Saturday, October 30, 2010

Latest Ed Foster radio interview links

We laughed until we cried! This one really is a must listen interview. And a special shout out to Ernie for linking back to this blog!

Mayor Ed Foster is witty, charming, and will give you a sound lesson in town government with his well researched talking points. Also featured is resident Michael Roth, former La Paz County Board of Supervisors candidate and local patriot.

part one

part two:

Sorry it took so long to post these! The antics at Town Hall have had me preoccupied.

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  1. We as residents of Quartzsite are now entering into the crossroads of decisions. You will soon be tested as to the character of your very being and soul, whether you stand for what is right or support the continual status quo of corruption that rests at the very foundation of our Town Council, Town Manager, and Chief of Police.

    Within the coming weeks you will be seeing videos and audios in their very own words showing their contempt for the rules and laws of Arizona and our Federal Government. We have compiled what we believe is enough evidence to support Grand Jury Indictments at both the Arizona State and Federal Courts.

    Will you be one of the sheep that is led to the wolf’s den or open your eyes and say “NO” at the upcoming “Recall” election? Mayor Elect Ed Foster is working hard to save the Town of Quartzsite before the present Town Manager Alex Taft with the support of Town Council Members drags the Town beyond his ability before a new Town Council can save it.

    You should make every effort to be at tonight’s Town Meeting and see for yourself how they plan to pass regulations that are against Arizona State Law. If you are a vendor this meeting is a must! You will be told how these regulations effects you and how you will be able to fight and hold each Council Member (not the Town of Quartzsite) personally libel for their actions tonight!

    Now is the time to take your stand for what is right!