Thursday, July 21, 2011

Brewer passes the buck on treason, while QPOA police officers on "house arrest"

Quartzite officials have become enemies of the Republic. When officers no longer have the right to remain silent, citizens cannot speak, there is no due process with the building official and enforcement of town codes and ordinances, equal treatment and equal protection have long gone by the wayside, town officials have committed TREASON!

 People are apparently receiving the following letter from Governor Jan Brewer's office:

The Governor’s Office of Constituent Services is in receipt of your email received July 13, 2011.  We are responding on behalf of Governor Brewer.

Thank you for contacting the Governor’s Office to express your concerns regarding the current situation in Quartzsite, AZ.  As you may know, the Governor does not have the authority to intervene in local law enforcement matters.  Nor does this office have the authority to investigate misconduct by the police, county jails, federal prisons, and/or judges.

We understand that you have filed a complaint with the Arizona Attorney General’s Office.  The Attorney General is the appropriate office to investigate allegations of Open Meeting Law violations.   We trust that their office will respond to your complaint in a timely manner.  For your convenience, we are providing their direct contact information.

Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne
Office of the Attorney General
1275 West Washington Street
Phoenix, AZ 85007-2926

In addition, complaints against law enforcement officers are filed with the Arizona Peace Officers Standard and Training Board (AZ POST), which is under the jurisdiction of the Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS).  If you have not already, we suggest you contact the AZ POST to submit a formal complaint for review.  Once the complaint is received by their office, the investigation process begins.  The length of the investigation varies depending on the circumstances surrounding the case.  Upon completion, the AZ POST will then forward the results of its investigation to the Arizona Attorney General’s Office, which has the authority to take action as deemed appropriate by their office.  For your convenience, we are providing the contact information for the AZ POST. 

Arizona Peace Officers Standard and Training (AZ POST) Board
2643 E. University Drive
Phoenix, AZ 85034

Thank you again for contacting the Governor’s Office.  We trust our response fully addresses your concerns. 

L. Lerma
Director, Constituent Services

Arizona Governor's Office
Constituent Services

In the meantime, all members of the Quartzsite Police Officers have been put on paid administrative leave, and Assistant Town misManager Al Jognson is in charge of investigating whether or notit was an ethical breach of town policy to blow the whistle on Chief Gilbert. Clearly, the Constution appears to be suspended within town limits!


  1. I am offering some ideas that may help you in your fight for justice. I had a Federal Agent share a few things ---off the record-- which seem to be working very well and have put a stop to much of the corruption that was going on. The local officials have been resigning and getting fired and or sent to jail after the Criminal Justice Dept has moved in to investigate. it has taken several years, but finally some house cleaning is taking place. The Criminal Justice Dept is just as corrupt, but when you get the goods on them too what choice do they have to keep their nose clean looking , but to take some action and take the heat off them.

    You will need to check into your state laws to see where the same protection is given to Citizens and may be used against Corrupt officials.

    The first thing to do if threatened with arrest is to ask the officer what the charge is and under what state statue. If he or she fails to be able to provide this, then you may notify them that should they attempt to illegally arrest you that they may be charged with Kidnapping. It is very important to do this about informing them before arrest so that they cannot claim later they didn't understand the Law that they were violating your rights.

    You may also demand of them to show "Just Cause" for their actions. Should they fail to show just cause, this may strip away any immunity they may have had and place them Personally Liable for Punitive Damages. In our state anyone sued for punitive damages may face up to $250,000.00 in damages per case per person seeking damages. Demanding them produce just cause may still be utilized by you after this illegal arrest to your advantage, if you understand the process.

    The Demand to show Just Cause is a very powerful tool citizens may use, if they only understood it

  2. They forgot Jeffy's #1 Right! In Jeffy's world you have the right to sit down and STFU!!!!

  3. What a joke, Jeff just what are you gonna prove by doing this. You better have someone else besides the town manager doing the investigations on these officers, dumb as he has your back. You need to have an outside law enforcement do these investigations, ie DPS,MCSO,YUMA COUNTY S.O. OR EVEN YUMA PD. And if you think for one moment any of these officers are not going to be backed up by AZCOPS during these interviews you better think again. You are a joke of of police chief and need to resign, you and your town council pals will be the reason the snowbirds don't flock to Quartzsite this year.

  4. Good luck to the officers of Quartzsite. It is a crying shame

  5. They have the assistant of the assistant Town Manager placing our Officers on Admin Leave.. Talk about spineless that they cant even tell them to their face instead they put out their stooges to do their dirty work for them..

  6. Looks like after a few lawsuits, Quartzsite is gonna be in the same or worse condition than the county. First Jones' unlawful arrest lawsuit, now you'll have 10 QPD employees suing the town for violation of Federal Whistleblower laws.

    Trying to fire almost an entire department for reporting misconduct of the Chief...especially using the vague "activity that discredits Quartzsite" policy; is an OBVIOUS whistleblower violation. Thank goodness AZCOPS as their back. AZCOPs is Arizona's branch of the national police union. The Town is biting off more than they can chew trying to illegally silence these fine officer's.

  7. Is it true that the Rock Show is going to be canceled this year because of this scandal? Since people all over America and Canada are watching this it is only natural for attendees who come every year to ask themselves if they have any police protection at all and wonder if they too might be arrested falsely by Gilbert's Goons. If I were the people from California that put this show on I would absolutely serve notice on the Arizona State Tourism Dept that the show will be canceled until Quartzite returns to the Union.