar One" was built in 1981 as an experimental power generating station. It operated from 1982 to 1986 when it was redesigned and renamed "Solar Two". It's maximum output was only 10 Mega Watts, about enough power for 7,500 homes. The plant was extremely expensive to build and maintain and was an instantaneous death for any bird flying through the concentrated beam of light. I visited Solar One many times while it was in operation. During my first few visits I would hear these "Pops" and see a puff of smoke. When I asked one of the workers about it he just laughed and said "Just another bird going up in smoke". The birds would literally vaporize in mid-air in a puff of smoke. Considering all the Hawks and other birds that make their home in the area I can imagine there numbers will soon be depleted.

    If you ever travel between Quartzsite and Parker you can see the Red Tailed Hawks sitting on the power line towers along Hwy 95 between Quartzsite and 12 Mile Junction. On occasion I have counted as many as 20 Hawks sitting atop the power line towers. These birds have a habit of hunting from the high towers, and as such would be greatly attracted to the 600 foot tower, which would mean certain death for them. These birds are protected by Federal Law and are considered sacred by Indian tribes, so how will they be protected from instant death if they should happen to fly by the solar tower and through the concentrated light beam? Can't be done.

    Water is also an issue to be considered. These plants require a large amount of water for daily operation even when using a steam recovery system such as a cooling tower. Where will the water come from, the Town of Quartzsite or on-site Wells?

    This size of the plant is estimated at 100 Mega Watts. Given the maximum output of Solar One and Two was only 10 Mega Watts, how is the increased capacity achieved with similar proposed dimensions? How many steam turbines are actually proposed and what will their average output be on a daily basis? Who stands to benefit from the power produced? Will the power go to Quartzsite, or just fed into the existing power grid with no real benefit to the Town? Will it decrease my electric bill? Will the Town of Quartzsite receive any monetary benefits from this project? Who will maintain the hundreds of mirrors and keep them free of dust and debris. Will the power output produce enough power to pay the expenses of operating the plant? If "Solar One" was such a good idea back in 1981, why aren't there similar plants all over the California desert? This may look on the surface as a good idea, but it was tried once before and it couldn't produce enough electricity to pay its own way. Do a Google or Yahoo search, the information is readily available.

  2. LEE.. AGAIN, why do you think these questions haven't been asked and answered?!!! Such rudimentary things. You've posted this exact response several times on different blogs and yet won't engage in discussion about the project. Are you just anti-progress?

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  4. Google solarreserve+Tonapah, NV
    SolarReserve is farther along there, on this never before attempted project:

  5. Jade--aren't you getting tired of traveling in a police car all the way to Parker? Why don't you put your talants to a better use such as working for the town instead of for The "mayor, richard, roth"? You could do so much good if you got off their bandwagon.

  6. Jade--you really made a spectacle of yourself walking out the meeting with your middle finger extended for all to see--what's the matter with you?

  7. Hey all you anonymous cowards, why you so afraid to put your name to your words. Jade doesn't work for anyone, just like I don't work for Richard or Ed or Jade. We are FREE and Independent. We are not sucking on the tit of government (Except Ed) We ARE working for the town, you just don't know what honest and accountable government looks like. This is why you LOVE Nazi tactics of illegal arrests, and the removal of Free Speech. It's why you love the Not Open For Public Discussion on only specific items on the agenda at Town Hall meetings. All you communist loving losers will get your just desserts. The difference between a lover of liberty and freedom versus a tyranny lover, is those with freedom in their heart don't CARE about what the losers think and say. We only care about stopping you from doing the very things that made this nation once great. Sadly you don't see that and you go along with it, just like German citizens went along with turning in their neighbors, friends and relatives. History may not always repeat but it certainly does rhyme!

  8. Mike-I thought you were gone, it's been so quiet and peaceful without seeing you and it was a good move that Parker Live dumped you with your screwy ideas.

  9. Edit: Should read... "We only care about stopping you from destroying the very things that made this nation once great" But the town clowns will believe what I wrote originally to be true HAHAHA

  10. Michael Roth, American!April 24, 2011 at 11:46 AM

    Anonypuss why would you think I was gone, just because a few dirty rotten commie bastards don't want to learn about sound ideas on economics and freedom? (And they like silencing different viewpoints because it disagrees with theirs! This is not only immoral, it's evil and diabolical all rolled up into one. Good luck with that Parker and La Paz County)

    C'mon, I'm an American, not like the UNamerikans who bend over for a dirty buck. Cowards and traitors all. I'll be here long after all the sell out yuppies are long gone. Count on it!

    You believe in silencing ideas because you have no sound arguments. Freedom is the answer, not slavery! Your ignorance is showing when you say the things you do. You come across as not knowing what the difference between a screwy idea or a sound one is. It's why you agree with violating peoples God given rights as outlined perfectly clear in the Constitution and The Bill of Rights. The Founders made Freedom of Speech #1 for a reason. Not that I need a piece of paper written by the smartest people on the planet at the time to know how to live my life, I quote it here for you now so you and others can know the error of your ways.

    Read 'em and weep....

    “If there is any principle of the Constitution that more imperatively calls for attachment than any other it is the principle of free thought, not free thought for those who agree with us but freedom for the thought that we hate.”
    -Oliver Wendall Holmes

    “I prefer a man who will burn the flag and then wrap himself in the Constitution to a man who will burn the Constitution and then wrap himself in the flag”
    -Craig Washington

    “Truth, when not sought after, rarely comes to light”
    -Oliver Wendall Holmes

  11. I don't work for The "mayor, richard, roth" or anyone else. All I've ever tried to do is help this town, but they don't want help. Offering good advise is a waste of time, wise men don't need it and fools won't take it. Maybe they're getting kickbacks and everything is just the way they like it. For instance, paying over and over to do the same rate study on water and sewer that was done in 2004. "The sky is falling! The sky is falling! We have no choice but to raise the rates!" (While we waste the money on idiots like Taft, Gilbert, Johnson).
    And Anonypuss,
    There's nothing the matter with me. I'm just enjoying the right to freely express my opinion to someone that has stalked and harassed me for months. My husband fought for that right, so I will gladly ride in the back of a police car all the way to Parker just to get a speedy trial on a bullshit misdemeanor citation. Wonder who the new prosecutor will be now that they cut Newman loose on Friday?